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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 15 Recap

Aunt Wen went out to buy a precious calligraphy and painting. She wanted to please Qiao Lian’s room again, but unexpectedly saw Mama Zhang go out to buy a lot of rice vinegar, so she asked the maid to pay attention to Mama Zhang’s behavior. The maid accidentally discovered that the rice stored in the granary was all mildew. Although Zhang’s mother used rice vinegar to wash away the mold on the rice, she could not wash away the toxicity of the rice.

This matter was very serious, and a little carelessness would affect the Xu’s house. Aunt Wen suddenly remembered what Xi Yenniang had said to her. She decided to let the maid reveal the matter to the eleven mother, and let the eleven mother handle the matter. Yuan Niang was not bad at the Wen family before, and she believed that the eleven mother would also choose to help the Wen family.

Aunt Wen’s handmaid revealed to Mama Tao that there was a problem with the rice without a trace. Mama Tao saw the moldy rice with her own eyes, but she reported it to the eleven mothers. In fact, this matter is very important, and she must see the mildew with her own eyes. The moldy rice incident was not caused by Qiao Lian’s house, but by Ms. Zhang’s money for her son. Qiao Lian’s house was also very flustered when she learned about it, but Ms. Zhang was in her house, and this matter must have nothing to do with her. , So she had to ask someone to borrow rice from Qiao’s house, and change the rice before the eleven mother saw the moldy rice.

When Eleven Niang came to the porridge shed, she asked to see the moldy rice in the granary, but Qiao Lian’s room suddenly appeared to stop the Eleven Niang. The tough obstacles from Qiao Lian’s room made the moldy rice even more real. The eleven mother was about to rush into the granary, but her servant came to report that the rice borrowed from Qiao’s family had accidentally spilled on the street for a while. Qiao Lian’s room was panicked. I also saw the mildew rice with my own eyes.

Eleven mothers accountable to Qiao Lianfang, but Qiao Lianfang claimed that she had no knowledge of the matter. The top priority at the moment is to solve the moldy rice. Eleven mothers did not have the time to care about Qiao Lianfang, so she only asked Qiao Lianfang to get the rice first. As for the porridge in the porridge shed, you must first stop and wait until the new rice arrives before cooking the porridge.

The porridge shed stopped the porridge, and the victims talked a lot. Eleven Niang came forward to appease the victims and served them porridge after the new rice was cooked. After that, Shiyiniang checked the whereabouts of the moldy rice, and it was found that the moldy rice came from Jiang’s rice shop, and the rice shop was related to the Jingyuanhou district family. The two families in Xu district had deep grievances, and Shiyiniang guessed this.

The matter cannot be separated from the Ou family, but the Ou family’s design of this matter must not be so simple, and now it is only a temporary calm. Amber went all over the capital and couldn’t buy rice. Eleven Niang asked Amber to continue to search for rice. She asked Qiao Lianfang to borrow rice from Qiao’s family. Qiao Lianfang said that she had already borrowed rice, but there was an accident with Qiao’s family. There is no extra food, and Xi Niang knows that this is not an accident, but she can only continue to think of ways to raise new rice to replace the moldy rice.

The moldy rice was the work of the district family. Although the district family knew about the fact that the eleven mother had discovered the moldy rice, the district family did not take it to heart. They only thought that although the rice was exchanged for a while, the entire granary could not be changed. On the other side, Xu Lingyi was doing disaster relief outside. While resting, he looked at the boots that he had been cherishing. The boots were embroidered by the eleven mothers. Even though the boots were wet, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth.

The district family once again attacked the Xu family. He asked someone to make trouble for the Xu family. He said there was a problem with the rice and asked to inspect the rice on the spot. Eleven Niang came forward to appease the victims, but the victims insisted on inspecting the rice at the instigation of the troublemakers. They broke into the granary to take the rice, only to find that there was no problem with the rice. Only then did they know that the Yongping Hou Mansion had been wronged.

Elevenniang asked the victims to continue to eat porridge. It turned out that all this was already prepared by Elevenniang. She asked Dongqing to go to Master Jian with her own title deed. She would like to exchange one mu of land for one stone of rice, the rice here. It is enough to exchange twenty stones, although this is the dowry of the eleven mother, she is willing to sacrifice for Xu Mansion.

This emergency measure of the Eleven Niang had to make the district family admire, but the whole Jingshi didn’t have many meters left. He wanted to see how long the Eleven Niang could last. Eleven mothers were also worried about this matter, just wondering whether Amber could buy rice at a high price. Amber not only couldn’t buy rice outside, but was bombarded by someone who happened to be hit by Lin Shixian who was returning to Beijing. Knowing that Amber was buying rice for disaster relief, he took Amber back to the rice shop, revealed his identity in secret, and asked the shopkeeper of the rice shop to sell rice to the Xu family at the market price.

There is no more rice in the porridge shed, and all the victims are in a hurry. Eleven Niang came forward to comfort the victims. She is willing to accompany everyone here to wait for the rice. The victims were persuaded by the eleven mothers, but the rice was delayed. In addition, they saw that there was still rice in the granary. They ignored them and rushed in to grab the rice. The disaster relief plaque also fell loose, and it was about to hit the eleven mothers.

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