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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 14 Recap

Brother Qian survived the difficult situation safely, but Xu Lingyi had to think deeply about what happened in the mansion. A mother Liu had just left the mansion, but a sick puppy came. The important witness for this matter was Mama Liu. Xu Lingyi ordered Linbo to look for it. Mother Liu, Linbo responded. He mentioned the recent hardships of the eleven mothers, thinking that the person Xu Lingyi should be most grateful to is the eleven mothers.

Eleven Niang has been tolerating Qiao Lian’s room for a long time. She never expected that Qiao Lian’s room would behave in this way, so she decided not to bear it anymore. No matter what, she would never let Qiao Lian’s room take care of her brother. Xu Lingyi was going to let Eleven Niang take care of Brother Yi. He made a clear statement to Mrs. Xu.

Brother Jian was taken care of by Eleven Mother. Although Mrs. Xu was partial to the lotus room, she still had to nod her head and handed Brother Yi to Eleven. Mother take care of. Qiao Lianfang couldn’t get the slightest benefit this time. She sensed the crisis and felt that Xu Lingyi had a little more trust in Shi Niang.

Xu Lingyi asked the photo to send Jin Yufan to thank the eleven mothers. Jin Yufans have always been precious and they were made by Xu Lingyi himself. The photobook wanted to remind Eleven Niangs to return the gift, but the eleven mothers didn’t understand the meaning of photographs and only let Dongqing play. reward. After taking photos and sending things back, Xu Lingyi thought that the eleven mothers would come to thank the photos when they received the brocade feather fan, but she didn’t expect that eleven mothers didn’t even think about coming to thank you, and rewarded the photos for some silver.

Wu Niang and Xi Niang talked about the storefront. Xi Niang knew that Wu Niang would be short of money when she came to the door. At the same time, she wanted to use the Xu family’s sign. This matter must be treated with caution. After that, Eleven Niang went to her sister-in-law because of Wu Niang’s shop, and the two of them conspired and decided to give out fifty taels of silver each.

Whether it was good or not, it was regarded as a help for Wu Niang. On the other hand, Erniang suffered from Wang Yu’s domestic violence again, but Wang Yu’s mother only comforted Erniang with a few pieces of jewelry, hoping that Erniang could give birth to an heir as soon as possible.

Elevenniang took Brother Jian to kick the shuttlecock in the yard, and Brother Yu was watching from the corner. Elevenniang wanted to bring him to play with him, but he only ran away. Xu Lingyi always thinks that Shuttlecock kicking is played by girls. He doesn’t approve of Shuttlecock’s play. Eleven Niang thinks Xu Lingyi is wrong. Brother Jian is weak and should move. Xu Lingyi also discovered that Shuttlecock is unusual. ,

I learned that this is what Eleven Niang did specifically for Brother Qian. Brother Chen had a good time at Shiyiniang, and Xu Lingyi was also relieved. He mentioned that he was going to go to Beijing for business in a few days, and it was a little strange that Shiyiniang had lost his manners and received the Jinyu Fan but never thanked him.

The city was full of victims, and Mrs. Tai decided to donate porridge sheds in the city. She handed over the relief work to Qiao Lian’s house, thinking that this was the best time for Qiao Lian’s house to be favored by Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi was leaving soon. Eleven Niang personally embroidered a pair of boots for Xu Lingyi. Although Xu Lingyi disliked that the boots embroiders were not skilled enough, she still prepared to try the shoes on the spot. Eleven Niang stepped forward to help Xu Lingyi try the shoes, Xu Lingyi Feel happy from the bottom of my heart.

The Xu family has been purchasing silk from the Wen family, but now they are purchasing silk from the Zhang family. The Zhang family has always had a good relationship with Qiao’s family. Young lady Wen came to ask Aunt Wen to think of a way. Only the Wen family has a good time and Aunt Wen’s life is only good. It will be better. For this reason, Aunt Wen had to bring a generous gift to please Qiao Lian’s room, but Qiao Lian’s room did not eat Aunt Wen’s set, instead she gave away the silks from Zhang’s Silk House to mock Aunt Wen.

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