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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 13 Recap

Holly held the injustice for the eleven mothers, and Mrs. Luo asked Mother Tao to slap her mouth, so that Holly could not be unruly. Eleven mothers stopped Mrs. Luo in time, and she assured Mrs. Luo that she would do her best to protect her. Mrs. Luo doesn’t care whether the promise of Elevenniang is true or not, she only asks Elevenniang to remember one thing, and Luo Family is the foundation of Elevenniang.

After sending Mrs. Luo away, Eleven Mother asked Amber to find out about Brother Jian’s daily life, but did not find any strangeness. Brother Yu also came to visit Brother Jian at this time, and Eleven Mother enthusiastically told Brother Jian’s situation. Brother Yu, also ask Brother Yu to do yourself a favor.

At night, Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi were with Brother Qian. Brother Jian was uncomfortable and kept crying. Eleven Niang dedicated herself to accompany Brother Qian. She sang for Brother Qian and stayed beside him all the time. Elevenniang fell asleep next to him because he was taking care of Brother Jian. Xu Lingyi let Elevenniang fall asleep by leaning on her body.

The morning sun shone on the face of Elevenniang, and Xu Lingyi carefully shielded her from the sun. After that, Eleven Niang woke up. Although Brother Qian was awake, his condition worsened, and the two had to ask the imperial physician to come for treatment immediately, and the imperial physician gave him acupuncture treatment.

Elevenniang and Xu Lingyi waited outside the room. Elevenniang showed Xu Lingyi the words that Brother Jian had practiced. She hoped that Xu Lingyi could give Brother Jian a little more care and less strictness. At this time, Mrs. Xu brought people over, and she asked the eleven mother to stay in the Xikuayuan not to go out. As for Brother Chen, she took him back to the Fushouyuan for care. Xu Lingyi was puzzled. He insisted on asking Mrs. Xu to give an explanation.

Mrs. Xu said that she had just returned from the Ci’an Temple. The master of the Ci’an Temple said that Eleven Niang was the nemesis of Brother Jian and the two must be separated. Xu Lingyi didn’t believe in ghosts and gods, and he didn’t agree with using this kind of imaginary ghosts and gods to imprison the eleven mothers in disguise. Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, the eleven mothers chose to back down.

Eleven Niang was confined in the Xikua Yard. Brother Yu sneaked over to find Eleven Niang. He told Eleven Niang what he had helped Eleven Niang. He usually secretly went to the back garden to play by himself and raise him in the back garden. With a small dog, which was raised by Xiu Ling, the maid in Qiao Lian’s room.

Wu Niang and Qian Ming’s life became more and more difficult. Qian Ming was a scholar, and she had no other income at home every day. So when she was going to visit Eleven Niang, she also discussed with Eleven Niang about her shop. Doing business in partnership with Shi Niang. Wu Niang prepared Bo Li and came to Xu Mansion, but Qiao Lian’s room said that Eleven Niang had been forbidden. She refused to let Wu Niang see Eleven Niang. Wu Niang mentioned the Xu family’s hospitality and called Xu Lingyi by name. , Qiao Lianfang was unable to do so, and asked Wu Niang to go to see Eleven Niang.

Elevenniang was delighted to see Wuniang, she asked Wuniang to do herself a favor, changed Wuniang’s clothes and went to the back garden. Sure enough, Xi Niang saw Xiu Tong feeding the dog in the back garden. She questioned Xiu Luo, but Qiao Lian’s room suddenly appeared. Qiao Lian’s room led people to take down Xi Niang, who had to take the puppy and the cage with her in desperation. We ran together, but fortunately I met Xu Lingyi.

Xu Lingyi wanted to investigate the puppy thoroughly, but Qiao Lianfang falsely claimed that the puppy was given to Brother Qian to play with. She did not expect the puppy to be sick, and she led someone to chase the eleven mother because she was afraid of the puppy biting Eleven. Mother, the lotus room looked like weeping, and Mrs. Xu was convinced of the lotus room again. This matter had no choice but to let the Xu mansion’s top priority now be to let Brother Chen get through this.

Eleven Niang took care of Brother Jian overnight and sang nursery rhymes for Brother Jian. Brother Jian also got closer to Eleven Niang. He woke up safe and sound. Xu Lingyi was overjoyed and praised Brother Jian according to what Eleven Niang said. . At this time, the servant came to report that Qiao Lianfang had fainted because of praying for Brother Qian’s blessings day and night.

Mrs. Xu Tai persuaded Xu Lingyi to visit Qiao Lianfang, while Brother Qian was temporarily taken care of by Elder Brother. Although Xu Lingyi didn’t want to, she still came to visit Qiao Lian’s room from Mrs. Xu’s face. He deliberately mentioned Mama Liu, hoping that Qiao Lian’s room would do it for himself.

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