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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 11 Recap

Mrs. Xu told Shiyiniang about moving to another hospital temporarily, but Shiyiniang said nothing. Mrs. Xu was very pleased with Shiyiniang’s promise. After that, the eleven mothers set off for the Xishan Courtyard. Mother Tao chased out of Xu’s residence. She blamed the eleven mothers for easily coping with the incident. At this time, the eleven mothers were already struggling in the mansion. If they return a few months later, I am afraid that there will be no more In the position of Eleven Mother, Eleven Mother is not in Xu Mansion, she only comforted Mother Tao and let Mother Tao take good care of her brother.

Eleven Niang arrived at Xishan Courtyard. Mother Liu served the Eleven Niang living in the other courtyard. She deliberately asked Xi Niang for a reward, but Amber couldn’t get the money. There was not much at the end of the month. , Nowadays, life is even more difficult at the end of the month. Elevenniang didn’t take this matter to heart. She took Holly to the warehouse to find fabrics under the guise of making a screen. Amber wanted to help Elevenniang. Holly didn’t trust Amber, but Elevenniang was willing to believe in Amber Yi. Back, she told Amber what she was doing, hoping that Amber could help her.

Qiao Lianfang concealed her from Mother Tao, and privately took her brother to play with the puppy, which caused her brother’s disease to develop. Mrs. Tai blamed Mother Tao and handed her brother to Lianfang to take care of her. Lianfang didn’t want to wait for Brother Jian at all. Seeing that Brother Jian was ill and didn’t drink the medicine, Lotus Room asked the maid to hold Brother Jian and administer the medicine to Brother Jian hard. Brother Qian’s illness made Mother Tao feel distressed.

She still can’t take care of Brother Jian personally. She couldn’t help but blame the eleven mother for all her mistakes. If she didn’t make her own way and went to another hospital, Brother Jian would not suffer this. crime.

Eleven Niang found a cloth similar to the evidence in the warehouse. She brought the cloth to Xianling Pavilion and asked Master Jian for help, so that Master Jian could help find out the source of the cloth. After leaving the Immortal Ling Pavilion, Eleven Niang found that her guard was missing. She asked Amber to find her, and she and Dongqing stayed in place and waited. Unexpectedly, an old woman pretended to fall, and Eleven Niang and Dongqing stepped forward to help, but the old woman calculated and took the medicine away.

Amber couldn’t find the guards to return, and found that Dongqing and Shiyi Niang had disappeared. She quickly asked Master Jian for help. Master Jian noticed the strangeness of the matter and thought that Shiyi Niang must have been calculated. Just then when the guards came back, Amber told Master Jian that the Eleven Niang had returned to Luo’s house beforehand. She stabilized the situation and did not say anything about it.

Qiao Lian’s house was responsible for the disappearance of the eleven mother. Qiao Lian wanted to let the eleven mother spend the night outside. As long as she sat down and sat down and sat down, the eleven mother was destroyed. Amber hurriedly returned to Luo’s house to report the matter to Mrs. Luo. Mrs. Luo didn’t expect that the eleven mothers would be so unusable, but the top priority was to find the eleven mothers first, but the Luo family did not find the eleven mothers after a day’s search, Luo Zhenxing As the eldest son, he thinks his sister’s safety is important, and he plans to report to the official to find the eleven mother.

Even if the eleven mother is divorced by the Xu family, he can raise his sister for a lifetime. Madam Luo insisted on refusing, so Master Jian had no choice but to put forward his own ideas. In order to preserve the reputation of the Eleven Niangs, they could look for another night. If the Eleven Niangs were not found the next day, it would not be too late to report to an official.

The next day, Xu Lingyi returned to Xu’s house, and she couldn’t help getting angry on the spot when she learned that Shi Niang had moved to the Xishan Courtyard. Xu Lingyi was about to go to the other courtyard to pick up the eleven mothers, but Lianfang said that the eleven mothers were not used to staying in the other yard and returned to Luo’s house. She was willing to accompany Xu Lingyi to the Luo family to pick up the eleven mothers. Xu Lingyi nodded and agreed, Qiao Lianfang secretly Let the maidservant go to inform Mother Liu to report to the officer to save her, and prepare to ruin the reputation of Shi Niang.

Luo Mansion, Xu Lingyi and Qiao Lianfang wanted to see Eleven Niang, but Mrs. Luo and Master Luo kept secrets, preparing to hold off for a while. Xu Lingyi and Qiao Lian had to stay in Luo Mansion, and the two of them couldn’t wait for Eleven Niang to come back. Xu Lingyi asked his subordinates to find Eleven Niang outside Linbo. On the other side, Elevenniang and Dongqing woke up in a firewood room with ropes tied to them. After thinking about them, Elevenniang knew that they had been calculated.

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