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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 12 Recap

Qiao Lianfang directed and acted by herself, saying that she ordered her maid to ask the guards, and learned that Shiyiniang had not left the Luo Mansion today, so Xu Lingyi asked about the whereabouts of Shiyiniang again. At this moment, Eleven Niang returned to the house and successfully resolved the crisis. Before leaving Luo Mansion, Mrs. Luo asked Xi Niang to go back to the room with her to say a few words. She asked about today’s affairs. It was only then that Xi Niang said that she and Dong Qing were kidnapped by others. Thanks to Master Jian and Luo Zhenxing. I found her with the unique smell of rose dew on her body, and then got away smoothly.

After learning that Linbo was looking for her on the street, she naturally asked Linbo to find her on the street. Although there was no danger this time, it was a matter of innocence. Madam Luo told Eleven Niang not to leak the incident, and Qiao Lianfang had to beware. From the lady’s point of view, this matter must have something to do with Qiao Lianfang.

Elevenniang and Xu Lingyi ride in the same carriage. Xu Lingyi did not believe in the conflict at all, so regardless of Mrs. Tai’s objection, she took Elevenniang back to the house. Elevenniang was surprised by this, and she also tactfully guarded the strangeness of the guard. The office told Xu Lingyi that Xu Lingyi was smart and prepared to investigate the guard.

Xu Lingyi was determined to return to the house. Danyang and Wuye had no choice but to move to Fangsheng Hutong. Mrs. Xu refused to agree. She was afraid that Danyang would have fetal gas. Xu Lingyi decided to let the two move to the back garden after consideration. Danyang responded when he lived in Henan Yard. Mrs. Xu knows that it is unreasonable for Mrs. Xi Niang to move to Xishan’s other courtyard, but she is also thinking about the Xu family’s heirs. Mrs. Xi Niang does not mean to blame Mrs. Xu, her generous decentness makes Mrs. Xu quite satisfaction.

Xu Lingyi came to Qiao Lian’s room, he asked Qiao Lian’s room to pick up the good blood swallow ginseng, and sent it to Danyang in the name of Xi Niang. Although Qiao Lianfang was a little unhappy, she could only respond. She stepped forward to offer tea to Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi asked about the negligence of the guards in Xishan’s hospital, and deliberately blamed Lianfang for the punishment. Mother Liu. This matter Xu Lingyi’s way of dealing with things spread to the ears of the eleven mothers, and the eleven mothers couldn’t help but change Xu Lingyi’s attitude. She looked down on Xu Lingyi before doing things inside and outside.

Qiao Lian’s room came to the Xikuayuan to send Yueyin. In her words, she deliberately ridiculed the eleven mother for not being in charge of the right to give her. After Qiao Lian’s room left, Aunt Wen came to see Eleven Niang. When she heard that Holly and Amber were so happy with twenty taels of silver, she looked down on Eleven Niang from the bottom of her heart.

Brother Qian’s illness is getting worse every day. Eleven mothers come to visit Brother Qian. She feels distressed that Brother Jian wants to take care of him by herself, but Lianfang is unwilling to let Eleven mothers take care of Brother Qian. Brother Jian cried and screamed that his body was itchy, and he was crying.

As she refused to sleep, Eleven Niang remembered the antipruritic ointment she used in Yuhang. She was going to apply medicine to Brother Qian. Both Lianfang and Mrs. Xu Tai believed that the origin of this medicine was unknown, and should not be given to Brother Qian easily. Xu Lingyiqu Believe in the eleven mother, go forward and give the eleven mother medicine to brother Qian. The medicine took effect, and Brother Jian fell asleep without crying or making trouble. Xu Lingyi immediately made the decision to let Eleven Mother take care of Brother Jian.

Brother Qian is getting better day by day under the care of Eleven Niang. Xu Lingyi wants to visit the two of them, but Brother Jian can’t avoid Xu Lingyi. Eleven Niang has to take Brother Jian back to the room and comfort him to sleep. At this time, Brother Yu came to visit Brother Yu, but Aunt Wen hurried away with Brother Yu. It was at this time that Eleven Niang realized that although the two were brothers, they were not close due to Xiao’s divorce. Aunt Wen has been I warned Brother Yu not to get too close to Brother Chen, especially when Brother Chen was embarrassed.

Eleven mother brought her brother to see Mrs. Tai, but Mrs. Tai was not there. Brother Jian was arguing about eating sugar cakes. For the sake of Brother Jian’s body, Eleven mothers did not let him eat sugar cakes. Qiao Lian’s eyes were out of sight. Seeing Mrs. Tai’s figure, she deliberately stepped forward to give Brother Jian a sugar cake, so that Brother Jian would remember her kindness.

Mrs. Tai came to the hall, she learned the whole story, she couldn’t help but blame the sternness of the eleven mothers. The eleven mothers expressed her painstaking efforts. Only then did Mrs. Brother Qian chose to put down the sugar cake himself, and asked Brother Qian to take the initiative to give Xu Lingyi cakes. Xu Lingyi was surprised, but also very heart-warming.

Brother Qian’s condition turned back again, and the imperial physician diagnosed and treated him and concluded that Brother Qian was again infected with exogenous evil. When Mrs. Luo came to Xu Mansion, she felt sorry for Brother Chen and couldn’t help but blame Eleven Niang. Mother Tao added more fuel to the fire, which made Mrs. Luo even more angry.

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