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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 10 Recap

The second lady saw that the eleven mother carefully examined the embroidery, and knew that she did not come only for embroidery, and was willing to relieve the eleven mother. Seeing that the second lady was not malicious, she only asked about the Ci’an Temple. The second lady had been by Mrs. Xu’s side that day, and she didn’t know other clues. She persuaded the eleven mother not to keep thinking about the past. It is when you grasp the present moment.

Elevenniang and Holly saw a few freshly blooming flowers in the courtyard, and they couldn’t pick the flowers even when they stood on their toes. Xu Lingyi, who was passing by, helped Elevenniang pick the flowers and raised the matter of giving a gift from the palm of his hand. To make clear his position, Eleven Niang is the mistress of the house, and she should be familiar with housework as soon as possible, and take charge of the central contribution. After that, the eleven mother came to ask Mrs. Xu for her peace. She had checked the embroidery products of various institutes, and there were no clues she wanted. Therefore, she declined the embroidering matter, and her retreat made Qiao Lian’s room even worse. Arrogant, did not put the eleven mother in his eyes.

Mother Zhou is the one who takes care of the warehouse. Qiao Lian’s room asks the maid to gather Zhou’s mother. Zhou’s mother moved her hands and feet when distributing the brocade to the hospitals and gave the eleven mother’s copy to Qiao Lianhua, while Tao’s mother was watching. When Xiniang received the Shu brocade, she was very angry, and immediately went to Zhou’s mother to ask for an explanation despite her persuasion. Mother Tao asked Mother Zhou to hand over the brocade of Eleven Mother. The whole government knows that Eleven Mother is not favored now. Xu Lingyi has not been to Xikua Yard for some time. Mother Zhou relies on her own Qiaolian room to support her.

She and Tao Mom started arguing. The incident hit the lotus room. The lotus room was in charge of giving the money. She targeted Mama Tao and ordered her to be held accountable for 30 years without saying anything. The eleven mother came to stop the lotus room. The eleven mother wanted to suppress the eleven mother because she had the right to control the family. However, the eleven mother was clearly organized and blocked the lotus room speechlessly and protected Tao. mom.

Although the matter of Shu Brocade is that the lotus room does not work well, Mrs. Tai still wants to protect the lotus room. In the flower hall, she said that Shu Brocade was assigned by her, and she intended to make Eleven Niang do her part and take care of her own people. Xi Niang was not half angry, she just responded with a smile. On the contrary, Danyang couldn’t see it. She reprimanded Zhou’s mother for her disorder. Mrs. Tai had no choice but to fine Zhou’s mother for two months of silver. Back in the room, Mother Tao embraced the injustice for the eleven mother, but the eleven mother didn’t care much. Mother Tao was unwilling to make her remember the purpose of marrying the Xu family.

Qiao Lianfang came to see Xu Lingyi wearing the gorgeous clothes newly made by Shu brocade. She prepared cakes for Xu Lingyi. She thought she would please Xu Lingyi, but Xu Lingyi already knew about the Shu brocade and only warned Qiao Lianfang with five poisonous hearts. Don’t wear this dress again in the lotus room. Qiao Lian’s room returned to the room and wept more and more. She cried and cut off her clothes. Mother Zhou comforted Qiao Lian’s room. She thought that everything was the fault of the eleven mother, only Qiao Lian’s room won the seat of the main room. Xu Lingyi would not despise her.

At night, Xu Lingyi came to the house of the eleven mothers. He asked the eleven mothers to be the mistress of the house. After two days, he would go out hunting with the sage. He only hoped that the eleven mothers would not cause trouble again. The eleven mother did not expect that Xu Lingyi would mistakenly think that she instigated mother Tao to do something, and could not help but choke Xu Lingyi word by word. Xu Lingyi thought that the fangs of the eleven mother were very unreasonable, and she was only angry and left Xikuayuan.

Eleven Niang knew Qiao Lian’s room was hostile to her. She deliberately told Qiao Lian’s room that she had no intention of Xu Lingyi, and hoped that Qiao Lian’s room would stay safe and protect what she wanted. If Qiao Lian’s room had to compete with her, it would be too delicate. . Qiao Lian’s room couldn’t listen to what Eleven Niang said, and only wanted to win the seat of the main room.

Xu Lingyi went out hunting. The district master came to Xu Lingyi to tell Xu Lingyi that Hu Jin was a troubled courtier and thief. Wei Guogong Ren Kun came to hold injustice for Hu Jin. Hu Jin’s two-sleeved breeze was a good minister, but he was victimized by a traitor, and Ren Kun was embarrassed. In the words, the Holy Supreme was mentioned, Xu Lingyi feared that Ren Kun would fall into reality, and only reminded Ren Kun out loud. Both of them felt sorry for Hu Jin’s death. Xu Lingyi mentioned the current situation in the court and thought that only the opening of the sea ban could change the status quo. Wei Guogong shook his head. The sea ban was an ancestral system. How could they control it.

Eleven Niang could not find any clues to the murderer from the embroidery. She was going to start with the fabrics. From Mother Tao, she found out that all the fabrics left in her home a year ago were in the suburban courtyard. Danyang went to Ci’an Temple to pray for morning sickness. The monk in the temple claimed that Danyang was in conflict with those who belonged to the ox, and that the eleven mothers happened to be the ox, and Mrs. Tai wanted to move the eleven mothers to another courtyard temporarily.

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