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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 35 Recap

At the end of the third period of advertising, Cai Dongmei discovered that the WeChat account had actually withdrawn Sweet Technology, so she urged Chang Zilong to reschedule, even if she had no money, she would help her son. Chang Zilong believes that Cai Dongmei is pursuing the public for personal gain, but he does not realize that the short three-period advertisement has brought a lot of benefits to Sweet Technology.

In order to save company costs, Li Meng personally did a systematic research and analysis, and carefully selected 20 self-media with high conversion rates, including Sweet Life, which is currently ranked 18th. Because of the very good advertising effect of Sweet Life’s public account, Tian Mi was pleased to explain that Changsheng has increased its investment, from the initial period of 5,000 to 8,000, and a total of 20 advertisements were renewed.

The mahjong quartet was playing in the chess and card room, but when he heard Changsheng’s call, a large order of 160,000 yuan fell on Cai Dongmei, Lao Kang was a little unconvinced, and then left the mahjong table and went out to show ads. Li Mingcheng and Zhang Qiuju couldn’t sit still either, planning to quit mahjong and devote all their energy to increase the order.

The longer the dog left to contact with Li Meng, his personality gradually changed. He was always cold, but now he will take the initiative to care about people unconsciously, even willing to be driven by Li Meng. For the leftover dog, this change is equivalent to a BUG in his own, but he does not know that he has fallen in love with Li Meng.

With the gradual growth of the sweet technology, many self-media rushed to come to the door, Ge Zijian often wins out to drink tea, can’t help but complain that he ignores the winning winners. However, the advertising fee of Changsheng winners is too high, and Tianmi Technology cannot afford it temporarily. Ge Zijian thinks Changsheng is too inconsistent and is simply a waste of resources and media, so he puts advertising at a discounted price of 20%.

When Tian Mi went to work, she found that all the employees were sleeping in the company, so she knew that they were working overtime all night, so she accused Chang Sheng of ignoring his health and being busy with his business and failed to take the lead. Cai Dongmei came to Tianmi Technology to sign the contract renewal, and happened to ran into Yu Yangyang at the door of the company. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the past is unavoidable to be a little embarrassed to see each other now.

Cai Dongmei asked Chang Sheng about his relationship with Tian Mi and Yu Yangyang. After all, the three of them were in the same company, and it was difficult to keep the two rivals fighting together. Chang Sheng was caught in the middle. But Chang Sheng fundamentally considers that level. Everyone in the company belongs to the relationship of ordinary colleagues.

Chang Sheng didn’t let Cai Dongmei think about it, got up to get the contract, but the overload of work overnight made him dizzy, and eventually fainted in front of the counter and was directly sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. After a doctor’s examination, Changsheng is a transient myocardial ischemia caused by long-term lack of sleep. At present, it is necessary to pay more attention to rest to avoid changes in the condition.

After Cai Dongmei and Chang Zilong asked about Chang Sheng’s condition, they came to the door of the ward and saw Tian Mi accompany in front of the bed through the window, with a distressed expression on his face, and held Chang Sheng’s hand tightly. Seeing this scene, Cai Dongmei consciously pulled Chang Zilong away. Seeing that Chang Sheng almost repeated Liu De’en’s mistakes, Tian Mi felt distressed and blamed herself, put down all the work at hand, and kept guarding Chang Sheng’s bedside every step of the way.

After Chang Sheng recovered from the hospital, Tian Mi realized the harm to the health of employees caused by overwork, and decided not to encourage employees to work overtime. Unexpectedly, this proposal was opposed by Luo Jiang, Yu Yangyang and many other management and even many ordinary employees. Opponents believe that Tianmi Technology, as a startup company, must make extraordinary efforts to survive the cruel competition.

Tian Mi insists on putting people first. Everyone had serious discussions and even voted, and finally Tian Mi’s opinion prevailed, so that 1996 was cancelled and performance appraisal was set for each employee to encourage everyone to complete more work within the effective time.

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