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Hush 허쉬 Episode 15 Recap

Luo Chengyuan took the initiative to make an appointment with Li Zhixiu and discussed with her many things related to Li Longmin. They used to be very good friends. Naturally, they knew Li Longmin likes to bring fried chicken home every time. Luo Chengyuan insisted that Li Longmin accepted the bribe, even if it was a fact that Li Zhixiu did not want to admit, and took out a photo as evidence and a wad of money.

At the same time, the painting on the wall of the president slowly opened, revealing the safe inside. It is worth noting that the president is not interested in anything in the safe, but uniquely checked the black rectangular object that was pressed at the bottom.

After the inspection by the president, there was nothing missing, but there was a “memoir of the growth of journalism in order to restore the trust of the media.” This is what Han Junhyuk prepared for the president to better meet the day when he enters the parliament. There is also a note of blessing from Han Junhyuk.

Recalling the moment when Han Jun Hyuk saw the safe, he once said that it will contain the secrets of success, and everything is in line with the current situation. It is true that Han Jun Hyuk had planned for a long time, but it was to surprise the president. Minister Yoon naturally didn’t believe it, but the president stopped pursuing it. Instead, he apologized for his distrust and incomprehension.

After Lee Ji-soo got the photo, he really stopped trusting his father, so he found Han Jun Hyuk to confront him in the billiard room. Han Junhyuk had to confess the truth. Luo Sung-won was already about to start with Li Longmin, and Han Junhyuk had to pretend to be the same as them in order to prevent Li Longmin from losing his job.

Even if they don’t want to be in the same environment, but in the same environment, they can’t leave for a job, so they can only make their own surface smell the same as them, so that they will not be squeezed out. Although the misunderstanding was caused by Han Jun Hyuk, Lee Ji Soo understood his actions and felt guilty for temporarily distrusting his father.

At night, when Han Jun-hyuk returned home, he used the USB flash drive obtained from “Ling Cat for Prince” into the computer. It was the black rectangular object underneath in the president’s safe. It does record bits and pieces of the president and his son, but there is also a list of congressmen requested.

Just when Li Zhixiu confronted Luo Sung-won and placed the monitoring of his intention to bribe himself in front of the other party, Han Jun-hyuk also asked Hong Gyu-tae to come to the rooftop and learned the truth that night. The reporter at the same time as Hong Gyutae took the ride because it was strange that he was not allowed to turn to normal. But because Wu Xiuyan graduated from a local university, she didn’t even have the chance to ride the ride.

The president and Hong Kyu-tae are discussing the bright future of him, but it is extremely cruel to Oh Soo-yeon. Hong Guitai saw a pair of shoes, but even if he guessed that Wu Xiuyan was hiding under the table, he had no stand to comfort him. Similarly, that night, if Han Jun Hyuk insisted on changing shifts with Oh Soo Yeon, or Lee Ji Soo did not leave alone, maybe Oh So Yeon would not commit suicide.

Any detail made the death of Oh Soo-yeon inevitable. Han Jun Hyuk was full of guilt. He returned the USB flash drive to Hong Gyu-tae and hoped that the other party could remain silent. When Li Zhixiu watched the deputy chief Liang and others want to report desperately, he had to confess the fact that Han Junhyuk had endured the humiliation.

At the same time, Han Jun Hyuk brought the death data of Wu Soo-yeon to meet with the director of the news agency where the reporter is working, including various crimes committed by him in the corporate investigation room. Who knows, after reporter Gu went out with the materials, they came in again and became Luo Chengyuan and An Zhiyun.

Luo Sung-won and Han Jun-hyuk had dinner at the same table again. He knew very well that Han Jun-hyuk could not fail to know his relationship with the director of the news agency where Reporter Gu worked. He also guessed that Han Jun-hyuk deliberately sent a signal to stop him in time. Similarly, the president has already known all things for a long time. Luo Chengyuan still doesn’t plan to give up the man who pulled it up with one hand. There is nothing he cannot solve.

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