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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 8 Recap

Lianfang met Eleven Niang, Mrs. Xu asked Brother Jian to call Eleven Niang as her mother. Brother Jian was unwilling to call Eleven Niang because of the difference between his concubines. Eleven Niang coaxed Brother Jian and asked Brother Jian. He called to his mother and gave Brother Chen a sachet. In order to give the eleven mother a chance, Lianfang used cakes to coax Brother Chen into happiness. When wiping her hands, she provocatively took away the sachet from Elder Brother in front of Eleven Mother. But he just curled his lips and smiled and didn’t care about it.

Danyang is the county head of Shengshangqin. She didn’t have a good impression of the eleven mothers because of the lotus room. In addition, because she was a prostitute, she did not want to see the eleven mothers. Xu Lingkuan persuaded her. Make Danyang unwilling to come to the hall to see Eleven Mother. Danyang had just become pregnant, and Eleven Niang prepared a dress for Danyang, but Danyang was not very appreciative.

Instead, Xu Lingkuan stepped forward and thanked Eleven Niang. As soon as the eleven mothers started, Qiao Lian gave up the power of the house, and a group of people sat in the hall. It happened that a handmaid had stolen the royal gift of Shu brocade and was caught.

Mrs. Tai wanted to know what Eleven would do. Yimang was asking if the maid had to make a move because of her mother’s illness. She thought of the maid’s filial piety, thinking that the maid should be blamed for twenty, and she could give a lesson, but Qiao Lianfang insisted on the house rules, even if the maid’s voice She cried and begged, she also sold her maid.

In order to give the prestige to Qiao Lian’s house, Mrs. Tai prepared to sell the handmaid after listening to Qiao Lian’s house. Danyang and Xu Lingkuan and the others couldn’t bear it. The second wife spoke for the maidservant, which reduced the punishment, and only assigned the maidservant to Zhuangzi. After this incident, Mrs. Tai ordered the Xu family to be in charge of Zhongkui by Lianfang. As for the Eleven Niang, she waited until she was familiar with the house rules before taking power.

The royal gift of Shu brocade has been recovered. Danyang asked Mrs. Tai for a few pieces of clothes, but she could not find a beautiful fan to match the clothes. Eleven mothers are proficient in female red. She is willing to provide embroidery for Danyang. Danyang has experienced today’s things. , The feeling of rejection towards the eleven mothers disappeared a little, and she was willing to let the eleven mothers try. After that, Xu Lingyi returned to the mansion.

When he saw Chen Ge still playing in the mansion during the morning exercises, he could not help but reprimand Qi Ge, and asked Ge Ge to step on the spot, without shed half a tear. Mrs. Tai felt sorry for Brother Qian. She complained about Xu Lingyi’s sternness, revealed Xu Lingyi’s naughty tricks when she was young, and took Brother Qian back to the room.

Eleven Niang asked Amber to inquire about the situation in Xu Mansion. She was a little surprised when she heard that none of the three aunts in the mansion were favored. Wen and Aunt Qin followed Xu Lingyi for many years. Xu Lingyi was caught in war. Due to poor logistics, the literary family contributed a large amount of money to help Xu Lingyi survive the crisis. The literary family also took the opportunity to marry the Xu family.

The maid next to the madam, it was the wife who liked that she was docile and considerate and sent to Xu Lingyi to wait on her side, and even took the initiative to accept Aunt Qin as a common room. Even if the two are not favored, the lotus room is also not favored. Eleven Niang was a little surprised. She remembered Xu Lingyi’s actions on the wedding night, thinking that Xu Lingyi was not a pure-hearted person.

The three aunts from Xu Mansion came to welcome tea to the eleven mothers. Eleven mothers changed into red clothes and asked Amber to wear a sandalwood box. She prepared gifts for the three aunts. Aunt Qin was the first to greet the eleven mothers for tea, and the second in the lotus room knelt forward to offer tea. She deliberately provoked the eleven mothers in her words. The eleven mothers smiled and were not afraid of the lotus room, drinking I got the tea offered by the lotus room and rewarded me. After toasting the tea, the three of them did not leave.

The lotus room had told the other two aunts about the embroidery, and asked the other two to take out the best embroidery from the bottom of the box and send them to the eleventh room for a demonstration. It is to let the eleven mothers retreat from the difficulties, and the second is to divorce the relationship between the eleven mothers and the other two houses. The eleven mothers know the purpose of the lotus house, but are not angry at all. She always remembers the purpose of entering the house this time. Understanding these embroidery is also one of the steps for her to find out the real murderer.

Xu Lingyi was determined to open the sea ban. He analyzed the current situation and planned to use the death of Master Hu to contact Wei Guogong. With the help of Wei Guo, they took a big step closer to leaving the sea ban. After discussing the affairs of the court, Xu Lingyi came to Xikuayuan. He asked Eleven Niang to change and bathe for him. However, Eleven Niang was not good at changing clothes at all. In addition, she deliberately stayed away from Xu Lingyi. Her awkward movements made Xu Lingyi shook his head and decided to reinforce herself .

After changing clothes, Xu Lingyi asked Eleven Niang to test the temperature of the water. Eleven Niang knew that the water was too hot and would not care about Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi wanted Eleven Niang to bathe by herself. Eleven Niang had to ask Dongqing to fetch cold water for Xu Lingyi. After taking a shower, Eleven Niang dauntedly did not want to go back to bed. She waited until Xu Lingyi fell asleep before going back to bed.

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