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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 6 Recap

Although Amber is Madam Luo’s eyeliner, she is kind-hearted and knows that Eleven Niang is not easy, so she opens one eye and closes one eye to leave the house, but she only gives Eleven Niang one hour, She will report it to Mrs. Luo in an hour. The eleven mother thanked Huang Hu, she hurried to Shuntian Mansion, but she couldn’t even enter the gate of Shuntian Mansion, but she had no choice but to come to Ci’an Temple to find clues.

From the mouth of a young monk, she learned that Aunt Lu had appeared in the Bajiao Pavilion at that time. Inside, and another female relative also appeared in the octagonal pavilion, but he did not carefully see the face of that female relative.

On that day, the temple only received Xu’s female relatives, and he guessed that the female relative was most likely Xu’s family. Xi Niang did not expect that this case was related to Xu Mansion. She had time to think about it, and the Luo family came to find her. She was taken away by the Luo family, and the little monk remembered other clues, but she didn’t have time to tell Eleven. mother.

Elevenniang was brought to Madam Luo, who reprimanded Elevenniang, but Elevenniang said that the reason why she went to Ci’an Temple was only to pay tribute to Aunt Lu. She was willing to let go and accept Madam Luo’s arrangement. Mrs. Luo gave up on the matter after listening to the words of the eleven mother, saying that she was ready to put the coffin on, and she would bury Aunt Lu with great care, and she also neglected the wish of the eleven mother. After Mrs. Luo left, Dongqing complained to Amber to the Eleven Mother, but the Eleven Mother thanked Amber. She knew that Amber was in trouble. If Amber hadn’t helped her this time, she couldn’t even get out of the door.

On the Dragon Boat Festival, Yuanniang embroidered a sachet for Xu Lingyi and tied it around Xu Lingyi’s waist. She asked about brother Chen’s marriage. Xu Lingyi said that he had arranged for a matchmaker to go to Jiang’s family to propose marriage, and Yuanniang was relieved. After that, Xu Lingyi came to Luo’s family to visit Master Luo and Mrs. Luo according to the custom. Master Luo asked about his reinstatement. Xu Lingyi explained to Master Luo why it was not because he was unwilling to help. It was indeed very difficult. He would Find the right time to bring up the reinstatement of Master Luo to Sheng Shang.

After coming out of the Flower Hall, Lin Bo and Xu Lingyi talked about the gossip about Xu Mansion, saying that Aunt Lu’s death was related to clinging to Xu’s family. This was heard by Eleven Mother. She wanted Xu Lingyi to investigate the death of her mother. , But because of Linbo’s words, she didn’t have a half-hearted opinion of the Xu family, so she only jumped out to scold Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi knew that he was wrong, so he asked Linbo to apologize, and let the Xu family stop spreading this gossip.

The Wang family came to give the gift of acceptance. Eleven mothers did not want to marry Wang Yu. She was willing to marry into Xu Mansion in order to find out the murder of her mother. After thinking deeply about why Wang Yu was not married, Eleven mothers knew it was two. Niang made some tricks, and she sent someone to send her portrait to Wang Yu. After seeing the portrait of Shi Niang, Wang Yu came to Luo Mansion crazy after seeing the portrait of Shi Niang. Wang Yu asked to see the eleventh mother.

After the eleventh mother came out, Wang Yu knew that everything was caused by the second mother. He dragged the second mother to his side and kissed the second mother in public. . When a farce has come to this, Mrs. Luo also understands everything. Now Wang Yu has acted indecently to Erniang, and she has to follow the development of the matter and betroth the Erniang to Wang Yu, even though Erniang is unwilling in every possible way. Begging all the time, Madam Luo didn’t have any room for negotiation, Erniang must marry Wang Yu.

Yuanniang was seriously ill, and Mrs. Luo hurriedly took Shiniang to Xu’s house. Yuanniang knew that she could not survive this hurdle. She begged Xu Lingyi to marry the eleven mother. Even though Xu Lingyi was unwilling, he nodded softly in response to Yuanniang’s ardent eyes. Yuanniang’s wish was over. She asked the eleven mothers to come forward and tell the eleven mothers word by word that this Yongping Hou Mansion seemed peaceful, but in reality the crisis was hidden, otherwise she would not get sick without a reason.

After that, Yuanniang sang a nursery rhyme for Brother Chen, entrusted Brother Chen to the people around her, and closed her eyes. Before she died, she only hoped that Xu Lingyi could forgive her. She was indeed not a good wife.

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