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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 5 Recap

Yuanniang took over the tea in Qiao Lianfang’s hand, and deliberately taught Qiao Lianfang in her words, so that Qiao Lianfang should not think of Xu Lingyi. After Qiao Lian’s room left, Aunt Wen came to visit Yuanniang. Yuanniang brought up the business conflict between Qiao’s family and Wen’s family, so that Aunt Wen would not be taken in by Qiaolian’s house. Against the Qiao family.

Eleven Niang came to Xiuge to bid farewell to Master Jian. Master Jian prepared the clothes she left for Eleven Niang, hoping that Eleven Niang could live the life he wanted. Eleven Niang was leaving soon. She gave her newly embroidered sachet to Aunt Lv, hoping that the sachet would protect Aunt Lv’s safety. The mother and daughter slept in the same bed, reminiscing about Yuhang’s three years of happy life. The happiness of the future.

Aunt Lu was afraid that the Luo family would become a mess after the two left, but Eleven Niang analyzed the current situation and thought it was best for her to leave. As long as she leaves, Er Niang must marry into Xu’s family, and Er Niang is also considered to be the best thing. Get what you want.

The next day, the mother, daughter and Dongqing were going to the Ci’an Temple, but Mrs. Jiang visited at this time and asked to see the Eleven Niang, but the Eleven Niang could not, so Aunt Lu and Dongqing had to wait for her at the Ci’an Temple first. After seeing Mrs. Jiang, Eleven Niang hurried over to Ci’an Temple. Ci’an Temple was closed for one day today. Only the daughters of the Xu family were accepted. The people of the Xu family prayed for Buddha in the temple.

Aunt Lu and Dongqing rushed to the gate of Ci’an Temple. , Aunt Lv found that the new sachet given by Xi Niang had fallen on the road, she asked Dongqing to stay in front of the temple to wait for her, and went back to find the sachet by herself. As everyone knows, Liu Yong, the pirate who Xu Lingyi has been arresting hard, also came to Ci’an Temple, and an accident happened.

Lin Shixian came to Ci’an Temple to pick up the eleven mothers as scheduled, but couldn’t wait for the figure of the eleven mothers. This time it was very important to go south. Eleven mothers returned with Dongqing to look for Aunt Lu’s figure, but Aunt Lu’s figure fell on the road. Eleven Mother trembled in her heart. She stepped forward to check and found that Aunt Lu had died, her body was full of blood, and she was obviously injured by others. Eleven Mother couldn’t accept the accident, she just hugged Aunt Lu. Liu Yong was also arrested by Xu Lingyi at Ci’an Temple.

The murder case at Ci’an Temple attracted Xu Lingyi’s attention. Xu Lingyi stepped forward to persuade Eleven Niang to release Aunt Lv. Only by handing Aunt Lv to the government for post-mortem can the murderer be found. . The eleven mother cried and let go of Aunt Lu, Xu Lingyi ordered the people to return the eleven mother to Luo Mansion, and handed over the case of Aunt Lu to Shuntian Mansion.

Shuntian Mansion quickly closed the case. Aunt Lu was killed by the pirate Liu Yong. Master Luo thought the matter was a bit sloppy, but Mrs. Luo said that the reputation of the Luo family was important. Going out of the residence will be detrimental to Luo’s reputation, affect the marriage of the Luo family, and affect the reinstatement of Luo’s master. Master Luo chose the Luo family among the pros and cons. After Eleven Niang learned that the case was quickly settled, she grabbed the cloth in her hand.

This cloth was found in Aunt Lu’s hands. Obviously, the cloth was not Liu Yong’s. The murderer must be someone else. Eleven Niang asked Master Luo to go to Shuntian Mansion to investigate the case thoroughly, but Master Luo impatiently told Eleven Niang not to be troubled. Eleven Niang was completely chilled and ran into Master Luo. Master Luo left angrily.

Mrs. Luo stepped aside, she opened the skylight to speak brightly, knowing that this time it was the eleven mother who wanted to escape the marriage. If it weren’t for the eleven mother who wanted to escape the marriage, Aunt Lu would not die. . The eleven mother was crushed by Mrs. Luo’s words. She was so guilty that she never thought that she would kill her mother.

The death of Aunt Lv’s death to Ci’an Temple was heard by the family members of Xu’s family. Aunt Wen raised the case with Aunt Qin, thinking that Aunt Lv and Eleven had learned in advance that Xu’s family was going to Ci’an Temple to pray for blessings. The Cian Temple was just clinging to the Xu family’s mind, but he didn’t expect an accident by mistake.

Xu Lingyi came to the cell and saw Jiang Huai. He took Liu Yong’s body. Liu Yong was dead. Xu Lingyi hoped that Jiang Huai could tell the person who instigated them to go into the sea as a thief. The two were originally fishermen. He was forced to become a pirate. As long as Jiang Huai can confess to the people behind the scenes, he will save Jiang Huai’s life, and will do his best to open the sea ban again and give thousands of fishermen a way to survive.

Jiang Huai didn’t believe Xu Lingyi’s words at all, he only revealed that the person behind the scenes was someone Xu Lingyi couldn’t fight against, and the sea ban was the Ming ancestor system. How could Xu Lingyi be able to shake it. Now that it fell in Xu Lingyi’s hands, Jiang Huai had no chance of escape. He committed suicide in prison and broke Xu Lingyi’s clues down.

Amber secretly invited Master Jian to visit Eleven Niang, and Master Jian mentioned Aunt Lu’s thoughts for the sake of Eleven Niang and cheered her up. Eleven Niang regained her life, she handed the fabric to Master Jian, and asked Master Jian to find out the source of the embroidery on the fabric. After that, the eleven mother pretended to be a young man and was about to leave the mansion, but was bumped into by Amber in the mansion.

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