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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 39 Recap

Yuan Yi used a slingshot to send a signal to the sky. Soon two Lingya guards escorted a Yueling tribe to come. He was the Yueling tribe who had torn off Feitian’s wings, the poor and abominable man with iron rings on his wings. man of. Yuanyi knew that the people behind him were waiting to watch Suchuan’s good show. He wanted to see the collapse of Zhaodu’s divine power and Suchuan chaos, but Yuanyi experienced these life-and-death partings. Starting from Feitian’s death, he wanted to watch Suchuan’s turmoil. It’s no longer the king that others can play at will, he is the king of Jiangzhong Ojugawa.

Weaving the fire, the patriarch and the Tongshan group are discussing the situation of the ground fire. The crystal wall built by the ancestors in the early years had a problem. Someone had to go down and build it. The question is who can go on. Linglong woke up early in the morning and didn’t see Huo Tu Xin, thinking that something was wrong, but Huo Tu Xin was in the monastery with flowers and plants, and the mud filled her hands, everything seemed to be back when she hadn’t left weaving fire. Tu Xin gave a big hug, Huo Tu Xin looked at his hand, the He Lingshi had already made him unconscious, and he couldn’t feel the exquisite hug.

Pingting, Wu Yuan handed the girl infected by the market infant to Juqian’s care, and he and Zhuqi lined up together, sealed Pingting, fired against the hiding place of the market infant, and finally gathered together to kill. In fact, Wu Yuan was not fighting alone, she still had the dagger left by her grandfather. Weaving fire, Linglong fetched water for Huo Tu Xin to wash his hands, and asked about the situation of Pingting, Huo Tu Xin always put it in a good direction, such as Lisha chasing Yinxiao.

Linglong was not idle when weaving the fire. She and Yuanyi had been working hard to repair the wall, but the time when the wall was repaired, Linglong vaguely remembered that he saw Huo Tu Xin, how did Huo Tu Xin get in that place she thought was dangerous. of.

Yuanyi came to Linglong, but he hadn’t even asked Linglong how he rushed into the flame-extinguishing wall. As a result, they forgave him first. Forgive him for his recklessness in trying to practice Linglong. If Yuanyi is reckless, then Linglong is She didn’t mind, she didn’t ask Yuan and rushed into the Flame Extinguishing Wall.

Yuan Yi hadn’t criticized and educate her yet. The reason why Yuan Yi didn’t think about sacrificing himself to refine Lingshi was because Mengzhan had said that as long as the two of them were together, they would not be afraid of any thorns in the rapids. Linglong was dissatisfied, so she stopped him and said so much that it was not as useful as Mengzhan’s words. Yuanyi was curious, so Linglong was jealous.

Chi Fang asked Huo Tu Xin to go to the lake to drink together. The two talked about Linglong. From the time they left Weaving Fire, Linglong met so many people with faces in Suchuan. They all said they could save Linglong, but in the end they rescued Linglong. People still have to count on Huo Tu Xin, he needs Chi Fang’s help. When he didn’t feel anything while holding Linglong, Huo Tu Xin understood the reason why Weisheng Yan insisted on not using the spirit stone, not to mention not only for Linglong, but also for weaving fire, Huo Tu Xin would do the same. Chi Fang told Linglong to accompany Huo Tu Xin well, and left without saying much.

Pingting, Wu Yuan looked at the dagger left by grandfather. He discovered it when he killed the infants in the market last time. There were fragments of Lingshi fused into the grandfather. The infant was driven to gather together, roaring and roaring, the infected girls were terrified, and Li Sha summoned the Astral Sword. There was chaos everywhere on the street. The baby market was clinging to the roof tiles and walked towards Wuyuan.

She faced the many baby marketers alone, outnumbered, and was inevitably injured. It was Li Sha who came with the Astral Sword, killed all the monsters, lit the gunpowder that had been placed in advance, and burned all the infants in the market. The appearance of Lisha, the memory of Yinzhuang, and Yinxiao’s sword, although they are different, they are the same at the moment. After killing the ruins, Lisha no longer has any strength, and fell on Wuyuan’s shoulder and fainted.

Early in the morning in Zhihuo, Linglong prepared a meal and delivered it to Huo Tu Xin. Her instinct told her that Huo Tu Xin had something to hide from her. Only after repeated inquiries did she learn of the death of the Yin brothers and sisters. Yuan Yi held Huo Tu Xin. Looking aside, Huo Tu Xin was a little bit depressed, and he couldn’t manage his own affairs well, except for Linglong, he had no other energy to care about other personnel.

He called Linglong to accompany him to Bailin again, where there were many wild vegetables, and Linglong’s favorite Yuelurong, but the season was wrong, and there were only other wild vegetables for the time being. When she was a child, Linglong could be happy for a long time because a plate of wild vegetables was delicious, but now she has to worry about her friends who are far away in Pingting. Huotu Xin really hopes that life will be like before, Linglong and carefree, and he only has to worry about his daughter. Instead of pretending too much in my heart, I have no strength to do anything.

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