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Hush 허쉬 Episode 14 Recap

There are overwhelming negative remarks about the daily South Korea and the president. Although they are not published in newspapers, they are already well known on the Internet. Han Jun Hyuk knows exactly what kind of troubles and tests he will face. As expected, the moment he entered Daily Korea, he was taken away for investigation by two people. Li Zhixiu was also taken away by Minister Yin alone, but Luo Chengyuan was beside him, and he did not dare to be too presumptuous.

Although they are also the staff of Daily South Korea and are still part of an internal investigation, some so-called evidence makes them suspect that Han Junhyuk is an internal whistleblower and has an improper relationship with Lee Ji-soo. And they have found out that Han Jun Hyuk has a phone call with a reporter surnamed Korea who has been investigating Daily Korea, which is enough to make them suspect that Han Jun Hyuk has committed the crime of malfeasance in the industry.

Han Junhyuk didn’t worry at all. After taking a look at his watch, he took the initiative to admit that he had given reporter Gu an exclusive report, and at this time, the report had been released. On the Internet, an exclusive content came into view, with the title clearly stating: Daily Korean President Shocks Confession! I personally killed the interns.

This report perfectly complements the performance of the president’s apology press conference. It records that the president did not take care of the interns, which led to Wu Xiuyan’s death, which is like killing someone by hand. It reminds the president of the pain of losing her son and feels guilty and sad.

Public opinion changed instantly. As for the so-called internal whistleblowers, they can only inform them if they know the secret. Li Zhixiu, who pretended not to know, took the opportunity to point the finger at Minister Yin. This time it was Han Junhyuk who took a dangerous move, and Minister Yoon did take the bait, but Han Junhyuk still admitted that the gossip was walking on his own, just to put it to death. This point was also recognized and appreciated by the president.

In order to express his gratitude, the president was willing to satisfy Han Junhyuk’s wish, and Han Junhyuk also frankly stated that he wanted to take a look at his safe because he had heard about it for a long time. Upon hearing such a request, the president did not have any weird expressions. Instead, he generously opened the safe hidden behind the hanging pictures, and it was a safe without a password.

According to the president, there are only some memories of him and the child in the safe, as well as some past events that people don’t want people to know. There really doesn’t seem to be any secrets in the safe, but Han Jun Hyuk still carefully observes what’s inside and how the president opens it.

After a day of tossing, Li Zhixiu ate together with Jingyu, but he heard from the other party that he turned out to be the eyeliner sent by the director. Since Jingyu is willing to admit such a thing, he just doesn’t want to be the same as before, and Li Zhixiu also concealed his connection with reporter Gu, and took the initiative to apologize to Deputy Chief Liang and others.

When everyone was chatting happily, Han Junhyuk, Minister Yoon, and An Jiyun came to this hotel together. The two parties were not pleasing to the eyes of the other party. Under the influence of alcohol, Deputy Chief Liang and others first satirized Minister Yin, and the disturbance grew worse as they saw it. Han Jun Hyuk appeared to sneer with his former partner, and finally ended the farce when he was slapped in the face by Deputy Chief Zheng. This was also deliberately arranged by An Jiyun to test whether Han Jun Hyuk has really severed relations with the past.

After learning the exact location of the safe, Han Jun Hyuk pretended that the wallet was lost on the sofa when he was out on business with the president and others, and went back to retrieve it alone. Han Junhyuk finally opened the mechanism on the painting, but the president suddenly thought he wanted to take a look at the safe and asked strangely before, so he hurried back.

Han Jun Hyuk finally closed the painting again. When the president opened the door, he pretended to find the wallet. When everyone no longer had any doubts, the painting on the wall suddenly opened by itself. It turned out that Han Jun Hyuk didn’t really close it after opening it.

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