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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 16 Recap

Li Yao took Ye Kun back to the hotel, but Ye Kun couldn’t charge up because of his injuries. Jiang Li, Xiao Ma, and Sijia distributed their electrolyte to Ye Kun, and Ye Kun finally woke up. Li Yao’s family of five was finally reunited, and they hugged each other happily. Jiang Li told Li Yao that he didn’t know how to open the singularity, and Jiang Li proposed to find a hidden place to live. Li Yao felt that the resolution of the matter was very simple, as if someone deliberately arranged it. Li Yao wanted to find the key to life program first, so that he could grasp the initiative of the incident.

Qiao Mingyu beat Luo Yun’s colleague, and Luo Yun said that he would sue Qiao Mingyu. Luo Yun learned of the incident and received Qiao Mingyu’s apology, with a long-lost smile on her face. Yang Xiaolan and Lin Xiaoyi punched to relieve Lin Xiaoyi’s pressure. Yang Xiaolan felt uncomfortable physically, went to the bathroom and locked the door, and took out a bag full of water from his throat. It turned out that Yang Xiaolan was also a conscious robot.

Wen Haokang came to Chengshi Electronics, and wanted to take advantage of Cheng Shiguang’s arrest and grasp Chengshi Electronics to handle the company’s affairs instead of Cheng Shiguang. The directors of Chengshi Electronics did not accept Wen Haokang’s power, and believed Wen Haokang was in trouble. Wen Haokang doesn’t care about the attitude of the directors, saying that anyone who prevents the opening of the singularity must be eradicated.

The five people came to the place where Li Yao and Xiaoma lived recently. The room was very shabby. Homesick and Ye Kun ridiculed the poor living conditions. Li Yao made an appointment with Qiao You to check the information, so he hurriedly left.

Qiao You took Li Yao to the school library, looking up his father’s papers and materials before his death, in order to find clues to the key to life program. Li Yao felt very sad when he saw the image of his father. Jiang Li used Qiao You’s account to register the account of the rental core machine, and rented them out in Qiao You’s name to earn enough money in a short period of time. As soon as Jiang Li registered, all four of them were ordered.

Homesick’s job was to clean up. Homesick was very dissatisfied with her work. She accidentally stepped on the excrement of a stray dog. Ye Kun’s job is to be a yoga instructor in a gym. As soon as Ye Kun appeared, he was fascinated by the students who were learning yoga. Jiang Li’s job was to pick up a child named Xiao Zhen. Xiao Zhen was very disgusted with this, because his mother often asked some Xingji people to pretend to be humans to hold parent meetings.

Li Yao and Qiao You have been searching for a long time, but they still have no clue. Qiao You envied Li Yao for having a father like Li Jianwei, but Li Yao said that his father was very boring. Li Yao told his father that he wanted to snap up a limited edition skateboard, but his father said he could make it for him.

Li Yao and his father explained that the meaning of the limit is that there are many people who want it, and they get very few, which can be enviable. But his father retorted that Li Yao only knew Jiang Li and Ye Kun. If you want them to be envious, you only need to write an envy program. Thinking of the original life with his father, Li Yao missed it very much.

Sijia picked up the bottle but was preempted by an old lady. Sijia was annoyed that he couldn’t see the old lady picking up the bottle, and went to ask the old lady. The old lady said that she couldn’t be free, and she would donate the money she had collected from the bottle to the orphanage, and the rest could buy sugar for her grandson. Homesick kindly gave the bottle he had picked to the old lady, and laughed at the back of the old lady and her grandson leaving.

Qiao You took Li Yao to experience the joy of class, and Qiao You was named by the teacher because he did not hand in his homework. Li Yao asked about the content of Qiao Yuan’s homework and helped Qiao You complete the homework on the spot. Qiao You showed off his homework on stage, and received unanimous praise from teachers and classmates for his excellent homework.

Qiao Yuan saw Li Yao’s programming and took the initiative to get close to Li Yao, wanting to learn programming from him. Xiao Ma brought SpongeBob’s balloon to the designated place, but the customer did not show up. The client, Ms. Gu Xiaoxiao, was late and wanted Xiao Ma to pretend to be her boyfriend.

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