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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 15 Recap

Li Yao told Jiang Li that Jiang Li was a conscious core machine, and also told Qiao You the truth of the matter. When Li Yao fell into the lake when he was young, his brain was dead when he was rescued because he could not swim, so Li Jianwei replaced Li Yao with an electronic brain. After hearing what Li Yao said, Qiao You decided to take Li Yao and Xiao Ma to see Jiang Li. The three of them were going to look for Jiang Li in the car, but found that Jiang Li had already left. At this time, Li Yao received a call from homesick and learned that Ye Kun had an accident.

Qiao Mingyu came to the school to look for Qiao Yuan to find out about the current situation at home, and the relationship between father and son also eased. Qiao Yuan wanted Qiao Mingyu to go home and asked Qiao Mingyu to find a way to apologize to Luo Yun as soon as possible.

The core machine management department and Cheng Shiguang also discovered the video of the core machine fighting club incident. Cheng Shiguang found the address of the core machine fighting club and wanted to kill Li Yao and his family. Both Li Yao and Sijia felt that Ye Kun might not be able to leave the core fighter fighting club for other reasons. Li Yao, Xiao Ma, and Sijia decided to go to the core fighter fighting club to rescue Ye Kun.

Two of Qiao Mingyu’s core machines malfunctioned and needed to be dealt with by an insurance company. In order to help Qiao Mingyu, the boss of Qiao Mingyu asked Luo Yun to deal with it. But Luo Yun did not appear in Qiao Mingyu’s company, but Luo Yun’s colleague. When Qiao Mingyu heard Luo Yun’s two colleagues talking about Luo Yun and the big boss having an affair, Qiao Mingyu couldn’t help but punched him, and was beaten by the two.

Li Yao, Sijia, and Xiao Ma came to the core fighter fighting club to rescue Ye Kun, and Sijia hacked into the core fighter fighting club procedures. Li Yao was responsible for going in and rescued Ye Kun, and Xiao Ma met at the club’s door. Li Yao used the QR code copied by Sijia to enter the club, but the QR code of the club has been changed because of a disturbance in the club yesterday. Li Yao can only successfully enter the club with a security suit at the door and monetary bribes.

Cheng Shiguang was reported to have maliciously modified the core machine program, produced and sold substandard products, and was taken away by the core machine management department. Cheng Shiguang’s assistant Zeng Rou told Wen Haokang the news that Cheng Shiguang had been taken away, so that Wen Haokang was ready.

The computer in the monitoring room was spilled with coffee, the computer shut down, and the club staff had to restart the computer. Due to the restart of the computer, Sijia couldn’t control the monitoring. Li Yao was discovered by the security guard in the monitoring room, and the security turned on. When the three felt that things had been revealed, the alarm stopped.

At the critical moment, Jiang Li knocked out the security guards in the monitoring room and successfully resolved their crisis. Jiang Li said that he saw the video of Ye Kun and homesick on the Internet, and hurried to the club to rescue Ye Kun. When Ye Kun was about to appear on stage, he saw Wan Ling on the audience stage, stopped and refused to come on stage, letting Peng Daqi beat and scold him again. During the surveillance, Jiang Li saw Peng Daqi beating Ye Kun and decided to rescue him.

Jiang Li lied that the club owner wanted to discuss some business with Peng Daqi, and deceived Peng Daqi to the second floor. Ye Kun told Jiang Li that Peng Daqi had recorded Li Yao and his own video. Peng Daqi used this to threaten Ye Kun, and Li Yao went to the second floor to find Peng Daqi to deal with it. Li Yao was hit in the brain by Peng Daqi and caused the old illness, but still endured the pain and knocked Peng Daqi down, and Peng Daqi fell down the stairs. Li Yao got Peng Daqi’s mobile phone and asked Sijia to delete the video.

Jiang Li came out with the injured Ye Kun and met Li Yao at the door. Ye Kun’s injury was too serious, and Jiang Li asked Li Yao to take Ye Kun away first, and stayed by himself to solve the scourge of Peng Daqi. Wan Ling came to watch the game only because the core machine man on the poster looked like his friend, but he didn’t see the core machine man on the poster, so I was very disappointed. When Peng Daqi woke up after falling down the stairs, he happened to meet Jiang Li. Jiang Li pinched Peng Daqi’s neck to warn Peng Daqi not to hurt his family anymore, and hung Peng Daqi on a hook on the wall.

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