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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 31 Recap

Su Xiaowan and Gu Yanxi hid in the temple to make a fire because of the rain. Su Xiaowan believed that the person Gu Yanxi actually loved was Cheng Qianyu and not her because of the scene when Gu Yanxi hugged Cheng Qianyu. . Now that Gu Yanxi came to her, it was not love, but a stubborn obsession. Otherwise, the albums she drew would not be returned to her.

These things made Su Xiaowan very sad. But Gu Yanxi didn’t hear the broken thoughts of Su Xiaowan. Instead, she fainted with a puff of fever. Su Xiaowan hurriedly took care of Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi looked at the gentle Su Xiaowan and couldn’t help kissing. With her, the two also embraced each other affectionately and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Su Xiaowan was wearing clothes and was leaving. I heard that Xin Ziqian was injured by a trap when he was looking for her. Su Xiaowan hurriedly went to Xin Ziqian and looked at Xin Ziqian’s injury, plus Gu Yanxi yesterday. The fake Xin Ziqian made an appointment with her, which made Su Xiaowan think that it was all Gu Yanxi’s work, and she slapped Gu Yanxi in anger.

Su Xiaowan hoped that Gu Yanxi would stop pestering her in the future, and it would be impossible for the two of them. Gu Yanxi realized that it might be caused by Yuan He’s mistake, and quickly asked Yuan He to find someone to diagnose and treat Xin Ziqian, and did not explain too much to Su Xiaowan. Xin Ziqian explained that it was because he was worried that Su Xiaowan went to her and was injured by the trap. Su Xiaowan knew that she had misunderstood Gu Yanxi and hurriedly went to the place where he lived to find him. The innkeeper informed Gu Yanxi that he had left. Su Xiaowan was very sad and angry.

Su Xiaowan was heartbroken because of Gu Yanxi’s departure. She drank a lot of wine by herself. From her point of view, Gu Yanxi just said that she loved her, but actually gave up halfway and didn’t care about her that much. Unknowingly drank too much, Su Xiaowan fell asleep on the table, and all the words in his mouth were Gu Yanxi. Xin Ziqian came in and saw Su Xiaowan’s pain, and felt sad. He knew that he could not take the place of Gu Yanxi anyway. The only person in Su Xiaowan’s heart that he loved was Gu Yanxi.

The next day, Su Xiaowan heard people talking in the inn saying that someone committed suicide by jumping into the river. Su Xiaowan was afraid that Gu Yanxi rushed over, but it was really Gu Yanxi. Su Xiaowan was shocked and cried. I rushed forward, berating myself that I shouldn’t be angry with Gu Yanxi, shouldn’t forgive Gu Yanxi, and admit that the only person I love is Gu Yanxi, and I have been waiting for Gu Yanxi to come and get married with her. . Gu Yanxi suddenly opened his eyes and asked Su Xiaowan to speak up and marry him.

It turns out that all of this was Xin Ziqian’s idea. Xin Ziqian knew that Su Xiaowan and Gu Yanxi loved each other, but Su Xiaowan’s heart knot could not be opened. Although he wanted to be with Su Xiaowan, he hoped to be able to Seeing Su Xiaowan’s happiness, he also knew that Su Xiaowan’s heart had always been Gu Yanxi for three years, so he thought of this idea to complete the two of them.

Su Xiaowan was angry that she was deceived. After returning, she shut herself in the room and shut Gu Yanxi outside the door. She thought that Gu Yanxi would always beg for mercy, but soon she lost her voice. Su Xiaowan I couldn’t help but open the door to see that Ru Ying and Cheng Qianyu were standing outside the door.

Cheng Qianyu told Su Xiaowan all the things that year. In order to get Gu Yanxi’s love, the mother framed Su Xiaowan’s collusion with Dao Scarhui, causing her grandmother to hate Su Xiaowan and drive her out of the palace. She also stole the album from Gu Yanxi, just to sever the relationship between Gu Yanxi and Su Xiaowan.

Later, Cheng Qianyu knew that Ru Ying could cure Gu Yanxi, and he deliberately stunned Ru Ying and sent it to a far place, hoping that he would never come back. At the same time, he also asked the doctor Zhao to adjust the prescription, hoping that Gu Yan Xi will never restore her memory. But she found that no matter how she got along with Gu Yanxi, only Su Xiaowan was in Gu Yanxi’s heart. Cheng Qianyu finally gave up. Later Ru Ying came back and he cured Gu Yanxi. Cheng Qianyu also found out In fact, she also loved Ru Ying in her heart. Perhaps it was a kind of obsession with Gu Yanxi that she couldn’t love. From then on, Cheng Qianyu was with Ru Ying.

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