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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 30 Recap

Gu Yanxi saw Su Xiaowan coming from a distance, excitedly rushed to hold Su Xiaowan, and gently called Su Xiaowan’s name. He had been looking forward to this day for a long time, and Su Xiaowan took off Gu Yanxi’s mask. I also recognized the person I missed day and night, but Su Xiaowan also wanted to understand these years, the gap between her and Gu Yanxi was too big, and it was an insurmountable gap.

Gu Yanxi said that he missed Su Xiaowan, and he had broken the marriage contract with Cheng Qianyu and regained his singleness. More importantly, he had recovered his memory. He had been looking for Su Xiaowan for three years. Su Xiaowan couldn’t help saying that he was moved, but being moved cannot replace reason. Su Xiaowan still pushed Gu Yanxi away cruelly and claimed that he also had a new life, and hoped that Gu Yanxi could respect herself.

At this time, Xin Ziqian came back and told Gu Yanxi and Su Xiaowan about their being together. Su Xiaowan also admitted. Only then did Gu Yanxi understand that Xin Ziqian had been with Su Xiaowan but refused to tell him. Su Xiaowan also solemnly expressed to Gu Yanxi that this encounter was a formal farewell.

On the way back, Xin Ziqian was afraid that Su Xiaowan would blame him for seeing Gu Yanxi in the dark, but Su Xiaowan expressed understanding and understood why Xin Ziqian suddenly proposed to move here. Su Xiaowan thought that if so She would do the same. Xin Ziqian hopes to be with Su Xiaowan forever, and promises to give Su Xiaowan the happiness of life, Su Xiaowan agreed.

Gu Yanxi did not give up because of Su Xiaowan’s refusal. Instead, she went to Su Xiaowan’s residence early the next morning and waited. She had to go far away with Su Xiaowan and Xin Ziqian, and was not chasing him along the way. If they were willing to let go, Xin Ziqian and Gu Yanxi were vying to please Su Xiaowan. The two big men couldn’t help but Su Xiaowan didn’t bother to take care of them and just walk forward by himself, leaving the two men to quarrel.

Gu Yanxi has not been happy since losing Su Xiaowan. Now he can play and play like a child. This also makes Xin Ziqian very curious. Gu Yanxi claimed that Su Xiaowan brought the happiness. He died when his mother died. I didn’t know what happiness was until I met Su Xiaowan. But three years after Su Xiaowan disappeared, he returned to his previous state. Until now, seeing Su Xiaowan again, the lost happiness has returned.

The next day, Su Xiaowan went to the river to take a bath. Two big men were watching not far away. Su Xiaowan’s screams were suddenly heard. The two rushed over. It turned out that a wild cat came out and frightened Su Xiao. It jumped late, but the two realized that Su Xiaowan was naked, and Gu Yanxi hurriedly blocked Xin Ziqian’s eyes to not allow him to look.

Su Xiaowan had promised to follow Xin Ziqian to Mingzhou before looking for his Cuju team. After a period of trekking, he finally came to Mingzhou. Everyone thought that Su Xiaowan was Gu Yanxi’s wife, but Xin Ziqian explained that Su Xiao It is his girlfriend late in the evening, and everyone has made suggestions, hoping to help Xin Ziqian to snatch Su Xiaowan.

Gu Yanxi’s hand always hurts, and he used this as an excuse to let Su Xiaowan help. Xin Ziqian went to the vet to give the needle. Gu Yanxi was so painful that Gu Yanxi was grinning, and Su Xiaowan also saw that Xin Ziqian was deliberate. Yes, just call him aside and question him alone. Xin Ziqian admitted that he was taking revenge on Gu Yanxi, because Gu Yanxi had rectified him in this way before, and now it pays back.

Su Xiaowan would also accompany Xin Ziqian to play football. When they were tired, the two of them lay on the grass and talked. Thinking of all the past, it seemed that Xin Ziqian would appear every time when he was in the most dangerous situation, invisibly guarding him. She, Su Xiaowan and Xin Ziqian are ordinary but comfortable together, and hope that the rest of their lives can walk together hand in hand. At this time, Gu Yanxi saw the two in harmony from a distance, and felt lost in her heart.

Yuan He saw that Gu Yanxi was sad and gave an idea. First he tricked Xin Ziqian into the animal trap in the wild. He also prepared some dry food to ensure that Xin Ziqian would not be hungry, and he used Xin Ziqian’s advice. Appointed Su Xiaowan to a place where there is a wishing tree, hoping that Su Xiaowan can remember the past with him. But Su Xiaowan rejected Gu Yanxi, she didn’t want to go back to the past, she just wanted to live each day in the future.

At this moment, there was a heavy rain in the sky, and Gu Yanxi excitedly embraced Su Xiaowan in his arms, for fear of losing Su Xiaowan, and hoped that Su Xiaowan would give him a chance to start again.

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