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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 29 Recap

Su Xiaowan was chased for destroying other people’s business, and she was so scared that Su Xiaowan hid in the divination room and pretended to be a divination witch. Gu Yanxi also came to the fortune-telling room by accident. Su Xiaowan had no choice but to continue fake divination. Gu Yanxi always wanted to find her own wife.

Through a curtain, Su Xiaowan just felt that the man in front of him was a bit familiar, but But I didn’t believe it was Gu Yanxi. The people who were chasing at this time arrived. Su Xiaowan hurriedly fled. The moment he escaped, Gu Yanxi recognized that it was Su Xiaowan and chased after him. Su Xiaowan thought that the people who were chasing her were so scared that they ran away. Up.

Gu Yanxi missed Su Xiaowan again, but he believed that Su Xiaowan would definitely be found nearby, and the entourage thought it was Gu Yanxi who missed it and missed it. Today is Su Xiaowan’s birthday. Xin Ziqian called Su Xiaoan and made a lot of delicious food for Su Xiaowan. Su Xiaowan was very grateful to Xin Ziqian, and Gu Yanxi also cooked a bowl of noodles. Su Xiaowan celebrated her birthday, but Su Xiaowan couldn’t see it.

Xin Ziqian took advantage of this day’s opportunity to confess his feelings for Su Xiaowan, hoping that Su Xiaowan would accept his feelings and allow him to stay by his side forever, but Su Xiaowan’s heart was upset, and he wanted to see Xinzi. Qian said that he was sorry and wanted to answer after thinking about it. Xin Ziqian had to say that he was waiting for Su Xiaowan’s answer by the lake.

Su Xiaowan never considered these things. Although it has been three years, she still has others in her heart. She can’t treat Xin Ziqian wholeheartedly. Su Xiaoan persuaded Su Xiaowan to let go of Gu Yanxi. The people who accompanied her all these years have always been Xin Ziqian. Su Xiaowan remembered that rainy night, it was Xin Ziqian who took her away, she took herself here to settle down, and she took care of Su Xiaowan’s life.

Xin Ziqian had been standing by the lake, thinking that Su Xiaowan would not come, but Su Xiaowan suddenly stood behind her and apologized to Xin Ziqian again. She didn’t want to wait any longer. After all, three years was not short. Su Xiaowan hoped to try to let go of the past and asked Xin Ziqian to give her a month to slowly try to get out of it. Of course, Xin Ziqian agreed and also prepared fireworks in advance as a gift to Su Xiaowan. Xin Ziqian held Su Xiaowan’s hand and left. Su Xiaowan put the hairpin that Gu Yanxi had given him in the tree hole, wanting to say goodbye to the past and live anew.

Gu Yanxi found Xin Ziqian, and recovered his memory. He had been searching for Su Xiaowan over the years, but Xin Ziqian left without telling the whereabouts of Su Xiaowan. Gu Yanxi accidentally discovered that a little girl had picked up a hairpin, which he gave to Gu Xiaowan back then. After inquiring about a girl selling jewelry on the street, she often wore it. Gu Yanxi hurried over. .

Su Xiaowan’s offenders smashed Su Xiaowan’s booth before, and he was so angry that Xin Ziqian was going to find someone to settle the account. Su Xiaowan blocked him. Su Xiaowan didn’t want Xin Ziqian to be in danger, and Xin Ziqian worried that Gu Yanxi would meet. When I found Su Xiaowan, I took the opportunity to propose to live elsewhere. Xin Ziqian accompanied Su Xiaowan for three years, and Su Xiaowan naturally agreed to accompany Xin Ziqian to leave without hesitation.

Su Xiaowan and Xin Ziqian were dating for the first time. Su Xiaowan proposed to celebrate. Xin Ziqian went shopping. At this moment, Gu Yanxi also came to the street and saw a good mask. Wearing it, he was walking, and suddenly saw a familiar figure in front of him, Su Xiaowan.

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