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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 27 Recap

Su Xiaowan hurried to find Ru Ying to find a way, hoping to restore Gu Yanxi’s memory, but Ru Ying happened to be absent. At the same time, Gu Xiaowan was brought to see the old lady. The old lady looked at the birthmark and asked to place Gu Xiaowan to live, and asked the housekeeper to inquire about something quietly.

Cheng Qianyu has been with Gu Yanxi all the time. Speaking of Su Xiaowan, Cheng Qianyu deliberately said that Su Xiaowan is likable and often sticks to the second young master. She also hopes to be as rare as Su Xiaowan. Gu Yanxi didn’t know where his temper came from, so he reprimanded Cheng Qianyu to be a good one. There was no need to study with Su Xiaowan. They were two different people.

Su Xiaowan came to look for Gu Yanxi, but was stopped by the maid outside. Cheng Qianyu deliberately went in while Gu Yanxi was taking a bath. Su Xiaowan deliberately set fire and beat the gongs and drums to attract Gu Yanxi, and grandma was also punished for it. Su Xiaowan copied the scriptures a hundred times. Su Xiaowan suddenly felt that her grandma seemed to change her appearance and always punish her.

In the evening, when Su Xiaowan was copying the book, Gu Yanxi suddenly came and sat down to replace Su Xiaowan’s copy. Su Xiaowan looked at Gu Yanxi with a happy smile, sweet in her heart. Someone urged Gu Yanxi to go to work, and Gu Yanxi hurriedly left, but seeing Su Xiaowan’s desire to speak but stopped, Gu Yanxi asked Su Xiaowan to write on paper what he wanted to say but could not say.

Su Xiaowansheng was afraid that Gu Yanxi and Cheng Qianyu would actually give birth to a child, so he drew a picture album that recorded the story of her and Gu Yanxi. The name was “The Romance between Young Master and Me.” Su Xiaowan asked Xin Ziqian to help call out Gu Yanxi from the room, and the mother found that Xin Ziqian’s behavior was a little abnormal, and sent someone to follow after asking Cheng Qianyu for instructions.

Xin Ziqian brought Gu Yanxi to the wishing tree, Su Xiaowan also told his identity and the story of the two, and said that Cheng Qianyu and Gu Yanxi were both fake marriages, and the true love between them , And gave Gu Yanxi the picture album, hoping to help Gu Yanxi remember many things. Su Xiaowan suddenly kissed Gu Yanxi under the wishing tree. This reminded Gu Yanxi of chasing and fighting with Su Xiaowan under the tree. At this time, Cheng Qianyu led people to come and Gu Yanxi was remembered. Cheng Qianyu fainted due to the irritation, and Cheng Qianyu took Gu Yanxi back.

After returning home, her grandma was angry that Gu Yanxi fainted again. The mother picked out the claim that Su Xiaowan was not Gu Xiaowan, and deliberately discredited Young Master and Cheng Qianyu as a fake marriage, and asked grandma to punish Su Xiaowan for hosting Cheng Qianyu To be fair, grandma was angry and went to find Su Xiaowan, but Cheng Qianyu found the picture album in Gu Yanxi’s arms and quietly took it away.

Qiuxiang persuaded Su Xiaowan not to go out again when she learned that something serious had happened. Su Xiaowan believed that the true love between her and Gu Yanxi was true. She didn’t lie in everything she said and shouldn’t be kept in the room. Qiuxiang thinks that Gu Yanxi has lost his memory now that no one can prove anything for Su Xiaowan, and that Su Xiaowan will only become a liar in the mouth of others.

At this time, grandma came in. Grandma determined that Su Xiaowan was a fake Gu Xiaowan, and was very angry that she had always regarded Su Xiaowan as her granddaughter, but Su Xiaowan deceived her. Su Xiaowan explained that she had discussed pretending with Gu Yanxi because of her grandma’s illness, and that she and Gu Yanxi had a true love. Grandma reprimanded Su Xiaowan for pretending to be Gu Xiaowan, and she shamelessly seduce Gu Yanxi. Su Xiaowan’s tears were whirling, and she claimed that she and Gu Yanxi were true love, and she would not seduce Gu Yanxi. Grandma left in anger and determined that Su Xiaowan was a liar, and their family only admitted that Cheng Qianyu was a daughter-in-law. Su Xiaowan cried and wanted to hold her grandma’s leg, and grandma broke away Su Xiaowan and left angrily.

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