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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 4 Recap

Mrs. Jiang came to visit and changed her mouth to marry Eleven. The Wang family’s tone was firm. After learning the news, Yuanniang couldn’t care about anything else. At the moment, the marriage of Brother Qian is the most important. Only the first daughter of the Luo family married to the Wang family, and Brother Qian can marry the Jiang family. She simply married the eleventh mother to the Wang family and the second mother. Become her successor.

Aunt Lu came to beg Master Luo, hoping that Master Luo could cancel the marriage between Xi Niang and Wang Yu, she pleaded, Master Luo could not be the master even though she was soft-hearted, so she could only discuss with Madam Luo again. Master Luo struggled to talk to Mrs. Luo, and Mrs. Luo always took charge of the affairs of the mansion. Brother Chen’s relationship and the future of Luo Mansion were all connected with the Wang family. Rove’s population trend did not change, but he thought that a concubine could marry Guoguo Mao. The house is the blessing of the eleven mothers, and she will let the eleven mothers marry Wang Yu willingly.

Mrs. Luo brought Xiniang’s embroidery from Xianling Pavilion and asked about the private sale of embroidery. Xiniang and Master Jian had a very good relationship. She was not afraid to ask Master Jian to come to confront her, but Aunt Lu told her The handmaid, Holly, was afraid that the eleven mothers would be punished, and rushed to admit that they secretly sold embroidery. Seeing the two of them being slapped, the eleven mother was anxious, and she confessed her mistake. After Mrs. Luo had played a few slabs, she warned Eleven mothers not to go too far.

Aunt Lu did not agree with Shiyiniang to marry Wang Yu. She planned to go to Wang’s house and said Shiyiniang had cough disease, so she retired from the marriage. As a result, Aunt Lu will be punished if she breaks Madam Luo’s good deeds, so Xi Niang tells her plan, and she plans to escape marriage. Aunt Lu never expected that Elevenniang would have such adventurous ideas, but compared to marrying Wang Yu, Aunt Lu still supports Elevenniang and plans to return to Yuhang with Elevenniang on the first day of next month.

Qiao Lianfang married Xu Lingyi as a concubine as scheduled. She is the concubine of the Guogong Mansion. Mrs. Qiao could not bear the suffering of her daughter, but Lianfang was determined to see her daughter marrying, but her Qiao family was not to be manipulated. Although Qiao Lian’s room is now a concubine’s room, Yuan Niang has run out of oil lamps.

As long as Qiao Lian’s room is favored by Xu Lingyi and she gives birth to offspring, then with Qiao’s family and Mrs. Xu’s ability, she will surely make Qiao Lian’s room sit back upright Room position. Qiao Lian’s room was full of hope to marry into Xu Mansion. The day of her marriage was heavy and rainy.

There were no big sedan chairs, no suona congratulations, only the lone dowry maid and small sedan chair entered the mansion through the side door. Mother Tao intentionally made it difficult for Qiao Lian’s house. , She asked Qiao Lianfang to get off the sedan into the mansion outside the house, Qiao Lianfang endured the breath, she stepped into the muddy pit in joy, let the maid put away the umbrella, and stepped into Xu Mansion under the rain.

Xu Lingyi didn’t want to marry Qiao Lian’s room. He was unwilling to step into the room because of his concubine. However, Mrs. Xu had no choice but to come to visit Qiao Lian’s room. Qiao Lianfang remembers all of Xu Lingyi’s preferences. She wants Xu Lingyi to stay with her, but Xu Lingyi decisively refuses. Even if Qiao Lian’s house is sweet, he is not the lover of Qiao Lianfang, and what she can give is nothing but worry-free living. That’s it.

The next day, news of Qiao Lian’s room alone was spread in the mansion. Mrs. Xu scolded the maid who chewed her tongue. The treatment of Qiao Lian’s room was different from other aunts. Not only did she let Qiao Lian sit down and have a meal, she also told everyone. , She treats Qiao Lian’s room like her own daughter.

Mrs. Xu’s support for Qiao Lian’s room reached Yuan Niang. Yuan Niang thought that Qiao Lian’s room was nothing more than a concubine and had no choice but to weather. At this time, Qiao Lian’s room came to ask Yuan Niang for tea, and Yuan Niang gave it on the spot. Qiao Lian’s room got off her horse and asked Qiao Lian’s room to kneel down to offer tea, but she didn’t receive the tea in her hand.

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