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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 3 Recap

Yuanniang was seriously ill. She caught the rape in the room. Qiao Lian cried out for a misunderstanding. Xu Lingyi let the eleven mother go out first, and the eleven mother guarded the door, blocking the aunt Wen who was about to enter the room. Aunt Wen sees the excitement, and Mrs. Qiao and Mrs. Xu come to the room. Mrs. Qiao originally wanted Qiao Lian to enter the house to take the place of Yuanniang’s wife, but Yuanniang forced Lianfang to be a concubine.

She could not bear to let Lianfang be a concubine, so she gave Xu Lingyi the right to choose, but Xu Lingyi was unwilling to accept Lianfang as a concubine, so she only asked Lianfang to choose another marriage, and Lianfang admired Xu Lingyi, so she decided to marry him on the spot. Xu Lingyi is a concubine.

Xu Lingyi returned to the room. He knew that what happened today was Yuanniang’s calculations, and couldn’t help being disappointed. Even if he didn’t ask Yuanniang to meet Yuanniang, he didn’t expect to be respectful and like a guest. Yuanniang took a dangerous step today, but she also fulfilled her wish. She invited Mrs. Luo into the room with her body.

Today is the eleven mothers staying in the flower hall. She is going to let the eleven mothers marry Xu Family, I also think that the eleven mothers and the concubine women are light-hearted, and they will rely on the Luo family in the future, and they will definitely be controlled by the Luo family.

Xu Lingyi was unwilling to accept the lotus house as a concubine, but Mrs. Xu mentioned the name of the lotus house and hoped that Xu Lingyi could accept the lotus house. Xu Lingyi was a filial son. And he also knew that Yuanniang wanted Brother Qian to marry the Jiang family, so he picked Jiang Song, the eldest daughter of the Jiang family without officials and no ranks.

When the eleven mother returned to the house, Aunt Lu found out that the Luo family was interested in marrying the Wang family, and the eleven mother also guessed the truth of everything today, but she was afraid that Yuanniang would choose her as the candidate for the successor. Aunt Lu thinks Madam Hou is very beautiful, but Xi Niang is unwilling to do so. She just wants to be a woman like Master Jian, who can live comfortably even without marriage.

The eleven mother finally slipped out of the house. She wanted to go to the dock, but she accidentally met Xu Lingyi on the street. She broke the rouge and attracted Xu Lingyi’s attention. Xu Lingyi wanted to send someone to send the eleven mother back to the house, but the eleven mother quickly refused. .

Eleven niang met Lin Shixian at the pier, and she was invited to have a tea with Lin Shixian. Lin Shixian asked why she was alone at the pier. Elevenniang confessed that she was planning to rent a boat back to Yuhang. Listening to this, Lin Shixian said that he was going south next month, just passing by Yuhang. Eleven mothers could take his boat, so she could take care of him.

Eleven mothers were delighted, and she responded and chatted with Lin Shixian. After chatting for a few words, the eleven mothers said goodbye to Lin Shixian, and the two met at Ci’an Temple on the first day of the next month, and Lin Shixian would take his entourage, Antai, to pick up the eleven mothers.

Mrs. Jiang took a fancy to the second lady of Luo Mansion. Mrs. Luo planned to marry Erniang Luo to Wang Yu of the Gongfu Mansion of Maoguo. Even if she loves Erniang Luo again, Erniang Luo is just a humble concubine. Everything It’s not as important as exchanging benefits for Yuanniang’s brother. After Luo Erniang learned the news, she was very angry, thinking that everything was caused by the eleven mother, and decided to harm the eleven mother regardless of her sister’s love.

Luo Erniang took her maid to the place where Wang Yu usually hangs around. She deliberately fell in front of Wang Yu and caught Wang Yu’s attention. Wang Yu liked Luo Erniang’s beauty, but Luo Erniang lied that she was Luo. The eleventh mother of Luofu, and the second lady of Luofu is weak and has been lying on the bed. Wang Yu was unwilling to marry a sick child and go home, so she changed her mind and prepared to marry the eleventh mother of Luofu.

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