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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 2 Recap

Yuanniang asked about Xu Lingyi’s awards after returning to Beijing. Except for the title of prince, Xu Lingyi refused other appointments. Aunt Wen and Aunt Qin stopped staying after hearing this. Yuanniang asked about the reason why Xu Lingyi refused to be awarded. Xu Lingyi frankly said that he exchanged the ban on the sea by the sage in exchange for the ban on the sea. Xu Lingyi cares about the people of Liming. Yuanniang is extremely disappointed. She has been waiting for Xu Lingyi’s title, but Xu Lingyi It still disappointed her, it was not easy for her to be Mrs. Yongpinghou.

Yuanniang is seriously ill, Xu Lingyi tells Yuanniang not to worry about her affairs anymore, but Yuanniang mistakenly thinks that Xu Lingyi dislikes her being seriously ill. Xu Lingyi leaves the room, Yuanniang is disappointed in her heart, thinking that Xu Lingyi no longer has feelings for her, and she This crippled body no longer thinks about other things, just wants to pave the way for Brother Qian before he died. In another room, Zhaoying came to report to Xu Lingyi about Yuanniang’s physical condition. Xu Lingyi was cold, but still worried about Yuanniang, so she couldn’t eat.

The spring banquet was held in the Yongping Hou Mansion. Mrs. Luo brought the third Miss Luo family to meet the eldest sister Yuanniang. Yuanniang rewarded the three of them with a piece of jade pendant and let them choose by themselves. Luo Erniang was the first to choose one. The auspicious and wishful jade pendant, and the last one of the eleven mothers picked, she only got a jade pendant engraved with many blessings.

The three of them retired first. Yuanniang and Mrs. Luo mentioned their views. She guessed that Erniang Luo already knew that she was going to find someone to take care of her brother, so she avoided the rich jade pendant. I couldn’t understand the mind of Eleven Niang for a while, and I was ready to wait and see again.

Upon learning that Master Luo’s reinstatement was still up and down, Yuanniang decided to choose one of her sisters to become the successor of the Xu family as soon as possible, maintaining the marriage of Luo Xu, and the other to marry Wang Yu, the dandy’s son, in order to let her brother in the future. Qiao Lian’s room must be the biggest obstacle to be able to marry the Jiang family, no matter which sister becomes the successor.

When Xu Lingyi returned to the house, a woman from the lotus room gave Xu Lingyi a hug. Xu Lingyi couldn’t avoid it. The love of the lotus room fell into the eyes of Luo Wuniang and the eleven mothers, and the eleven mothers did not have a good impression of Xu Lingyi. In the hall, the three sisters of the Luo family and Qiao Lianfang met for the first time.

Qiao Lianfang was so arrogant that she did not look down on these three at all. At this time, the sister of Wang Yu, Mrs. Jiang Shao, also came to the mansion. Seeing that the three sisters of the Luo family came, Luo Wuniang had already made a marriage, and she placed her favorite person between Shixiniang and Luo Erniang.

At the spring banquet, Xu Lingyi’s brother Xu Lingkuan came on stage to sing in person. Mrs. Xu blamed Xu Lingkuan for his recklessness, but Xu Lingkuan’s wife Danyang stepped forward to speak for Xu Lingkuan. The ladies were listening to the music on the stage. Yuanniang sent someone to tell Qiao Lianfang to take the ladies to put the paper kites. Madam Luo wanted to leave Erniang, but Erniang went with Qiao Lian’s room instead. Yiniang is smart. After hearing Mrs. Luo’s message, she followed Ms. Tao to see Yuanniang.

Qiao Lian’s room got rid of all the young ladies. She wandered alone to see Xu Lingyi. It happened that a maid accidentally ran into Qiao Lian’s room and wet the clothes in Qiao Lian’s room, so she followed the maid to the room to change clothes. The maid asked Qiao Lian’s room to wait for a while. She went to fetch clean clothes for Qiao Lian’s room.

She didn’t know that all of this was in Yuanniang’s design. Yuan Niang was planning to remove the biggest obstacle in Qiao Lian’s room. She knew Xu Lingyi well. I was used to it, so I asked her to accompany her for a walk, pinch the time, and wait for Xu Lingyi to go back to the room and crash this scene, ruining the reputation of Qiao Lian’s room.

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