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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 1 Recap

In the pouring rain, there was crying in the courtyard of the courtyard. Aunt Lu in the courtyard knelt down and begged the lady to forgive her daughter Xi Niang, saying that Xi Niang did not intentionally damage Yuan Niang’s hairpin. The eleven mother has always been stubborn, she endured the big board and refused to bend her head. Mrs. Luo Da looked at the mother and daughter in the rain and was not half distracted. Yuan Niang was the concubine, and the eleven mother was the concubine.

The rules cannot be chaotic. Under the different rules of the Changshu, the Eleven Niang and Aunt Lu were stocked outside the house. In a blink of an eye, the Eleven Niang has grown up. She is slim and has excellent embroidery skills, but it was recalled by Mrs. Luo Da. The two women had to set off back to Luo Mansion.

On the bustling street, General Xu Lingyi of Yongping Hou stood in the inn with his hand. He overlooked the beautiful scenery of the bustling street, and he missed the fugitives. Xu Lingyi has become famous. He has thick eyebrows like black ink, and he has made great achievements in battle. His bright eyes reveal the slightest coldness. He told his cronies about the fugitive Jiang Huai. Linbo hid in the inn in order to chase the fugitive Jiang Huai, and it happened that the eleven mothers and daughters also rested in the inn.

Even though the eleven mothers were cleverly aware of Jiang Huai’s fault, Jiang Huai could see through Linbo’s identity earlier. He kidnapped the eleven mother and prepared to escape from the inn. The eleven mother was in Jiang Huai’s hands. Xu Lingyi arrived with the officers and soldiers. Everyone was at a loss. The daring struggle of the eleven mother gave Xu Lingyi a chance.

Xu Lingyi’s arrow was accurate. He shot Jiang Huai and Jiang a hundred steps away. Huai was injured and fell into the water, and when he was in a panic, the eleven mother fell into the water. Xu Lingyi did not hesitate to jump into the water to save the eleven mother. However, Xu Lingyi was injured by Jiang Huai in the water. Fortunately, Lin Shixian was boating in the lake. Next two people.

When the eleven mother woke up, the servant girl Holly and Aunt Lu were concerned about the eleven mother. The eleven mother was fine. She mistakenly thought it was Lin Shixian who saved herself, so she thanked Lin Shixian when she went out. Lin Shixian fluttered in white, with a soft jade between his eyebrows. He smiled slightly and said goodbye to the eleven mother.

When Eleven Niang arrived at the capital, she came to Xianling Pavilion to visit her master Jian Master before returning to Luo Mansion. Master Jian taught her embroidery skills. She and Master Jian have always had a deep connection with them. Now that the eleven mothers are over and the year is over, Master Jian guessed that Mrs. Luo was planning to arrange the marriage of the eleven mothers.

The Eleven mothers knew that Mrs. Luo was not at ease and understood that things would be difficult after returning to Beijing, so she asked Master Jian. Help her resell the embroidery in the future, so as to relieve her urgent need.

Eleven mothers returned home after three years, and Mrs. Luo arranged Amber, her capable maidservant beside her, to Eleven mothers. Master Luo returned to the mansion at this time. He saw Eleven mothers and daughters with joy, but Mrs. Luo reminded him Master Luo didn’t dare to smile on the surface. Eleven mothers returned to the room and saw that the room was exquisitely furnished. Eleven mothers frowned. She was sure that it was not easy for Madam Luo to let them return to Beijing.

Luo Erniang and Luo Wuniang came to the room to see the eleven mother. Luo Wuniang had a straightforward temper. She was like a sister to the eleven mother, but Luo Erniang was arrogant and looked down on the eleven mother from the bottom of her heart. After the two left, the heart of Eleven Mother became more and more disturbed. Although Luo Erniang has never liked her, she has never been so arrogant. She plans to ask for peace tomorrow to explore the truth.

Three young ladies from the Fuzhong came to ask Mrs. Luo for peace. Mrs. Luo asked them to pick a hairpin for herself. Erniang Luo wanted to make her debut, but Eleven Niang did not give Erniang Luo a chance. She picked a peony hairpin for Mrs. Luo. Mrs. Delo was pleased. Mrs. Luo mentioned the Xujia Spring Banquet on March 3 and asked the three of them to accompany her. After leaving Mrs. Luo’s room, Erniang Luo ridiculed Eleven Niang weirdly. Eleven learned from her mouth that Mrs. Luo called her back this time to arrange marriage for her and Erniang Luo, and the spring feast was for her. The key.

Xu Lingyi Pingkou had merit, he returned to Beijing and was reappointed. At the meeting, Mr. Chen Ge mentioned the importance of eradicating the head of pirates. Xu Lingyi believed that the root cause of pirates was the prohibition of the sea. Jing Yuanhou did not approve of Xu Lingyi’s views, and he did not have a good expression on Xu Lingyi.

After the discussion, Xu Lingyi returned to the house and learned that his wife Yuanniang was seriously ill. Xu Lingyi hurried back to the room. Aunt Wen and Aunt Qin also came to ask Xu Lingyi for peace. But he was extremely shy and didn’t want to get close to Xu Lingyi.

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