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Hush 허쉬 Episode 13 Recap

The owners of private small businesses gathered in the square to protest, demanding that they be given a chance to live and that they should enjoy the rights they deserve. In the same place, the interns demanded to improve the contract, remind the public not to forget the death of Wu Soo-yeon, and boycott Daily Korea.

Such a place is a place that no one wants to set foot in for the Daily Korean reporters, but Lee Ji-soo shoulders the responsibility with guilt. As Li Jisoo expected, these people would not be willing to accept daily interviews in South Korea.

At the same time, Han Jun Hyuk has extracted enough information from An Ji Yun, and has recorded it as evidence. On the day when An Jiyun took the initiative to ask Han Jun Hyuk to change his job, Han Jun Hyuk decided to start a formal lawsuit against the illegal employment of interns.

At the press conference for the surviving family of the late Wu Soo-yeon, Wu Sung-yeon asked Korea to sincerely apologize for the death of the interns every day, and revealed that Wu Soo-yeon had experienced more than five years of internship life in various companies. Wu Sung-yeon asked the daily South Korean president to express a sincere apology to her sister Oh Soo-yeon in his own name, instead of making a show.

Kim Ki Ha took the initiative to ask for a piece of news, which was related to the improper dealings between South Korea and the Nanwoo Group every day, but before the news was finished, Kim Ki Ha was called by Minister Yoon to drink coffee alone. Minister Yoon deliberately spread rumors about Han Junhyuk messing up the relationship between men and women, and meant that Han Junhyuk was the eyeliner of Luo Sungwon, and intended to provoke Kim Ki Ha and Han Junhyuk’s relationship.

Such remarks reminded Jin Ki Ha of the past, of the appearance of his beloved Eun Ji being abandoned by Minister Yoon and crying aggrievedly. Regardless of Eun Ji is pregnant, Jin Ji Ha still chooses to pursue her and let Eun Ji become his wife, but this past will inevitably be the pain of Jin Ji Ha’s life.

Jin Jihe once beat Minister Yin on the rooftop, and the other party’s voice of apology was extremely harsh. From then on, this incident has become the secret of the three people. In any case, Jin Jihe couldn’t believe that Han Junhyuk and Minister Yoon were the same scumbag.

The president of Daily Korea adopted Han Jun-hyuk’s proposal and took the initiative to hold a press conference, once again apologized for Oh Soo-yeon’s death, and proposed to withdraw from Daily Korea. As the general election is approaching, everyone is secretly preparing, even Minister Yoon is no exception, and the gossip he spread has caused trouble to Han Jun Hyuk.

Li Zhixiu drank with Deputy Chief Liang and others, discussing the president’s intention to participate in the election. Kim Ki Ha also confessed everything Minister Yoon said to him, but everyone believed that Han Jun Hyuk was not so despicable. As he was talking, Han Jun Hyuk himself arrived and asked Li Zhixiu to leave alone.

Before the matter began to be written, it should not be disclosed to anyone, but Lee Ji-soo exposed Wu Soo-yeon’s murder to other reporters, leading Minister Yoon to learn about it and use it to make a big fuss. Every so-called gossip suggests that Wu Xiuyan is a shameless girl, and that the more despicable man is Han Junhyuk.

The two of them got rid of their worries for a while, enjoyed the beautiful sky by the beach, and enjoyed the delicious Jajangmen. Whenever Han Jun Hyuk was troubled, he would eat fried noodles with Li Longmin. The image and taste of the past resurfaced, the same but different.

When the two returned to Daily Korea, both Han Jun Hyuk and Lee Ji Soo seemed to be in trouble. Minister Yoon reported the relationship between Han Jun Hyuk, Lee Ji Soo, and Lee Yong Min to the president. At the moment, the president still seems to trust Han Junhyuk, but this time I don’t know what happened.

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