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Hush 허쉬 Episode 12 Recap

The owner of Nalin Snack was under pressure from public opinion, and the news reported in real time that he was about to commit suicide by jumping off the building. At the moment when the boss wanted to jump off, a report suddenly appeared on the big screen in front of him, a report that made the facts public, and it became a life-saving straw that pulled the boss up from the abyss.

The snack bar owner was squeezed by the trend, which led to the break of funds and was unable to pay the three-day wages of part-time students. As a result, he was misled as a perpetrator and chose to commit suicide. The keyboard itself has no power, but the person who hits it can turn it into a killing tool. Jingyu suddenly realized that he was being used by others. It was Li Zhixiu’s report that saved the snack bar owner and his life.

The report can be made public, so Han Junhyuk’s help is indispensable, and only Li Jixiu knows his true purpose of sneaking into the 15th floor. Before the truth is dug up, everyone can only remain silent, and Han Jun Hyuk must also become a traitor who has been cast aside.

On the rooftop, Deputy Chief Liang tried his best to get Han Jun Hyuk’s internal phone to meet here, holding the information Luo Chengyuan had given her. Deputy Chief Liang learned from Jingyu that yesterday’s news was that Han Junhyuk helped Li Jisu to upload it, and she couldn’t believe that Han Junhyuk was merely greedy for salary.

The information in the hands of Deputy Chief Liang may have been sent by Luo Chengyuan because he didn’t trust Han Junhyuk, but it was more likely to separate their relationship. In either case, Han Jun Hyuk will carry out the image of the wicked person to the end.

Because Li Zhixiu’s report saved a person’s life, it has also attracted widespread attention to privately-run enterprises, and it has also sounded the alarm for part-time students. After Yan Chenghan implements the above rewards, Li Zhixiu will be able to truly remove the title of intern from next week and formally become regular in advance.

Although the things of the snack bar owner will go with the wind, the company will also wake up to a superficial peace. However, everything is An Ji Yoon’s show for Nan Wu Group. As a price, An Ji Yoon will also clear No Gain No Pain for Korea every day. The reason why Han Junhyuk is willing to confess like Vice Chang Liang is that she hopes that she will “stand by.”

In the view of Deputy Chief Liang, the franchise stores seem to have rescued small and medium-sized enterprises, but they are actually for annexation. Deputy Chief Liang naturally did not want to write reports that violated his conscience. Under the influence of alcohol, even if he wanted to resign, even Jin Jihe became impulsive. Deputy Chief Zheng wiped off the press cards they had thrown in the pot a little bit. Resignation is no different from escaping, not to mention the responsibilities that the family can never lose.

Deputy Chief Liang also recovered his calm during her daughter’s call. After returning home, she saw her daughter’s indifference and the mess caused by his son’s inability to live by himself. Vice Minister Liang endured the grievances and cleaned up, but when the press card fell, her heart broke down, and she had to choose to compromise.

There are still voices among the people who insist on withdrawing from Daily Korea. They don’t want people to forget the death of Wu Soo-yeon, and a series of unfair treatments such as the determination of positions by sales. Many young people protested in the street holding signs. An Jiyun reminded Han Jun Hyuk that the true purpose of the president from beginning to end is to control the election terrain.

Since Oh Soo-yeon’s death, Han Jun-hyuk has become more determined and no longer has a soul in vain due to words, from powerless to helpless. Helpless Unfortunate Soo-Yeon’s Han-Kook is simply HUSH, shhh, this is Han Jun Hyuk’s determination!

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