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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 4 Recap

Luo ShiqiuhearLin ShuiyaoThe voice, walking forward, really saw Lin Shuiyao, Lin Shuiyao complained that Luo Shiqiu did not come to rescue him, Luo Shiqiu explained that Lin Shuiyao did not believe it, and Luo Shiqiu did not want to explain too much to Lin Shuiyao. Lin Shuiyao pestered Luo Shiqiu and asked him to take her out. Luo Shiqiu forced Lin Shuiyao to say what?

Lin Shuiyao did not want to say that Luo Shiqiu had to wait and not leave.Qiu YulingPutLou Man FengwithHan QianluoAfter being tied together, go to Lin Shuiyao. Lin Shuiyao was afraid that Qiu Yuling would come back, and they would not be able to leave, so they had to tell Luo Shiqiu what they had just said. Luo Shiqiu heard the sound and knew that Qiu Yuling was coming, so he quickly gave Lin Shuiyao the compass, pointed a direction, and let Lin Shuiyao follow the direction of the densest roots.

Lin Shuiyao just walked on the front foot. Qiu Yuling came over. Luo Shiqiu’s family reported the door and asked Qiu Yuling to hand over the fragments of the map. Qiu Yuling had to let Luo Shiqiu beat her. Qiu Yuling rang the bell, disturbing Luo Shiqiu’s mind. When Lin Shuiyao was halfway running, it rained heavily, and when he was happy that she could go out, she couldn’t bear to let Luo Shiqiu die, so she hurried back and used the rain to beat Qiu Yuling down on the ground with magical ink magic arts.

She also saw through Qiu Yu’s ringtone. Qiu Yuling’s ringing is just for bluffing, and being drugged is the real trick. Qiu Yuling sneaked away while Lin Shuiyao cared about Luo Shi. Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo woke up and untied the ropes. Lin Shuiyao finally awakened Luo Shiqiu. However, Luo Shiqiu said that Lin Shuiyao took advantage of him, and Lin Shuiyao was so angry that he would leave Luo Shiqiu away.

Luo Shiqiu remembered Lou Man Feng and Han Qianluo, and hurried to look for the two of them, and Lin Shuiyao followed. Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo untied the rope and looked for Luo Shiqiu together. Lin Shuiyao walked, was frightened by the corpse hanging on the tree. Luo Shiqiu was very happy to see the fragments of the map in the corpse.

Lou Manfeng’s voice reached Luo Shiqiu’s ears. Luo Shiqiu hurried to meet with Lou Manfeng, and showed the fragments of the map to Lou Manfeng. Lou Manfeng was very happy. Luo Shiqiu introduced Lin Shuiyao to Lou Manfeng. Lou Manfeng said that this place was not a place to talk, and waited for the cool ghost Qilin to talk about it. Qiu Yuling watched Luo Shiqiu leave the Guiqi Forest and did not stop them.

The prince Xuan Suo Chaoyang saw him. Suo Chaoyang saw that the prince was unhappy, and asked the reason. It turned out that it was a rescue plan conceived by the prince. The emperor thought he was rebellious and did not agree.Murong YeStanding at the tomb, welcoming the lonely desert to leave. Lonely desert was about to become a unicorn arm, Murong Ye was very happy.

Lonely Mo reminded Murong Ye to fulfill his promise, and Murong Ye let Lonely Mo feel relieved, he would personally send Lin Shuiyao to Guzi Tomb, only to wait for Lonely Mo to see the beauty Fangze.Qin SihaiI searched all over the ghost habitat, but did not find the fragment of the map. It was suspected that the fragment of the map of the ghost habitat had been taken by Luo Shiqiu, and he did not dare to let Qiu Yuling discover their whereabouts and immediately evacuated from the ghost habitat.

Lin Shuiyao told her what had happened, Luo Shiqiu didn’t wink, and asked Lin Shuiyao what she planned to do next. Seeing that Lin Shuiyao was in a bad mood, Lou Manfeng took Luo Shiqiu away on the pretext of finding food, and let Han Qianluo and Lin Shuiyao have a good chat.

Murong Ye took the lonely desert to the ghost habitat, Qiu Yuling pushed the responsibility of losing Lin Shuiyao on the tomb attacker, and also deliberately pulled the cold back. Lonely Mo was worried that it would be unsafe for Lin Shuiyao to walk alone in the tomb of the millet. He wanted to find Lin Shuiyao, but Murong Ye let Lonely Mo feel at ease to practice the unicorn arm, and Lin Shuiyao would find him back.

In the evening, Luo Shiqiu and the four were eating by the river and talking about their next plans. Chu Yunxi, a sacred hand poison girl, Qiu Yuling, a bloodthirsty bell demon, both sent people to the tomb attackers. Qiu Yuling was Chu Yunxi’s subordinate. Murong Ye asked Chu Yunxi how to deal with Qiu Yuling’s dereliction of duty, Chu Yun In response, Xi increased Qiu Yuling’s penalty for another ten years.

Qiu Yuling couldn’t stand it, and deliberately asked Chu Yunxi to deal with the negligent apprentice Han Qianluo, and Murong Ye ordered Chu Yunxi to retrieve Han Qianluo as soon as possible. Seeing Lonely Mo drinking boring wine, Qiu Yuling was worried about Lin Shuiyao and deliberately told Lonely Mo that Lin Shuiyao had been rescued by Luo Shiqiu when he attacked the tomb to make trouble for Lonely Mo.

The next day, Lou Manfeng and Luo Shiqiu, Han Qianluo sent Lin Shuiyao to the exit of Guzi Tomb, let Lin Shuiyao walk down the road, and then go home. Luo Shiqiu wanted to keep Lin Shuiyao, but Lou Manfeng let Lin Shuiyao leave. After Lin Shuiyao really left, Luo Shiqiu complained that Lou Manfeng let Lin Shuiyao go. Lou Manfeng let Luo Shiqiu feel relieved.

Lin Shuiyao complained that her father would marry her at will. She definitely would not go home. It is not safe to walk the rivers and lakes. The favorite person is Luo Shiqiu. When Luo Shiqiu heard that Lin Shuiyao liked him, he was very happy. Looking for Lin Shuiyao in the lonely desert, Lou Manfeng took Luo Shiqiu and Han Qianluo away for a while, and let Luo Shiqiu stay and wait for Lin Shuiyao. He and Han Qianluo went to find food.

Not long after Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluohang left, Luo Shiqiu saw Lin Shuiyao. Luo Shiqiu asked Lin Shuiyao why he followed them. Lin Shuiyao was embarrassed to admit that Luo Shiqiu did not expose Lin Shuiyao’s lies. Chu Yunxi reported to Murong Ye that Lonely Mo had left Wuyingxuan. Murong Ye guessed that Lonely Mo must be looking for Lin Shuiyao, and quickly ordered Chu Yunxi to get Lonely Mo back. Lonely Mo saw Lin Shuiyao, a little nervous.

Lin Shuiyao didn’t know who the man standing opposite was, so Lonely Delight introduced herself. Lin Shuiyao didn’t like lonely Delight, and let Lonely Delight stay away from her. Luo Shiqiu, who was standing by and watching the play, saw the lonely Mo pressing on Lin Shuiyao step by step, and took the initiative to help Lin Shuiyao to relieve the siege. Lin Shuiyao held Luo Shiqiu’s arm and said that Luo Shiqiu was her wishful man, lonely and extremely angry.

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