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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 3 Recap

Lin ShuiyaoI woke up and found that I had come back, and I slept all night, the sound still did not disappear, so I was so angry that he threw things and smashed the house. In order to prevent Lin Shuiyao from destroying things, the person who made the noise had to faint Lin Shuiyao again.Han QianluoFollowLuo ShiqiuwithLou Man FengLight a fire by the river and discuss going up the river tomorrow. It is estimated that you will be in the Guiqi Forest in one or two hours. Behind the Guiqi Forest is Wuyingxuan.

Tomb Guardian Qiu Yuling, is one of the four villains of Yinmo Island, and the people on Yinmo Island are good at temperament, martial arts, and enjoy killing. The sound is everywhere. Therefore, those who fall into their hands often cannot survive, and the government does not Killing the Yinmodao people who guarded the tomb, so the Yinmodao guarding the tomb is considered to be a scourge to the martial arts.

For the comfort of Han Qianluo, Lou Manfeng did not recommend Han Qianluo to go to the Guiqi Forest, and Han Qianluo had to follow him in order not to let Jiu Niangqin and Lou Manfeng and Luo Shiqiu die. When Luo Shiqiu saw Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo arguing, like two quarrels, he was embarrassed to stay and found an excuse to stay away from Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo. Han Qianluo waited for Luo Shiqiu to leave, and told Lou Manfeng that he left Lou Manfeng to go home that day, and met a group of ghost-faced people and Chu Yunxi.

Chu Yunxi used her mother to threaten her, forcing her to practice poisoning hands, and even let her be here. The crystal coffin chamber of Guzi Tomb was poisoned. She was afraid that she would not be controlled and forced her to take poison. Lou Manfeng comforted Han Qianluo. Don’t be afraid. He will stay with him in the future and will not let anyone hurt Han Qianluo.

Princess Yingxue dressed up specially and went to see youMurong Ye, But Murongxian told her that Murong Ye went to the tomb of Guzi some time ago and has not returned yet, so she has returned without success. The brother of Princess Yingxue, the prince Yingxue Palace, learned that Princess Yingxue went to Murong Ye.

As a princess, Princess Qi Yingxue condescended to a foreigner tomb faction. In order to prevent Princess Ying Xue from feeling The inside got deeper and deeper, so she had to stop Princess Yingxue and Murong Ye from falling in love. Murong Ye had an appointment with Princess Yingxue before and wanted to see Princess Yingxue. Now Murong Ye broke the contract. Princess Yingxue was in a bad mood. She stood under the moon and admired the flowers and set the Kongming lantern to pray for Murong Ye.

On the second day, Chu Yunxi heard from the ghost-faced person that she has not found Han Qianluohe so far.Qin SihaiMurong Ye came when he was so angry that he wanted to punish the ghost-faced man. Chu Yunxi neglected his duty and failed to guard the tomb of Guzi, and was scolded by Murong Ye. Although Lonely Desert cultivates the unicorn arm, it is useless for people who have not poisoned blood, so Murong Ye ordered Chu Yunxi to take the cold away, and to see people or corpses in life.

Based on the temperature of the fire, Qin Sihai guessed that the three of Luo Shiqiu had already gone far, and immediately asked the brothers to step up and move on. Luo Shiqiu and the three of them spent a lot of effort to reach the Guiqi Forest. The ghost habitat forest was filled with mist, Han Qianluo was very scared when he saw the corpse hanging on the tree, and the wind persuaded Han Qianluo not to be afraid, this was just a tomb method.

Lin Shuiyao clamored to eat and drink water. The vocalist asked Lin Shuiyao to look at her feet. Lin Shuiyao lowered her head and saw the food and water. She was still dissatisfied. As the Bell Demon, she was too scared to continue making noise, and weirdly brought food and water into the house to eat. Luo Shiqiu and the three people circled around and returned to the original place, only to find that the surrounding trees could be used to confuse people. Luo Shiqiu took the compass and gave it to Lou Manfeng.

Lou Manfeng walked according to the direction the compass was pointing to, leading Luo Shiqiu and Han Qianluo forward, not wanting to return to the original place. Lou Manfeng suspected that the compass was disturbed. He smashed a stone from the ground with a sword and held it on top of the compass. The needle of the compass turned, thus confirming that there are magnets in this area that can interfere with the compass. The fog in the forest will enchant the direction.

Seeing that he could not find a direction from above, Luo Shiqiu could only determine the position based on the growth of the roots, and continued to lead everyone forward until he was caught by the rope in front of him. The whereabouts of Luo Shiqiu and the three were exposed, and Qiu Yuling did not continue to play with Lin Shuiyao, and ran to entertain the three of Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu chased Qiu Yuling alone, and Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo were confused by the sound demon.

Qiu Yuling came to Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo, and saw that Chu Yunxi’s lover had joined the tomb attack faction, a little gloating. Lin Shuiyao woke up and left without hearing Qiu Yuling’s voice. When Luo Shiqiu heard Lin Shuiyao’s insulting Lonely Mo and Qiu Yuling, he stopped immediately.

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