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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 38 End Recap

Getting married the next day, Wu Bai ironed his dress several times before going to bed. Early the next morning, he went for a run as usual, and he would give out wedding candy when he saw people in the community. After coming back, he took a shower and had breakfast. Wu Bai changed into a handsome groom’s suit and set off with Shen Zhe and 97 to welcome the relatives.

Wu Bai took the brothers from the K&K team to Ai Qing’s downstairs. Ai Qing, who was sitting in front of the dressing table, looked very beautiful in her wedding dress. She heard that Wu Bai was coming, and hurriedly took Ai Jing’s mobile phone to watch Wu Bai in the video, and found that he looked handsome in a suit. Shen Zhe saw the SP people here and told Wu Bai that today was definitely a tough battle.

After that, Wu Bai and his brothers came to Ai Qing’s door. They were blocked by the SP’s people. They all reached out for red envelopes. Shen Zhe took out a red envelope for them. As soon as they saw the slide, they let their teammates close the door. Zhe gave another one, and they continued to close the door when they were not satisfied. Wu Bai asked him to give a few more, and Shen Zhe gave them five each, and he would send the rest to others, but they all took the slide. Up.

As soon as Wu Bai and the brothers entered the house, they were stopped by Ai Jing again. She said that they had to pass three passes when they entered the door. The first pass was limited to three minutes before they could finish the bowl of noodles in front of them. Wu Bai’s brother was about to eat, and the slide said to wait, they poured a lot of red on the noodles. With the red pepper, Shen Zhe and his teammates ate the noodles, each of them was too spicy. Then they successfully passed the second level. The third level is three questions and three answers. If the answers are incorrect, they cannot pick up the bride.

The first question is when to confess who to whom for the first time. Wu Bai replied that he confessed to her in Chicago and Ai Qing nodded. The second question is where and why they quarreled for the first time. Wu Bai said that at the old house in Solo, he was afraid she did not love him enough. The second question is also answered correctly. The third question is whether he will always stand behind her like today, and will always be her strongest backing from today. Wu Bai said that he will always be her strongest backing behind her. Then he walked to Ai Qing, took the bride in his arms, and strode out to the applause of the crowd.

Then Han Shangyan and Tong Nian, Wu Bai and Ai Qing held a grand and romantic wedding in the hotel. The couple exchanged rings and the groom kissed the bride sweetly. The grandpa watching them could not help crying happily. The host asked them who they thought would be next year’s champion. Ai Qing said that of course it was SP. Wang Hao and SP players who sat in the audience applauded and added it. Han Shangyan smiled and thought beautifully. Wu Bai hesitated. His teammates in 97 told him not to persuade him. Wu Bai said he listened to his wife today.

After the wedding, Shen Zhe gave Han Shangyan and Wu Bai a room card. Wu Bai was crowded to the door of the new house by the team members. After swiping the card, he saw that Tong Nian was taken aback. Tong Nian asked his elder brother, Wu Bai. I don’t know, Shen Zhe gave him the wrong room card when he saw it broke.

Wu Bai hurried out. He hurried to Ai Qing’s room, but saw Wang Hao, the slide and others were there. Ai Qing said that the Korean business dialect had all gone and asked them to leave. Everyone pretended to make trouble in the bridal chamber. Ai Qing hurriedly stopped them, and the slide laughed. He told Wu Bai that their best brother would be handed over to him. After they left, Wu Bai locked the door. He didn’t want anyone to disturb them again tonight. He happily called her wife, Ai Qing called his husband sweetly, Wu Bai picked her up and walked into the bedroom.

This day, Tianbao made an appointment with Wang Hao and asked him to honor his bet on a blind date ten times. Wang Hao wanted to wait until after the New Year. Ou Qiang said that it would be today, and he said that Wang Hao was brought in front of his sister, and Wang Hao talked to his sister. When I got up, Ou Qiang felt that the two of them had a play.

Wu Bai, Ai Qing and the K&K team members happily toasted by the pool. The 1997 champion was still K&K. The voice just fell off the slide and the SP team members came over. He pushed 97 into the pool and laughed that there would be no second place.

Second, next year’s champion will definitely be SP. Shen Zhe sneaked behind them and pushed Lin Yin into the pool. Soon everyone was pushed into the pool like dumplings. Wu Bai and Ai Qing were left by the pool. They shouted Wu Bai down. Wu Bai said he was married and his wife would not bear to push him down. Ai Qing said that she would definitely not push him down. With a hard hand, he pushed him down, and everyone couldn’t help laughing and splashing water on Ai Qing by the pool.

Soon another new season came as scheduled. The favorites to win the championship are still the two big teams of K&K and SP. This time, Ai Qing is playing against Wu Bai. They and their teammates always chased their dreams, and continued to write the glory and brilliance of the mecha with their sweat and hard work.

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