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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 36 Recap

After the game, Wu Bai and Ai Qingzheng kissed each other sweetly, and Mr. Xiang sent someone to interview him. Wu Bai’s answer was not only thank you but thank you. The interview soon ended. When everyone was about to attend the celebration banquet, they found that Wu Bai and Ai Qing had gone away. It turned out that they came to the shooting gallery, and the two lost in shooting PK Ai Qing. She asked if he had let her while shooting in Singapore. Wu Bai said that his eyes had a problem at that time, which affected his performance.

Wu Bai said that after that time, he went directly to the operation. At that time, he was afraid that he would not be able to give her happiness, so he did not dare to contact her. Later, when his eyes were better, he wanted to get results before looking for her. Ai Qing then understood that no wonder he said he wanted to use it. The 300-game champion has to change a chance to start with her.

Wu Bai said that Wang Hao’s number of wins was 299. He felt that he was only qualified to confess to her if he was better than Wang Hao. Because of the lack of domestic competitions, he played desperately abroad. Ai Qing couldn’t help laughing at him, but she was moved in her heart. Wu Bai said he regrets it now. If he comes back sooner, maybe they will be married a long time ago.

Back to the hotel, Wu Bai sent Ai Qing back to the room, but he was reluctant to leave her. He held Ai Qing. She felt his heartbeat quickly and asked him what was wrong. He said that he missed her and kissed her lips. The door closed behind them. Early the next morning, Wu Bai lay beside Ai Qing, smiling at her lovely sleeping face. Ai Qing woke up and asked him shyly why he kept looking at her. Wu Bai said he didn’t see enough.

He called her to get up for breakfast. At this time, he received a call from his mother. When her mother heard that Wu Bai wanted to get married, she immediately decided to return to China with her husband the day after tomorrow. Ai Qing couldn’t help but feel that this was too fast. Shen Zhe was surprised when he heard about it. He felt that their sister Jingjing had to see the parents first, and his brother-in-law could not be left behind, so he called his mother and asked her to go to Shanghai as soon as possible.

Father Ai was a little flustered when he learned that the parents of the sisters’ boyfriends would be coming tomorrow. Ai Jing said that Shen Zhe’s mother was here in the morning and Wu Bai’s parents were there in the afternoon. He was surprised and said that she was in such a hurry? Ai Jing said she was not. Anxious, the key is that Wu Bai is anxious, wishing to marry her sister back tomorrow, Ai’s father hurriedly took off their aprons and let them settle the dinner by themselves, and then hurried out to buy clothes to support the scene.

The next day, Shen Zhe repeatedly told her mother not to bully Ai Jing again in the car. She was really a very nice girl. Ai’s father changed his suit at this time and Ai Jing also set off. Wu Bai came as soon as they left. Ai Qing asked him to help her choose clothes. Wu Bai said that his parents had seen her a long time ago, and his room was everywhere. It was her posters and photos. Ai Qing said it was different. They had never seen her moving. Wu Bai told her not to worry. His parents also grew up with their first love, so they were very happy that he could be with his first love. together.

Then Wu Bai brought Ai Qing to his grandfather’s house to see his parents. Wu Bai’s mother was very happy to see her. At this time, Shen Zhe’s mother and Ai’s father and daughter had finished eating. When bidding farewell, Shen Zhe’s mother said that she couldn’t think of telling Ai Jing not to go to her heart. Ai Jing hurriedly said that she would not, so she must not say that. Shen Zhe sent his mother back. Ai’s father felt that Shen Zhe’s mother was more traditional, while Ai Jing was a hard-tempered. It is estimated that they will quarrel in the future, so let their daughter give in.

I’m going to see Wu Bai’s parents next. Ai’s father hurried home to change his clothes. He bought two sets of clothes for this meeting. After he changed his clothes, Ai Jing felt very strange when he saw that there was no change. Ai Father said that he bought two sets of exactly the same, so it seemed that he was not partial. Ai Jing couldn’t help but feel that her father was really funny.

Then Father Ai came to the hotel to meet Wu Bai’s grandfather and parents. They chatted happily and the atmosphere was very harmonious. When Shen Zhe came to Ai Jing’s house, he said that Wu Bai was going to marry Ai Qing, and the marriage of the two of them should also be on the agenda. He said that it was a confession to Ai Jing. Ai Jing was very sweet in his face After a kiss, Shen Zhe said it was not enough, so she kissed again, and soon his face was covered with lipstick marks. Ai Jing said that his dad would come back soon and let him go back. Shen Zhe smiled and said that it was just right. Uncle came back just to help. Be a witness.

Grandpa wanted Wu Bai and Han Shangyan to have a wedding together next month. Ai Qing couldn’t help being surprised when Wu Bai said this on the phone. Tong Nian was also very surprised. Han Shangyan told Tong Nian on the phone that the wedding would be practical. Tong Nian Xiaodao gave him a certificate, and Han Shangyan laughed and said that he would be uneasy if he didn’t live together.

Then Wu Bai came to Ai Qing’s house, Ai’s father smiled and greeted him to sit in the living room, but Ai Qing said that something happened and pulled Wu Bai into the room. When she heard him talking on the phone about the wedding next month, she said anxiously that she was still not ready for anything. Wu Bai told her grandpa said that this happened just in time for the National Day. Ai Qing said that they hadn’t received their marriage certificate yet, but Wu Bai had already prepared.

He took the certificate with him and said he would do it in a while. The two of them walked out of the room but found that their father and sister were eavesdropping. Hearing that they were going to get the certificate, the father had already prepared, and gave Ai Qing the account book he brought with him.

The two of them came to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain the marriage certificate. After they went out, Ai Qing looked at the marriage certificate and laughed and asked if she would regret it, would it be too late? Wu Bai asked her not to think about it, and said that she dragged her away. After returning home, Ai’s father has reserved a large table of delicious food for them, so that they can enjoy the world of the two. Ai Jing also left a note on the table, which said that she passed out drunk.

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