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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 35 Recap

Wu Bai and 97 came to the bar and had a drink with the slide on Monday. Ai Qing couldn’t do anything to make Wu Bai look at the slide. The slide laughed and said that he lost the game. What’s the matter? He said that he was going to drink with Wu Bai. Wu Bai said that he could not drink with him today. Tomorrow he would have to drink for the game and delay the operation. The slide would give him a glass of water, and everyone toasted to celebrate K&K’s entry into the final.

The slide made them not be afraid of Naia. He had been in the Naia team before and they would only run rampant without any technical flow. Wu Bai assured him that the champion should be Chinese. 97 felt that the wine was very good, so he drank one cup after another. Soon he became a little drunk. He ordered another drink of this type of wine on the slide, then got up and went to the bathroom. On Monday, if his steps were unstable, he helped him go. .

The slide went to the bar again to ask for wine. Wu Bai sent a message to Ai Qing that the slide was okay. At this time, the slide met members of the Naya team and they sneered at him. Wu Bai got up and talked for the slide. Did Naya say the slide entered K&K? Wu Bai said that it would be K&K’s greatest honor if he was willing to join. Naya told Wu Bai not to be dragged down by the slide. Wu Bai thanked him for his kindness. See you on the court.

After Naya and the players left, the slide told Wu Bai about his experience of being excluded from the Naya team. Originally, he wanted to defeat Naya but failed. The next day Wu Bai was running in the gym. The slide asked him if he was nervous because he was going to compete today. Wu Bai felt that he was not easily nervous. The slide said that what he said last night was nonsense. Let Wu Bai not care too much about it. During the game, Wu Bai solemnly told Slides that he would definitely win Naya tonight.

After that, Ai Qing brought Wang Hao, Slide and Ou Qiang to do sparring for K&K. Shen Zhe was a little nervous. For the first time, he was worried that the organs could not keep up with Wu Bai’s rhythm. He was afraid of losing and even losing the Chinese fighters. Wu Bai assured him that they would win. In the evening, Ai Qing came to the preparation room and gave Wu Bai the championship ring she won in the national competition ten years ago, hoping that it would bring him good luck. Wu Bai took the ring and said that he would win the world championship and realize their ideals. .

The game was about to begin. When my grandfather saw Ai Qing on TV, he couldn’t help but happily tell the old guys that it was his future granddaughter-in-law. Everyone praised her for her beauty. Ai’s father and Ai Jing also sat in front of the TV to watch the game. The game started. Wu Bai and Shen Zhe faced Naya. The gunpowder on both sides was full of gunpowder. The cutter turned the front of the car and approached the unknown again, but the defense of the unknown was strengthened without fear of the cutter’s blade. And Naya seemed to be an unknown prophet. Where the nameless person went, he could predict its position in advance. The nameless person wanted to distance but never found a breakthrough.

The slide was surprised that Naya’s level has improved to this level. Wang Hao thinks that it is not that the level has improved, but that Naya has done special training. He feels that it is difficult for the unknown to come back. The two sides have experienced several collisions, and this kind of close hand-to-hand combat is very detrimental to the unknown people who are good at ejection.

Wu Bai manipulated the unknown person to chase the cutter, Shen Zhe activated the mechanism, and the cutter was stopped by the cylindrical mechanism. The unknown person seized the opportunity to bounce the cutter with a beautiful ejection, and the scene couldn’t help but cheer. The Chinese players who watched the game smiled happily, but the cutter was lucky, and it landed face-to-face unscathed. Then the Naya team also used the mechanism to raise the chainsaw. The Unknown One was flanked back and forth. The armor on its two wings was smashed. Naya couldn’t help but smile. Wu Bai operated calmly, and the Unknown One’s tires suddenly speeded up. The operation quickly gets rid of the restraint of the cutter.

The cutter chased the unknown person. Shen Zhe reminded Wu Bai Naya to drive him to a dead end. The unknown person turned around and Naya activated the organ flame. Shen Zhe was anxious when he saw that Naya wanted to grill their weak chassis. Ai Qing and the team members squeezed a sweat for Wu Bai. Suddenly, Wu Bai remembered the tricks Tao Qitao and Shen Zhe used in the match, and successfully got rid of the cutter by bouncing and avoiding the ball.

But soon the unknown person was trapped by the cylindrical mechanism again. Seeing that the cutter was about to chase him over, everyone’s hearts were suspended again. Wu Bai used a strong centrifugal force to successfully get rid of the control and crashed into the cutter. The host told the audience that this was Ai Qing’s stunt tornado back then. Ai Qing laughed and said that she was not as prosperous as he was back then.

At this time, the armor of the unknown person was stuck in the tire due to deformation, and the referee began to count down the countdown. Everyone stared at the unknown person nervously. The unknown person finally moved. Cheers and applause broke out again. Wu Bai thought of Wang. Hao’s blade once used the field mechanism to restore the operation of the weapon. He manipulated the unknown person to approach the sideline, and it rushed to the mace. Everyone was shocked to see the suicidal scene, and then the unknown person deformed the guard. The armor was cut off, and they realized that Wu Bai had restored the unknown person’s own ability through the broken arm of the strong man.

Next, Wu Bai used SP’s Taishan topping technique to hit the cutter heavily. Naya’s face instantly changed. Wang Hao praised Wu Bai’s combination of fists for being beautiful. The two mechas stopped in the center of the field. Smoke rose from the cabin of the unknown person. There was not much time left in the game. The referee began to count down. Wu Bai once again operated the unknown person and slammed into the cutter. The game time was up. K&K finally Won the victory and fight for a world championship for China.

After the awards, Wu Bai called Naya to say that everyone who loves robot fighting deserves to be respected, including him, the slide and Naya. He looks forward to seeing Naya next time, and Naya congratulates him on winning the world championship. Then Wu Bai came to the lounge, saw Ai Qing and kissed her immediately. SP and k&k team members walked over and saw this sweet scene, they couldn’t help but smile and cover their eyes with their hands, and then peeked at them from their fingers, wishing silently in their hearts. The happy couple in front of me who became acquainted with mechas and encouraged and achieved each other’s achievements.

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