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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 34 Recap

Tong Nian made a cup of coffee with cute garland flowers for Lao Han, and the team members sent it to the boss together. Wu Bai told her that he had failed to make an oolong proposal before he spoke. He asked the boss how he proposed to her at the time. Although he failed that time, he could listen to it as a negative teaching material.

Tong Nian said that it was after the national competition and the location was at the train station. He put the championship ring on her and said that they should get married. At that moment, she was frightened. Wu Bai listened and remembered. Tong Nian felt that for girls, whether the marriage proposal ceremony is romantic or not is certainly important, but more importantly, whether he can make the girl full of confidence in the future life, and he can accompany her to do what she wants, the most important thing is The point is to give her a sense of security wholeheartedly.

Then the teammates watched Wu Bai sitting in a daze and knew that he was still thinking about the proposal. At this time, Wu Bai suddenly said that he had thought of it. Everyone hurriedly asked him what tricks he could do. Wu Bai said that it would definitely be successful this time but it should be implemented in stages. Then he took Ai Qing to a beautiful place.

He took her hand and walked forward. Ai Qing asked him to walk slowly. She had a little pain in her high heels, and the two sat down on the roadside bench. Ai Qing took out the Band-Aid from her bag. At this time, the conversation between an old couple on the bench next to them attracted them. They looked very affectionate. The old lady was still clamoring to go to the slide, so her wife accompanied her and became an old lady. The two laughed happily when they came down from the slide.

Ai Qing is very envious and hopes that she and Wu Bai will be like them when they are old. When Wu Bai said that he would accompany her whether she was bungee jumping or parachuting. She said that she took the bandage from her hand and helped her stick it on her worn heel. Ai Qing looked at his gentle and considerate manner and couldn’t help but say they get married. Wu Bai didn’t expect Ai Qing to say it first. Suddenly the happiness came and he didn’t react.

Ai Qing said he didn’t want to, Wu Bai quickly opened the ring box. Proposing to her, Ai Qing smiled sweetly and asked him to wear it to her, and Wu Bai happily followed suit. The two stared affectionately at each other, their eyes full of happiness. Ai Qing was curious about what preparations Wu Bai did for the proposal. Wu Bai said that those were not important and took her home.

Shen Zhe, 97 and others wore cartoon caps and waited for the captain not far away. They found that Wu Bai hadn’t brought Ai Qing over and guessed that his proposal might have failed. In the evening, everyone discussed at the base and waited for Wu Bai to come back to stop irritating him, but to give him brotherly warmth. At this time, Wu Bai came back, and everyone showed great concern for him and made a bowl of noodles for him on Monday.

They advised him not to be too sad, didn’t the boss succeeded only once? They made Wu Bai bewildered. When they heard that they thought he had failed his marriage proposal, they opened the ring box. Everyone guessed that the ring was dropped or lost when they saw it was empty. Wu Bai said it out loud. After hearing this, everyone immediately turned from worry to joy and wanted to drink to celebrate.

Ai Jing saw the ring on her sister’s hand after returning home, and she was very happy to learn that Wu Bai had proposed to Ai Qing. She told Ai Qingyun that there is an account on the circle called Assist Xiaotiancai who has been particularly popular recently. It was all about Ai Qing and Wu Bai. Ai Qing knew that it was done by 97. She told Wu about it. Bai, she also said that she looked through the assist diary of the little genius, only to realize that he wanted to recruit three years ago is really a deep routine, Wu Bai smiled and said how can he catch up with the apple dog goddess if the routine is not deep.

Then Wu Bai received a call from Wang Hao, he wanted to call SP and k&k training camp before the World Cup, Wu Bai readily agreed. He knows that two strong teams train together, which has greatly improved both sides. 97 is proud that his assists diary comments are rising, unexpectedly seeing Wu Bai’s comments suddenly can not help but startled, he said that he had exposed, and quickly asked Shen Zhe what to do, Shen Zhe smiled and said.

At this time, Wu Bai came over and asked 97 to inform everyone. In the afternoon, SP came over to train together. After that, Ai Qing brought the SP players to the k&k base, they communicated and learned from each other and improved together, sprinting for the World Cup with all their strength.

Then the two big teams embarked on their journey. Before leaving, Wu Bai took Ai Qing’s hand to relieve her, and he would make up for her regrets. After they took the opportunity to fly to Chicago and settle in the hotel, Han Shangyan called Wu Bai and asked him to go to the k&k headquarters. Nanwei had important things to discuss with him.

Ai Qing worried that the headquarters would still go with Wu Bai because of the two of them. Wu Bai came to the meeting room. Nanwei and his colleagues warmly applauded and congratulated him. Nanwei congratulated Wu Bai for making k&k one of the two most powerful clubs in China within one year and regaining his first team captain Position.

After returning to the hotel, Ai Qing asked Wu Bai’s headquarters if he was embarrassed. Wu Bai said that they just talked about future plans and resumed his captain role by the way. Ai Qing was very happy to hear that. Then in the eighth-finals of the World Cup, Shen Zhe KO opponents, K&K successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

Lin Yin lost to the Australian team player. Although SP failed to advance to the final, he also qualified for the World Cup quarterfinals. Then Wu Bai defeated his opponent again and successfully qualified for the final. In the next finals, K&K will meet the opponent team Naya, and they will start a championship battle between them.

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