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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 33 Recap

97 asked Wu Bai what to do with his proposal, Shen Zhe said that Ai Qing’s plan for Wu Bai was accurate to an hour and he could not slip out. Wu Bai felt a little troublesome, so 97 volunteered and went to help him fetch the chocolate with the proposal ring hidden on Monday.

Xiaomi tells everyone that this World Cup will use a new competition system, and both players can set up organs on the field, so this time they must have two players on the field at the same time, one controlling the mecha and the other controlling the organ. After listening, everyone began to discuss the functions of various organs, and Wu Bai formulated a corresponding training plan.

Then 97 and Monday went to get Wu Bai’s customized chocolates. They only tasted the desserts in the store, and ended up taking another bag by mistake. Wu Bai got the bag and started to act. He gave Ai Qing the chocolate, saying that he bought it exclusively for her on the street in 97. Ai Qing happily opened the box and found that the chocolate packaging had changed, which was different from the previous one. She peeled one and just put it in her mouth. Wu Bai and his teammates looked at her nervously. Ai Qing felt strange and let them eat together. Everyone made excuses to say that they could not eat sweets.

Seeing that Ai Qing didn’t respond after eating one, Wu Bai took a weighing weight in one hand, and he let Ai Qing continue to eat. After Ai Qing had eaten a few, he said that he could not finish eating tomorrow. The teammates said no. Ai Qing couldn’t help looking at everyone in surprise. Shen Zhe explained that the shelf life of chocolate is only one day. Ai Qing was afraid of wasting it and ate it again. After eating, she felt too sweet and went to rinse her mouth.

Seeing that there is no wedding ring in the chocolate, Wu Bai couldn’t help but look at 97, 97 and Zhou Yi at a loss. It was obviously this bag and this chocolate. Xiaomi asked Wu Bai to call the merchant. The other party said that the order was wrong, and the diamond ring will be delivered to the door together with the chocolate tomorrow. 97 and Monday were very upset that they messed up the captain’s proposal. Xiaomi asked them to atone for their merits and make suggestions for Wu Bai’s proposal.

On 97 and Monday, I went to Wu Bai to apologize. 97 offered his own strategy. He felt that there were two forms of proposal: romance and accident. He suggested that K&K would be very suitable for proposal. What is scarce in the city is the rural scenery, especially at night parties. There are fireflies, this is an accident. On a romantic night, when he and Ai Qing stared affectionately, they released fireflies.

Seeing that Wu Bai is not interested in this plan, Shen Zhe proposed a pet proposal. They went to the farm next door to borrow a few big white geese and wrote on the card tied around their necks Will you marry me today? Let them line up. It must be very romantic when Wu Bai proposed to Ai Qing. On Monday, Wu Bai felt uncontrollable what to do if the big white goose flew away. Shen Zhe also proposed to propose a treasure hunt and set the answer to the proposal ring. On Monday, he was worried about what to do if Sister Ai Qing couldn’t find it.

97 made a courier proposal, packaged Wu Bai and delivered it to Ai Qing’s home, and then he proposed to her and asked her to sign for his love and life. On Monday, he said how to pack the tall man who is nearly 1.9 meters tall. 97 complained about the old Monday tearing down the platform. Monday said that there was a problem with their proposal. The three of them argued, and Wu Bai said that he should find a way to stop them.

They were discussing tactics this day. Ai Qing came over with the alarm clock that was ringing. She asked him to take his medicine and look into the distance. When the teammates saw Wu Bai staring at a short distance, they went over and asked him what he was looking at. Wu Bai said far away. Shen Zhe said here except where the wall came from. Wu Bai pointed to the front and let them see. Seeing that Ai Qing was pasting the two characters far away on the wall in front, they couldn’t help feeling that Sister Ai Qing was very cold and humorous.

After watching Wu Bai continue to work in the distance, Ai Qing came back with an alarm clock after a while, she helped Wu Bai drop the eye drops and massaged his eyes. Everyone saw that they were so sweet and imitated, Wu Bai and Ai Qing transferred Going to the room to massage the eyes, the World Cup is about to come. She asked Wu Bai if he was ready. Wu Bai said that the biggest opponents he encountered in the game might be Iron Diamond and Team Naya. Ai Qing feels that Naya’s threat is greater. Naya is also Wu Bai’s old opponent.

He guessed that this year Naya will upgrade the mecha for the unknown. Ai Qing asked if he would make changes according to their upgrade direction. Wu Bai felt that he would be led by the nose. , He can only do his best. Ai Qing suddenly said with excitement how to deal with if SP encounters Naya, talking about her suddenly stopped, Wu Bai asked her if she was okay, Ai Qing said it was okay, she was a fixed mindset and hadn’t adjusted to a new state.

Ai Qing wanted to see what was in Wu Bai’s password box. Wu Bai opened the box to let her see. She found that there were photos of her every time in the game. Ai Qing couldn’t help but stare at it for a long time. At this time, 97 asked them to play with new toys. Ai Qing felt that the robot toys were very fun and wanted to buy some for the children in the youth training camp. 97 so that she doesn’t have to buy it. It is estimated that all the children in the youth training camp have it. This is a product developed by her old club Jiayi. Ai Qing feels that this kind of robot product is well designed and can be used to popularize and promote robot fighting among more children.

Seeing her so interested, Wu Bai couldn’t help but want to do something for her. He took Ai Qing to see Lin Shan in a coffee shop. He is currently in charge of educational robots and youth training camp popularization linkage and promotion projects. Lin Shan wants Ai Qing to work with him on an educational robot and youth training camp linkage project. Ai Qing said this is indeed a dream of her, but now she still has her own job to do.

Lin Shan said that there is no conflict at all. It is very happy to be counselors and guides for children in their free time. After leaving the cafe, Ai Qing asked Wu Bai how he thought of bringing him to see Lin Shan. Wu Bai said that 10 years ago he fell in love with robot fighting because of her love of robot fighting. He believed that she would lead more gifted children on this road. Ai Qing can’t help but feel fortunate to see Wu Bai knowing so much about him.

Tong Nian came to the K&K base to make coffee for them. The teammates saw that there was a cup next to the coffee machine, and the garland on it was a cute pig. They couldn’t help but ridicule his sister-in-law that this was a disguised confession of the Korean business.

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