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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 7 Recap

The Xisanggui of Guigu is known as the love book owner, threatening to kill all the saddlers in the world. The Xisanggui heard that Mu Yunge had abandoned Emei’s disciple Mo Yanwan at first and finally abandoned, which led to Mo Yanwan’s hatred and hanged on Broken Sword. At the villa, she sent someone to capture Mu Yunge, and she wanted to personally hold a wedding for Mu Yunge and his ghost wife Mo Yanwan. She also invited the evil spirits of Guigu to witness that Mu Yunge was forced to and Mo Yanwan’s spiritual card A prostration was held.

The funeral ghost also sent people to arrest Mu Yunge’s ten friends of the same age and let them kill each other for the wedding. In the end, only one person could leave alive, and the ten people were from various sects in the rivers and lakes. They all did not want to die, for self-preservation. Exercising all his strength to start a melee, the scene suddenly flowed into a river of blood, the evil spirits waited for this moment, they couldn’t wait to suck human blood, and only one person was left. Mu Yunge had already been scared to death by this bloody scene.

Zhou Zishu followed Shen Shen and Zhao Jing all the way to Yueyang and stayed in the same hotel with them. Because Zhou Zishu had recovered his true colors, Zhang Chengling just thought he knew him well and couldn’t recognize him. Shen Shen and Zhao Jing packaged all the Wucheng wine in the inn. They greeted the wine. Shen Shen grumbled with Jiu Jin. They felt that Zhang Chengling was too cowardly to be useful, and suspected that Zhang Chengling had concealed the whereabouts of Liuli Jia. Zhao Jing felt that Zhang Chengling He was still young, but advised Shen Shen not to be too impatient, Zhang Chengling heard their conversation outside the window.

Han Ying was ordered to investigate the whereabouts of Liulijia. As soon as he arrived in Yueyang, he personally came to Gao Chong to inquire about the matter. Gao Chong asked three questions. Han Ying was very angry. The two had a fierce dispute. Gao Chong sneered at Han Ying. He kept saying that he was only loyal to being today’s son, sneered at King Jin and forced Han Ying away.

Shen Shen and Zhao Jing brought Zhang Chengling to the outside of Yueyang City quickly, and Gao Chong personally brought people to pick them up into the city. Gao Chong asked his only daughter Gao Xiaolian to take Zhang Chengling down to rest. Zhou Zishu came to the gate of the main rudder of the Yueyang School, and when he saw the tight guards here, he felt relieved. Suddenly, Zhou Zishu found that the guy selling the buns at the gate would use the skylight secret language to spread the message. He couldn’t help but breathe in. The skylight also inserted eyeliner in Yueyang School.

Zhou Zishu followed the guy who sold the buns and connected him with a whisper from the skylight. The man didn’t respond. He just pulled out the dagger hidden on the shelf and attacked Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zi took the knife and killed him and found the dagger. There was a poisonous scorpion sign on it, and Zhou Zishu only knew that he was the killer of the poisonous scorpion. Wen Kexing rushed over and exclaimed Zhou Zishu’s quick hand.

Wen Kexing wore a piece of glazed armor around his waist and deliberately flaunted him in the market. Zhou Zishu reminded him to be careful everywhere, but he didn’t take it seriously. Zhou Zishu avoided him. Wen Kexing’s approach quickly attracted the attention of the Yueyang school disciples. They interrogated the two of them. Zhou Zishu coped with it skillfully. Someone took advantage of the situation and stole the glass armor from Wen Kexing’s waist. He was overjoyed, just thinking In order to provoke disputes.

Gu Xiang was bored, so he went to the tavern alone to drank booze. Seeing Xiao Liuzi and two drunk girls playing and singing songs, Gu Xiang hurried over to relieve the girl, severely taught the three of them, and drove them all away. Cao Weining, the young owner of the Breeze Sword School, was also drinking here. He was full of praise for Gu Xiang’s approach and actively invited her to drink and taste food. Gu Xiang feasted, and the two people talked more and more speculatively.

At this moment, Xiao Liuzi brought Yueyang Sect disciple Zhu Yaozhi and others to the tavern to question Master Gu Xiangxing. Gu Xiang was furious, and Cao Weining stepped up to explain the situation. Zhu Yaozhi severely taught Xiao Liuzi, who was frightened. To escape, Zhu Yaozhi repeatedly apologized to Gu Xiang and Cao Weining.

Zhou Zishu brought Wen Kexing to the pub to inquire about the news. He put an orchid bean on his chopsticks according to the rules. Upon seeing this, the clerk in the pub hurried over to signal to Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu saw Gu Xiang and Cao Weining serving wine on the second floor Yan Huan talked about poems and songs. Wen Kexing was very angry and hurried upstairs to hold him accountable. Cao Weining was sent away in a few words. Wen Kexing warned Gu Xiang not to get involved with arty people like Cao Weining.

When Cao Weining checked out that his purse had been stolen, the boy was unwilling and the two quarreled. Wen Kexing offered to pay for Cao Weining and asked Zhou Zishu for money, but Zhou Zishu refused to give it. After Gu Xiang came, she found that Zhou Zishu was handsome and unrestrained. She couldn’t help but touch him and touched his face. Zhou Zishu was not angry. Wen Kexing mocked Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu had to Taking the money to let him check out, Wen Kexing took the opportunity to order the best banquet.

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