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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 19 Recap

Ever since Chang Sheng updated the article according to Tian Mi’s request, the click rate of each article has hovered between 80,000 and 90,000, and has never been able to break through to more than 100,000. Therefore, Tian Mi wants him to change the title and keywords again, but he does not know the right thing to do. People chat in full swing, and the Mahjong group of four is also conspiring to plot something secretly.

They found the problem of click-through rate, so they organized various group members to mobilize their respective social relations to click on the articles of Changsheng Winner’s official account, which would soon increase the popularity of the official account, but Chang Sheng thought that all this was to be blamed on himself Strength. After reading more than 100,000, Tian Mi immediately went to Cai Dongmei for a meeting, while Lao Kang took the opportunity to show her business card with a few characters from the head of the marketing department printed on it, which caused dissatisfaction among others.

Since everyone was in the marketing department at the same time, and considering the job distribution of several people, Tian Mi didn’t want to cause more trouble. She simply arranged for Lao Kang to be the supervisor externally and equal status internally. Others expressed their support. Tian Mi sent some forms of potential customers to Cai Dongmei and others, asking them to divide into two groups to find customers, and promised that as long as the signing of the order is successful, there will be a 5% commission.

Lao Kang wanted to fight alone, so after the consent of the other three people, he couldn’t help feeling triumphant, and then went to Du Juan, the dean of the nursing home who he admired for a long time, and wanted to get alone from her. Knowing that Du Juan was worrying about recruiting volunteers, he paid for her out of pocket to advertise on the official account of the winning winners. Although it cost money, he was the first business he got.

With the first order, everyone else became active, but within a few days they began to show their true shape and gathered at the mahjong table all day long. Tian Mi and Chang Sheng convened a meeting with Cai Dongmei, Zhang Qiuju, and Li Ming. They euphemistically criticized the three for not being enterprising and only playing mahjong. How unexpectedly they used this method to negotiate a few advertising business, but Chang Sheng was surprised.

At the same time, when Li Menglin was at work, he was called by the leftover dog to talk. He could not help reminding Li Meng when he saw broken biscuits in the non-dining area and prepared breakfast for her. Faced with the uncharacteristics of the dog’s leftovers, Li Meng ate the breakfast with confusion, and didn’t understand until he arrived at the 4S shop.

Luo Jiang went to find Li Meng in private to understand the specific problem of Tian Mi’s debt. Originally, Li Meng wanted to conceal this matter, but when he saw that he really wanted to help, he simply provided a list of creditors and explained the truth at the same time. After seeing this list of creditors, Luo Jiang keenly realized that Wan Bianqian was a person who could be used, and then met with Bianqian, and handed him a special person, which was to try his best to acquire Tian Mi from other debtors. The condition is that Luo Jiang will repay the money Tian Mi owes hundreds of thousands, and give extra remuneration by the way.

With everyone’s unanimous statement, Chang Sheng finally agreed to sign an order with the nursing home, and received a transfer of 30,000 yuan in advertising fees that night. However, after Chang Sheng’s careful check, it was accidentally discovered that the money was actually transferred from Lao Kang’s account. He became suspicious and hurried to find Tian Mi to analyze the reasons.

There were nothing more than three. One was that the nursing home transferred the money to Lao Kang. Second, Lao Kang paid in advance, or Lao Kang had blacked out the money for the nursing home. In order to prevent the third situation from happening, Chang Sheng decided to take Tian Mi to the nursing home to investigate.

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