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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 9 Recap

Miao Fei hurried to the hospital. The doctor said that Miao Huanyang was fine, but be careful not to have too much mood swings. Ma Shang and Miao Fei entered the ward together. Miao Huanyang looked okay. Seeing Ma Shang came, he was very concerned and eagerly helped him read the documents. Miao Fei was worried about Miao Huanyang’s body and let Ma Shang go first. Miao Huanyang did not forget to urge Miao Fei to handle interpersonal relationships.

When Ma Shang came home, his parents told him that people from Guoan were coming, but they were innocent and were not afraid of being investigated. Ma Mu asked if his girlfriend from Ma Shang University was called Jingjing. The person who came today was also called Jingjing. Ma Shang bowed his head to eat without speaking.

After dinner, Ma Shang went out again. The father of Ma was very worried that his affairs would affect Ma Shang and the company’s business. Ma’s mother comforted him. It’s no big deal. After all, Ma Shang is also at work, and his family is not short of money. He Zixuan investigates Xu He, and Jingjing and Du Meng investigate the internal personnel of Dinghua Group.

Miao Huanyang was lying on the hospital bed and was shocked to see Xu He’s figure through the doors and windows. Miao Fei had something to do, and Xu He entered the ward. Miao Huanyang was surprised to see Xu He. Miao Huanyang said that he would never help Xu He again, and asked him to get out. Xu He said that if he was gone, the data he had accumulated for so many years would be useless. Miao Huanyang was anxious and said that he wanted to die.

Miao Fei had already arrived outside the ward. The words of Miao Huanyang and Xu He were all heard. Xu He was about to come out. Miao Fei hurried to the top of the stairs with fright. He didn’t come out quietly until he heard Xu He’s footsteps disappear. Xu He quietly waited for her at the door. The coffee in Miao Fei’s hand spilled all over the floor.

She had seen Xu He at the funeral, but regardless of his and Miao Huanyang’s past, Miao Huanyang had retired and hoped that Xu He would stop pestering him. However, Xu He said that his father’s debt was paid by his daughter, and Miao Fei was still in the company. Xu He asked Miao Fei to do what he should do, and then Miao Huanyang would be fine.

Ma Shang sighed. He always felt that Father Ma was killed by himself. He calmly comforted that Father Ma was involved in this case, and that Ma Shang would investigate him regardless of whether or not Ma Shang was involved. The Sky Eye system located Xu He, but as soon as he left the hospital, Xu He disappeared again. Miao Lu came to see Miao Huanyang, Miao Fei looked absent-minded, Miao Huanyang didn’t notice.

The next day, people from Guoan came to Ma Shang for questioning, and Ma Shang pretended to be puzzled and went in. Ma Shang and Jing Jing waited for a cutscene, and Miao Fei was the next one to question. Ma Shang and Cheng Lei made an appointment to have lunch. Cheng Lei said that Yang Xun was a little uncomfortable, and he also advised Ma Shang to beware of Yang Xun. Don’t talk to the company about what happened in his home.

Miao Fei was a little disintegrated in the face of Jing’s and Du Meng’s questioning. She had been questioned many times before, and Jing had to ask her who had visited Miao Huanyang. Miao Fei saw Xu He’s photo and said that she had been to the hospital yesterday and should be a business friend of Miao Huanyang. Quietly told Miao Fei that they would provide help as long as he needs it.

Jing Jing and others were watching a video of Yu Haoran being questioned. Yu Haoran asked for leave when Jia Changan was involved, but it was confirmed that he had gone. But the most important thing was that Jia Changan and Miao Fei were getting engaged at the time, so why did Yu Haoran go there? Miao Fei intends to throw away all Jia Changan’s things. She thought it was destined to drink Jia Changan together, but now she is a little uncertain. Isn’t he really for Miao Huanyang’s resources?

Miao Fei received a call from Xu He asked her to go downstairs, and immediately went down in a hurry. He gave Miao Fei a card and asked her to find a chance to plug it into Professor Zou’s computer. After returning home, Miao Fei thanked Zhou Lian for her company, but now she needs to be alone, Zhou Lian had to leave. As soon as the door closed, Miao Fei squatted hoarsely on the ground crying bitterly. Ma Shang specially bought dessert for Jing Jing, and He Zixuan and Du Meng were jealous. Du Meng felt that Miao Fei also had a problem.

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