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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 8 Recap

Yang Xun received a call from Pang Yishan and could only say not to leave with Zhou Lian. Pang Yishan said that Ma Shang was going to work at the company. Yang Xun was surprised. Pang Yishan said that he would be drawn before Miao Fei was back. The horse father and horse mother were very happy that Ma Shang was able to apply for the job successfully, and they let Ma Shang drive his new car to work. Ma Shang sent a message to Jingan to tell the news, and Jingan returned two words in a brief and terrifying manner.

Ma Shang was a little awkward. Jing Jing once again asked Ma Shang if he really thought about it. After all, there was danger, Ma Shang did not reply. It was not until a long time later that Ma Shang said that he had thought clearly, that entering the company can promote the development of the case, he must go, and quietly said that he would fully cooperate with him.

One of the transportation companies that transported ore to Changan Science and Technology is Junhai Logistics. The boss and Miao Huanyang knew each other. Du Meng thought it was a bit tricky. Xu He could not find any background information. Ma Shang will enter Dinghua tomorrow. Song Bureau asked them to cooperate with his work. Quietly, he thought that all the clues boiled down to one point. Xu He and Miao Huanyang have a close relationship.

They have a close relationship with Dinghua, and their investigation of Xu He is beneficial and harmless, and Song Ju agrees. Du Meng reported on the affairs of Junhai Company. The boss was Ma Shang’s father. The Song Bureau asked him to follow the rules. Don’t forget to take care of Ma Shang’s emotions, quiet but a little worried.

Quietly asked Ma Shang to meet, and gave him a card, which was a universal card that Song Bureau asked her to hand over, which could unlock all the access controls of Dinghua. Ma Shang saw that there was something in Jing’s heart, and Jing still confessed. Ma Shang did not expect his father to be involved in Changan Technology, but he had confidence in Ma’s father. It doesn’t matter what Ma Shang asked Jingjing to do, and it doesn’t matter if there is a disturbance, just use the things checked at home to let the other party relax their vigilance. Being quiet will affect Ma Shang’s mood, but Ma Shang’s Dingli is still very good.

The next day, Ma Shang formally joined Dinghua. Yang Xun took him to familiarize himself with the environment and said that he was convinced that he had lost. Miao Fei returned to work at the company. Miao Lu was very worried that she would have to follow. Miao Fei said that she would get on the right track as soon as possible and focus on work to feel better and would not commit suicide. Only then did Miao Lu willing to leave.

Yang Xun took Ma Shang to meet with Professor Zou. Professor Zou has a strange temper. He is doing research with researcher Cheng Lei. Ma Shang took the initiative to shake hands with Cheng Lei but was ignored. He had exactly the same temper as Professor Zou, but Yu Haoran greeted him enthusiastically and was scolded by Professor Zou. Yang Xun and Ma Shang left in embarrassment, and immediately went to see Lin Xiaolan. Lin Xiaolan left Ma Shang alone.

Jing Jing and Du Meng went to Ma Shang’s house and asked the horse father a question. The horse mother was very vigilant and asked to see their documents. Jingjing and Du Meng asked to read the transportation records, and also asked them to sort out the personnel files, and said that they would frequently ask some questions recently, and Ma’s father was very cooperative.

Lin Xiaolan called Miao Fei and Ma Shang. Ma Shang said bluntly that he would like to thank Miao Huanyang. Miao Fei said that it was his ability to hire. Miao Fei asked Ma Shang to drink coffee together. Ma Shang had been talking about safety just now, and he was also more professional than Miao Fei imagined. Miao Huanyang often mentioned Father Ma and Ma Shang, but she didn’t mean to win over Ma Shang. Instead, she reminded Ma Shang to do her own job, and it is better to do her own job.

Quietly told Du Meng that the investigation of Ma Shang was actually to cover him, so he didn’t need to worry so much. Miao Lu was shocked when she found Miao Huanyang fainted at home, and hurriedly called an ambulance. Miao Fei watched the picture of herself and Jia Changan burst into tears. Yang Xun, who sent the document, reminded Ma Shang that she was in a bad mood and notice.

Just as Ma Shang was about to talk to Miao Fei about the project, Miao Fei hurried away, saying that Miao Huanyang had a heart attack. Ma Shang hurriedly drove her to the hospital. Du Meng, Jingjing and others are investigating Xu He’s identity, but they have made no progress. Everyone has some misgivings about the case, and quietly said that everyone is eligible to join the task force, but this case is special, so I hope everyone will not be depressed. After the case is solved, the honor belongs to everyone.

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