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Red Cuff of the Sleeve (2021) 옷소매 붉은 끝동

Red Cuff of the Sleeve (2020)
Other Title: 옷소매 붉은 끝동/ Otsomae Bulgeun Kkeutdong / Red Sleeve / Dress Sleeved Red / The Red Sleeve Cuff / 옷 소매 붉은 끝동 (ot so-mae bolk-eun kkeut-dong)

Genres: Drama, historical, romance
South Korea
Jung Ji In
Jung Hae Ri (정해리)
Release Date:
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  • Park Hye Soo as Sung Duk Im (Royal concubine Seong Ui-bin)
  • Kim Kyung Nam as King Jeongjo

Born a slave’s daughter, Sung Duk Im rises to become Royal Consort Sung Ui Bin to King Jeongjo of Joseon.

The drama set in the Joseon period, revolves around the love story between King Jeongjo and the royal concubine Seong Ui-bin, a royal historical figure and the biological mother of Prince Mun-hyo, who was a court lady before she became queen.

The king loved the court lady . However, the king’s life was bleak and he chose to be the king before the man. Inevitably, I took away what I gave. I took it for granted to receive rather than give. The world put women in a row and wondered who was the most favored, but did not question whether the women really loved the king. Thanks to this, the court maid, whose judgment was twisted, refused. Then my life, which had been insignificant, was shaken.

This is a historical drama romance novel about the life of Deokim ‘s life and love with Jeongjo . In fact, it is more like a historical novel about romance. The author is Kang Mi-gang. He was 17 years old (in Korean age) in 2007, so it seems he was born in 1991 . He said he majored in business administration . It is said that this is the first work, so he made his debut at the young age of 27.

The political history of the Jeongjo era, which was exposed a lot in the media, is lightly turned over as a background or only as much as necessary for development. Compared to the sacrifice of historical evidence for the smooth development of the play or fun, this work is quite consistent with actual history. The personal and trivial records behind the heavy political history were well discovered and utilized to fit the genre’s characteristics.

There is a greater weight of adaptation of actual events than episodes created with imagination. It is faithful to the romance genre by focusing on the two male and female protagonists. However, he avoided the dramatic exaggerated description of Jeongjo as a lover. From the actual record, I raised the reality by pointing out all the questions about whether it would be an action to do to a woman who loves that much.

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