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Hush 허쉬 Episode 11 Recap

An Jiyun has always existed to cover up all kinds of unbearable things, and he must have bribed the daily high-level of Korea. He is a man who was born for profit. When Deputy Chief Liang and others saw Han Jun Hyuk and An Ji Yun coming in and out, their eyes seemed to want to shoot them through.

Han Junhyuk is still searching various news, An Jiyun suddenly sent an email, including a news about a part-time student who was resigned because of an angry boss brandishing a knife. This matter quickly fermented on the Internet, and the opinions were also polarized, but the truth was not fully disclosed.

The reason is that part-time students cannot get the boss’s salary and want to report. If the part-time student really swings the knife at the boss, then it is a criminal case of attempted murder, but the question is whether the part-time student really swings the knife. Looking at a case from different angles, you will always get a different answer, and Li Zhixiu also began to conduct an interview on this matter.

The answer that Li Zhixiu and Jingyu interviewed the boss at Nalin Snack Bar was that part-time students were unwilling to sign labor contracts and refused to pay wages because part-time students had worked for less than a week. However, the part-time students were very frightened, insisting that the boss did not take the initiative to give the contract and threatened him with a knife, which would lead to the final result.

All day, Han Junhyuk was thinking about why Luo Sung-won gave the right to interview to Lee Ji-soo. When he suddenly figured out something, he was about to leave but was blocked by Minister Yin at the door. According to Minister Yoon, there are internal whistleblowers in South Korea every day who want to make public that Wu Soo-yeon’s death was a homicide.

Li Zhixiu didn’t know what angle he should write this news from. After a long time, he planned to drink with Jingyu but was refused by the other party. Jingyu returned home, eating simple curry rice alone, listening to his mother’s care on the phone, but it hurt his heart. Although there is no date, Jingyu would rather feel alone at home.

Perhaps Li Ji-su no longer trusted Han Jun-hyuk on the surface and was extremely disappointed in him, but when Han Jun-hyuk came to her again, Li Ji-su subconsciously chose to believe it. Regarding the Nalin snack dispute, Han Junhe specifically confessed that Li Zhixiu should not add personal emotions, only the facts.

Han Junhyuk didn’t have much explanation for this, but Li Zhixiu chose to trust at the first time, and reminded Jingyu that what they showed in front of them may not be all the facts. Such reports obviously surprised Luo Chengyuan. Obviously, he hoped that the reports written by Li Zhixiu would be entirely from the perspective of part-time students and ignore the existence of the truth.

After Li Zhixiu’s investigation, Boss Nalin has indeed put down the knife, and has no idea of ​​actually causing harm to part-time students. On the contrary, Jingyu did not pay attention to the facts revealed by the monitoring, but strictly criticized and discredited the owner of the Nalin snack bar from the perspective of part-time students.

An important briefing caught Li Zhixiu’s attention. The words violently promoted that the snack bar owner was exploiting part-time students with the intention of hurting others or even retaliating. When Li Zhixiu recalled the surveillance, the boss’s mouth seemed to be saying “You really want to die”, but it can also be regarded as “I really want to die”.

The two sides of the matter gradually expanded, but because of online comments, people thought that what they saw was the truth, and, filled with righteous indignation, posted a convenience sign at the entrance of the snack bar to ask the boss to die and other remarks. When Li Zhixiu arrived at the scene, the snack bar had already closed.

The reason why Luo Chengyuan adopted Jingyu’s news is also to repeat the old tricks. First, let the snack bar owner become the target of public criticism. In the end, the reverse is true, which is bound to bring great benefits.

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