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Hush 허쉬 Episode 10 Recap

With the recommendation of Luo Chengyuan, Han Junhyuk successfully promoted him to the planning control department and became the top of the 15th floor. Only working on the 15th floor requires a confidentiality agreement to be signed. If a half-minute is leaked, you need to bear legal responsibility. At the same time, the phone used to contact is also an exclusive mobile phone.

As a secretary who is also a reporter, she is very aware of Han Jun Hyuk’s character and style over the years, and she seems to be a little confused about why he came to the 15th floor. But the monitoring in the house made Han Junhyuk only answer with salary, not to mention the person in front of him is not worthy of his trust.

As a former partner, it was natural that he could not accept Han Junhyuk’s betrayal, especially Jin Jihe was even more emotional, even Deputy Chief Zheng could not but be disappointed even though he understood. Compared with them, apart from anger, Li Zhixiu is left with despair and regret, but Han Junhyuk has made up his mind to be an incomprehensible bad person in front of them.

After officially taking up his post, Han Jun-hyuk suddenly discovered that Minister Yan had been promoted to be the head of the room and was his direct supervisor. This was obviously not good news. As the two were at war, V News representative An Jiyun came to meet the two, and the work officially began.

No Gain No Pain has developed into a medium-to-large page with more than 1 million fans in a short period of time, especially after the accident happened between the son of Mr. Cheng Chel-wook and a part-time delivery student who used NSN as a medium to trade labor. Han Jun Hyuk proposed to restart this topic, collect all the stories of irregular short-term part-time students who encountered improper treatment, and upload them to the No Gain No Pain webpage, causing even greater discussion.

Too late is the effect that Han Jun Hyuk thinks of achieving. Although it sounds risky, the benefits are also great. This kind of thinking made An Jiyun admire Han Junhyuk. Minister Yoon was naturally the most unhappy person among them, but with the support of An Jiyun, he couldn’t speak against him.

Han Jun Hyuk didn’t trust the president, and An Ji Yoon admired Han Jun Hyuk on the surface, but he didn’t trust him either. He just waited for Han Jun Hyuk to get close by himself. At night, when Han Jun Hyuk watched his former partner drinking, he could only leave alone.

Deputy Chief Liang was promoted to minister, and she also firmly believed that Han Junhyuk was betraying them in order to obtain information from the president, but Lee Ji-soo didn’t think so. At the same time, the promotion of Deputy Chief Liang also made Deputy Chief Zheng a hit, but no matter who it was, the pressure of life made them have to persist.

President Ren of Jinyan Enterprise was improper and Gao Youchang made a false confession on behalf of Mr. Gao Soo-do. The prosecutor showed Gao Youbian a specific crime plan and forced him to make a false confession. Gao Youbian denied these facts, and his son was appointed as the assistant officer of Gao Soo-do not long ago. This is when Li Zhixiu and others want to publish news privately, such reports have already appeared on the Internet.

Han Jun Hyuk’s handling of the news also made the president admire him greatly, and at the same time he trusted Luo Chengyuan, who promoted him even more. And whenever Minister Yoon wanted to target Han Jun Hyuk, An Ji Yun would always come forward to relieve the siege, and Han Jun Hyuk took the initiative to date her as she thought.

Li Zhixiu and others are still drinking in the old restaurant. Everyone is angry at what Han Junhyuk has done, but Deputy Chief Zheng still seems unwilling to give up. It was Han Jun Hyuk who put forward the idea of ​​”Shh”, even if they no longer trust Han Jun Hyuk, they still want to implement the “Shh” to the end.

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