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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 42 End Recap

Liu Min called suddenly, and Guan Shanshan had to accompany Liu Min to try the wedding dress, and asked Yu Bo and Gao Han to take Wang Dongyang for an examination. The results of the examination surprised the two of them. Wang Dongyang only found someone on the Internet to read it, but did not go there. The hospital checked and found that all his indicators were normal. Guan Shanshan accompanies Liu Min to try on the wedding dress. Liu Min asked her to try on the wedding dress together. Guan Shanshan is a girl and longing for a beautiful wedding dress, so she agreed to try it.

When Wang Dongyang woke up and saw his own test report, he couldn’t believe that he was safe and sound, but Xiaohong had been mad at him. He rushed out and vowed to get Xiaohong back. At this time, Gao Han received a call from Liu Min and asked him to go to the bridal shop to try on clothes. When he arrived, he happened to see Guan Shanshan wearing a wedding dress. Liu Min urged him to change into the dress, and Guan Shanshan took the initiative to give them a family of three. Take a group photo. Liu Min asked Xiaoxiao to go home with Gao Han, while he went back to the hospital. Everyone had no objections.

Wang Dongyang finally knew that he was not sick, but couldn’t find Ma Xiaohong, so he hid in the room and wept. Tomorrow is the wedding of Gao Han and Liu Min. Guan Shanshan gave Gao Han the cuff that had not been sent out. She was ready to move out. After Liu Min and Gao Han remarried, she could not live anymore. The next day they went to the hospital to pick up people, but they heard from the nurse that Liu Min had been transferred to the hospital for surgery and that this wedding was actually prepared by Liu Min for Gao Han and Guan Shanshan.

Desperate Wang Dongyang received a call from He Yuwen, and finally ignited a glimmer of hope, and immediately set off to find Ma Xiaohong. Gao Han went to the room to find Yu Bo. Liu Min’s approach reminded him of Kang Qian. Everything Kang Qian did was for him, and even left to fulfill Yu Bo. Yu Bo returned to the car dealership alone. The car dealer saw all the wine bottles in Kang Qian’s collection, and Kang Qian left a letter in one of the bottles. Had Yu Bo come back, she would have never seen this letter.

Ma Xiaohong was hurt by feelings. She hid herself to heal. She came to Thailand to play and relax. A coincidence that she met He Yuwen’s team. As soon as he said hello to He Yuwen, Wang Dongyang appeared from one side and asked Ma Xiaohong. Caught off guard. In fact, this meeting was prepared by He Yuwen for Wang Dongyang, but Ma Xiaohong ran away when he saw Wang Dongyang. Wang Dongyang caught up with him. After explaining, he took out the long-prepared ring.

Ma Xiaohong asked him to go to He Yuwen to play a basketball game, and promised Wang Dongyang as long as she won. This time, Wang Dongyang never backed down. It was just that he was not as good as others and could not beat the opponent at all, but they could still see Wang Dongyang’s efforts. He Yuwen persuaded Ma Xiaohong to give Wang Dongyang a chance, and Ma Xiaohong finally changed his mind. Yu Bo would often go back to the car dealership and would bring a bottle of wine every time he went.

How did he meet Kang Qian, who had gone and returned this day before. After so many days of torture, he also knew that he was right. Kang Qian’s feelings, the two were finally able to open their hearts. Gao Han and Guan Shanshan were also able to be together happily. Their family was reunited and they could finally live together carefree. That day everyone went camping. Gao Han received a call from Dafa and learned that Dudu was true. It is a test tube baby, but these are not important anymore. They have regarded Dudu as their biological child and will take care of him forever.

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