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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 1 Recap


According to legend, Luo Wuzi, who is good at organ skills, helped Li Si build the mausoleum for Qin Shihuang, and was named the tomb king by Qin Shihuang. Over the years, there are countless disciples under Luo Wuzi’s family, most of them are imperial family and nobles. They study institutions and build intricate tombs. Later generations guard these tombs for generations. Among them, there are nine tombs in the rivers and lakes that are revered as the tomb kings. King , they are all the tombs guarded by the Tomb-Keeping School.

The traps are very dangerous. They are also known to be unstolen for a thousand years and never broken forever. The group of people who have guarded these nine tombs for generations are called the Tomb King School. After Luo Wuzi died, he did not pass the position of the Tomb King to his son, but to Murong Xiu, the most respected disciple, which caused dissatisfaction with the descendants of the Luo family. The Tomb King faction began to split into two factions, one headed by Murong.

One of the tomb guarding factions is the tomb attacking faction headed by the Luo family. The two big families agreed in front of the emperor that if either faction breaks the nine strange tombs, they can reincarnate as the king of the tomb. For thousands of years, the two big sects have been in the same situation, competing constantly. Many forces in the arena have coveted the treasures of the tomb king, and even the court has been eyeing it. For a while, all forces are ready to move.

Legend has it that Luo Wuzi helped Qin Shihuang build the Mausoleum of the first emperor and built nine strange tombs to store all the world’s rare treasures. He was named the tomb king by Qin Shihuang and established the Tomb School to be responsible for the construction and protection of the royal tombs in order to prevent future generations from guarding and stealing the tombs. , Luo Wuzi divided the tomb faction into the Luo family’s tomb attacking faction and the Murong family’s tomb guarding faction to check and balance each other. For thousands of years, the offensive and defensive factions have maintained a balance, and the Murong family has abided by their duties, followed the rules, and inherited the tomb king for more than ten generations.

However, history has entered the turbulent Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Murong Xian, the guardian of the tomb, succeeded to the throne. Rumors of his guarding and stealing spread like wildfire. This caused the undercurrent of the tomb of martial arts to surge and the balance between the offensive and defensive factions became more and more fragile.

Luo ShiqiuHolding the map, climbing on the cliffs and finding the Flower-Eating Broken Soul Sword, he finally exhausted his power to take the Flower-Eating Broken Soul Sword off and was stared at by the monster in the water. A woman who transformed water came to the shore to help Luo Shiqiu fight off the monsters, and pulled Luo Shiqiu to run away from the danger zone. Luo Shiqiu thanked the woman for her rescue, and asked who the woman was.

The woman only said that she was a chivalrous woman walking across the rivers and lakes. Seeing the sword in Luo Shiqiu’s hand It was extraordinary. After asking about it, I found out that it was the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword. It was ranked third in the world’s weapon spectrum and was a unique short sword in the world. At the same time, on the other side, the tomb training is being selected, groups of teenagers broke into the tomb, and the bows and arrows that suddenly flew in the first level caused a lot of damage to them.

After the woman deceived the Flower Devouring Soul Broken Sword, she was unwilling to return it to Luo Shiqiu, so Luo Shiqiu had to grab it. Luo Shiqiu scolded the woman as a female thief, and the woman told Luo Shiqiu not to talk nonsense. She was the eldest Mo Gong sect.Lin Shuiyao, Although the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword came from the Luo family, it belonged to the Mo family early in the morning. Lin Shuiyao insisted not to return the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword to Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu used his skills to grab it. Later, he not only grabbed the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword, but also a hero to save the beauty.

A young man riding a horse saw Luo Shiqiu’s figure, and immediately dismounted and let Luo Shiqiu return to the ancestral hall quickly. Luo Shiqiu saw that the flower-devouring soul-breaking sword was snatched by Lin Shuiyao again, feeling unhappy. Xiao Si Fei took Luo Shiqiu to participate in the selection of tomb training. Luo Shiqiu was not interested in the selection. Xiao Si said that the person who won the first place will get the cold blood ancient sword. When Luo Shiqiu heard the ancient sword of cold blood, he hurried back on horseback to participate in the selection.

Luo Shiqiu entered the tomb, easily hacked the mechanism in the tomb, got the ancient sword of cold blood, and came to the crowd unharmed. In front of everyone, the leader announced that Luo Shiqiu had become the tomb attacker, and immediately went to Guzi Tomb to attack the tomb to prevent Murongxian, who was guarding and stealing himself.

According to the ancestral system, if the ancestors attacked the tomb of the Tomb Sect, if they attacked the Guzi Tomb of the Sect tomb and obtained the order to break the tomb, they could become the king of the tomb. After paying homage to the ancestors, the head gave Luo Shiqiu an ancient sword of cold blood, allowing Luo Shiqiu to stop Murongxian’s evil deeds as a tomb attacker.

Murong YeAfter receiving the flying pigeon letter from the Luo family, he showed it to his father, Murongxian, and said that the Luo family seemed to be prepared for a long time. Murongxian asked Murong Ye to notify him and make preparations to guard the tomb. The family and the tomb guard made Chu Yunxi issue orders and ordered her to prepare immediately. Murong Ye applied to his father to lead troops to the Guzi Tomb. Murongxian listened to Murong Ye’s plan and decided to leave the matter of Guzi Tomb to be handled by him.

Chu Yunxi received instructions from Murongxian to keep her tomb. On the way to the tomb of Guzi, Luo Shiqiu passed a tea house, where he met Lin Shuiyao again. Lin Shuiyao saw Luo Shiqiu and left the teahouse immediately, not wanting to be caught up by Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu carried the ancient sword of cold blood on his back, and was no longer interested in the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword. Now Lin Shuiyao owed him an apology, and Lin Shuiyao didn’t say anything, he entangled him.

Lin Shuiyao didn’t want to be too involved with Luo Shiqiu, so she had to apologize to Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu received an apology and went to the teahouse. The four ghost-faced people stopped Lin Shuiyao, saying that Lin Shuiyao had already given Lin Shuiyao to their young master, and now they were taking Lin Shuiyao to the tomb of Guzi. Lin Shuiyao didn’t want to marry the young master, and could not beat the four by one, so he shouted for help.

Luo Shiqiu heard the shouting and rushed to rescue Lin Shuiyao. Luo Shiqiu was attacked,Lou Man FengHe came to help Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu didn’t know why Lou Manfeng came. Lou Manfeng explained that he received the master’s notice and attacked the tomb together with Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu praised that his uncle was kind to him. Although Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng had teamed up to repel the Guimianren, Lin Shuiyao had been taken away by the Guimianren.

Lou Manfeng speculated that the ghost-faced man’s plan to attack Luo Shiqiu and attack the tomb of Guzi may have been exposed. It is not suitable to stay here for a long time, and quickly leave with Luo Shiqiu. Lin Shuiyao was brought to Murong Ye by a ghost-faced man. Murong Ye escorted Lin Shuiyao to see her future husband-in-law. Lin Shuiyao didn’t want to see him, so Murong Ye said that Lin Shuiyao’s future husband-in-law, Kylin Young Master, had volunteered to practice in the Guzi Tomb in order to marry Lin Shuiyao. .

Lou Manfeng and Luo Shiqiu came to the last village that passed the Guzi Tomb, and it looked so lively. Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng were eating and chatting. Luo Shiqiu’s unicorn arm practiced to the eighth floor, only one level away from breaking the ninth city. Lou Manfeng suggested that Luo Shiqiu use the anti-drug pill for people with poisoned blood. Help Luo Shiqiu practice unicorn arm magic and unlock the unicorn lock. Lou Manfeng saw the Faqiu faction gang as a tomb thiefQin SihaiHe also came to attack the tomb of Guzi and quickly told Luo Shiqiu that Luo Shiqiu hated the tomb robbers most.

He didn’t want Qin Sihai to succeed, so he could only go to the tomb of Guzi before Qin Sihai. When they arrived at the tomb of Guzi, they saw the sealed tomb. Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng didn’t find the opening to the tomb of Guzi according to Feng Shui until the evening. They were stopped by Chu Yunxi before entering. Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng beat one by two, and Luo Shiqiu was finally driven off the cliff by Chu Yunxi.

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