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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 45 End Recap

Su Dingfang selected a dozen girls in advance and asked them to put on the same clothes and the same masks as Kudi Liuli. If Pei Xingjian could find Kudi Liuli from these people, Su Dingfang would agree to the two of them to enjoy the lanterns together.

In the twinkling of an eye, Chang’an City was very lively, with lights and festoons at home, there were opera singers, juggling and dragon lanterns in the street, and people lingered among the various lanterns. Su Dingfang and his wife took Ku Di Liuli and the girls onto the street. Su Dingfang saw from a distance that someone who looked like Pei Xingjian pulled up a masked girl and left.

He rushed over to take off the man’s mask and recognized him as Pei Xingjian. The guard, Acheng, Su Dingfang realized that he was missing a girl before realizing that he had taken off the masks of Pei Xingjian and Hulishan, so that the girls all took off their masks. As expected, Kudi Liuli was missing.

Pei Xingjian took Kudi Liuli and ran to the tower in one breath. The two of them were extremely excited. Kudi Liuli reported to him the actions of Princess Linhai. Pei Xingjian weighed repeatedly and decided to accept the mansion given by Princess Linhai. He wanted to find some reliable maids for Kudi Liuli, and vowed to let her lead a carefree life from now on. The people watching the lights on the street were bustling, and Pei Xingjian and Kudi Liuli seemed to be out of the way. Enjoying the splendid fireworks together, we can’t help but embrace each other deeply.

The day after tomorrow is the big day when Pei Xingjian and Kudi Liuli get married. They are ready, but they lack two trustworthy maids. Kudi Liuli came to Anshiro for help. Anshiro promised, Kudi Liuli also took out Pei Xingjian’s in Luoyang. Please ask Amshiro to check the details of the list of houses and shops. Princess Linhai has always taken care of them.

Kudi Liuli came to Kudi’s mansion with her dowry. She was going to marry from here. Kudi Yanzhong was ecstatic, and casually said that Coral was going to marry Pei Ruzhuo as a concubine. Kudi Liuli guessed that this was the Linhai chief. The conspiracy planned by the princess and Mrs. Pei is inconvenient to oppose. It just reminds Coral to guard against the overt and secret fights of those big families.

Coral wants to marry a wealthy family, but she doesn’t care about it. A Cao wanted Kudi Liuli to strongly recommend the maid Achun and Atao. Kudi Liuli could tell at a glance that they were both trained by a large family. Gudi Liuli guessed that they were sent by the Hedong government to monitor her. Kudi Liuli decidedly Refuse.

An Shiro brought A Ni and Xiao Tan to see Ku Di Liu Li. Ku Di Liu Li didn’t want to wrong A Ni to be a maid, but A Ni would rather stay by her side and wait. Linhai Princess Linhai was furious when she learned that Kudi Liuli had rejected the maid she had chosen. She gave Madam Pei a severe lesson, and Madam Pei pushed all the blame on Coral. Princess Linhai wanted to make a living and wanted to take advantage of it. Coral against Kudi Liuli.

Today is the day of the wedding of Kudi Liuli and Pei Xingjian. Kudi Liuli started dressing up early in the morning and put on the steps left by her mother. Her heart was mixed. A Ni helped her make up, and Pei Xingjian led the welcoming team to knock on the gong. Playing drums to pick up Kudi Liuli, he deliberately changed Ah Cheng into a red wedding dress, and he was holding two big geese. As soon as Ah Cheng entered the door, he was chased by bridesmaids. They regarded Ah Cheng as an official of the bridegroom and had to punish him in accordance with the custom. Suddenly, Ah Cheng was besieged by the girls, frightened and bitter, Pei Xingjian smiled and watched the excitement.

Pei Xingjian took advantage of the chaos and came to the embroidery room on the second floor. Ah Cheng followed. Pei Xingjian gave one of the geese to the bridesmaids, and then couldn’t wait to enter the house to pick up Kudi Liuli. Kudi Liuli and Pei Xingjian looked at each other, full of affection. Miyi, Pei Xingjian takes Ku Di Liuli home to get married.

Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi came to congratulate him, and they also brought a message from Li Zhi and Wu Zhaoyi to congratulate them on Tiancheng. When Sun Decheng saw that the little girl of the past finally got married, he was full of emotion and warned Kudi Liuli. He asked, wishing her a good relationship with Pei Xingjian for a hundred years, and Sun Decheng was about to return to the palace, and Kudi Liuli bowed down to him.

Next, Pei Xingjian and Ku Di Liuli completed the wedding ceremony amidst the blessings of relatives and friends. The two lovers finally got married and they entered the bridal chamber. Early the next morning, Pei Xingjian took his newly-married wife Ku Di Liuli on a boat trip and wrote a beautiful poem about a lifetime of love.

The end

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