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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 4 Recap

Miao Huanyang received a call and went to call. Miao Fei asked Miao Lu what she plans to do after graduation. She wanted to go for an internship in Dinghua Science and Technology Department. It was Qiao Xichuan who called Miao Huanyang, and Miao Huanyang persuaded him not to do the same as before, or he would set himself on fire. Jia Changan came, and Miao Fei seemed unwilling to forgive him. He seemed to be angry, but he was coaxed by Jia Changan’s sweet words. Jia Changan then went to Miao Huanyang.

Miao Huanyang heard that the incident in the afternoon advised him not to affect his family because of his work. Jia Changan also chatted with Miao Huanyang about work, hoping that he would help him get a new round of financing and increase the DS ore quota. Zhou Lian didn’t worry that Miao Fei would see through Jia Changan’s relationship with him. After all, Miao Fei was a young lady who grew up with a golden soup spoon, she was accustomed to being sought after by men, and she was confident of her charm.

Ma Shang told his parents that he had resigned and wanted to rent a house and move out. The parents would inevitably be worried and refused to agree. Jing Jing and Du Meng wanted the relevant departments to coordinate and let them lead the investigation by themselves, so that there would be no need for much fanfare. Ma Shang had reached an agreement with Jing Jing, but still felt a bit risky.

Song Ju asked Jing Jing and Ma Shang to follow him, and asked Ma Shang if he was uncomfortable when he came back. Ma Shang truthfully said that the human relationship is more troublesome than the big city. Song Ju understands it, just like he had just returned. Song Ju said that Quiet is different from Ma Shang in this respect. Her father is Lao Guoan. Ma Shang was very surprised and quietly turned his head and said nothing.

Miao Huanyang went to meet an old friend, very mysterious. Sitting on the sofa was an old man named Xu He. Miao Huanyang was a little unhappy to disagree with him. Although they had cooperated back then, the policy has changed. Miao Huanyang does not want to put himself in. Hearing that Miao Huanyang’s daughter was getting married, he took out a gift. Miao Huanyang refused and said that the gift was too heavy, and he couldn’t take it. After Miao Huanyang left, Xu He took off his human skin mask and revealed Qiao Xichuan’s face.

At the meeting, Miao Huanyang announced that he had officially resigned and was going home to enjoy the family happiness. Everyone urged him to think again, but Miao Huanyang had made up his mind, but would stay in Dinghua as a consultant. Miao Fei was very worried about Miao Huanyang’s body. He had no objection to retire Miao Fei, but the physical issue was a major issue.

Miao Huanyang asked Miao Fei and Jia Changan to come back for dinner. I heard that Miao Huanyang had resigned and Jia Changan expressed his concern. Miao Huanyang said that he would think of a solution regarding quotas. On the way home, Jia Changan received another call from Zhou Lian. Miao Huanyang wanted to get more quota. Jia Changan told the truth and said not to meet again in a short time. Miao Huanyang has been talking tonight. Both Yin and Yang are weird, Jia Changan is a little wary. Zhou Lian was shocked to learn about Miao Huanyang’s resignation.

Quiet and Du Meng train with Du Meng, Du Meng has some emotions towards Ma Shang, quiet Du Meng can’t breathe out of his legs. Today is a quiet birthday. Du Meng personally chose a place to celebrate her birthday in the evening. Lao Sun cooperated with Jing and Du Meng to investigate and question Changan Science and Technology.

Jia Changan was very cooperative and said that he would not touch any laws. Du Meng felt that Jia Changan didn’t look like a ghost in his heart, but Quiet felt that he was a little too cooperative. Obviously, he was prepared in advance for the possibility of being investigated. Moreover, Jia Changan did not reject the important company information. As soon as they left, Jia Changan called Zhou Lian, obviously panicked.

Zhou Lian went to see Qiao Xichuan and told him about Miao Huanyang’s resignation by the way. Miao Huanyang was not very surprised.

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