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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 3 Recap

Quiet and others began to act, this time the tracking target was Liu Baoqiang. After Liu Baoqiang placed the things and contacted the line, Hao Zixuan found the target location and quickly notified Quiet, but didn’t want the target Zhou Lian to have thrown away his mobile phone and left, and received a call from Qiao Xichuan on the way saying that the police were tracking. Quietly command the person to follow the buyer, and Du Meng to follow Liu Baoqiang.

After too long the buyer won’t show up, so quietly let Du Meng arrest Liu Baoqiang. Ma Shang found a detail. The buyer chose to wait for Liu Baoqiang’s news at the highway intersection ramp because he did not expect Liu Baoqiang to have been monitored by them. The reason why he did not show up may be warned in advance.

Ma Shang and Qin Ting came to a suspicious location, Ma Shang inferred the figure of the suspect, and they might face a whole criminal organization. All the clues were broken, and Ma Shang couldn’t return to Beijing for a while, so he applied to the Qin Ting for a merger. When Liu Baoqiang was questioned, he immediately cried. He was too amateur compared with Chen Can. Du Meng was very depressed. What went wrong in this operation.

Song Ju took Jingjing and Du Meng to the dock, wishing them strict confidentiality of the people they would see in a while, including other colleagues from the Municipal Bureau. Ma Shang just waited outside, quietly glanced at him and followed Song Ju to enter. Ma Shang was sent by the headquarters to crack several major cases. Hao Zixuan is a master of information, and Jingjing and Du Meng are also very good talents under Song Ju. Several people sat down and discussed what happened today.

Zhou Lian didn’t understand what went wrong with the action. Qiao Xichuan asked her to play another card. Zhou Lian was unwilling to put himself in and ask him to send himself out of the country, but it did not happen. Qin Ting announced that Operation Storm’s Eye was officially launched, with only success and no failure. Someone abroad is talking with the buyer, and the buyer has already paid. The form is serious and there must be no problems.

Quiet did not expect that Ma Shang was also from Guoan, and he had executed several important cases. This kind of opportunity is not available to everyone. Ma Shang didn’t understand why Jingan chose this line, or he was in the most exhausting and hardest reconnaissance department. Quiet lightly said that after dropping out of school, he went to the police academy and worked in this business after graduation, and continues to this day. Ma Shang didn’t get to the bottom of the question again. He imagined that when he saw Jingan again, he should rush to give her a big hug.

In any case, the next task is very cumbersome, and they can’t influence the task because of anyone. He Zixuan and Du Meng hid on the boat to peek at Ma Shang and Jing. He Zixuan said that Jing and Ma Shang had been in a relationship in college. Du Meng was surprised and went to gossip about the matter at night. Quietly sighed and admitted that only Du Meng knew about her, and Du Meng quickly ensured that she was tight-lipped. As for now, they are just a working relationship.

Ma Shang felt that this time it might be the information leaked by Dinghua. Qin Ting had asked Quiet to investigate the internal information of Dinghua. Lin Xiaolan was an out-and-out iron lady. Miao Huanyang was the executive vice president, but his strength was no less than that of the president. Among the vice presidents, Pang Yishan has the most real power, but he is very bureaucratic. Miao Huanyang’s daughter, Miao Fei, is the director of science and technology within Dinghua. She has a fiance named Jia Chang’an, who has a parent named An Technology, who has many doubts.

Ma Shang wanted to enter Dinghua’s internal investigation, and quietly believed that they had little time to investigate Changan Technology. The two argued. Qin Ting interrupted them and asked them to walk with him. Qin Ting had a gunshot wound to his arm and used his own story to tell them the importance of trust. Qin Ting already knew their relationship, and Quiet was a little unhappy, thinking it was Ma Shang.

Miao Fei was ready to marry Jia Changan, and asked his girlfriend Zhou Lian to accompany him to try on the wedding dress. Zhou Lian congratulated him on the surface but secretly sent Jia Changan a message and threatened him to meet in the afternoon. Jia Changan was furious, and could only find an excuse for a meeting to push away the matter with Miao Fei. Zhou Lian and Jia Changan had an unknown relationship. Jia Changan was eager to get rid of her, but Zhou Lian said that he had business affairs to discuss with him today.

Miao Fei was a little gloomy during dinner at night, but she didn’t want Miao Huanyang to know, she only said that she was thinking about work.

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