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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 2 Recap

Ma Shang told Hao Zixuan that being quiet is his first love. They are high school classmates, but they don’t have much contact. Later, they were admitted to a major in Beijing Normal University. They were still fellow villagers. They naturally became together, but they didn’t expect to be quiet during the semester of the older class Suddenly disappeared, Ma Shang looked for her and did not find her for three years. Qin Ting and Song Ju met. Quiet is indeed very capable.

With limited intelligence, he almost stared at the target. This time their target person is Chen Can. This time they are returning to China to focus on the project in the hands of Dinghua Group. Qin Ting said that they have already found out the hotel where Chen Can is staying. The next step is to take a closer look.

Hao Zixuan took Ma Shang to the wharf, where confidentiality is seamless and there are sophisticated monitoring equipment. Ma Shang was a little unconvinced, so why arrange Hao Zixuan in such a luxurious place and arrange him at home. Hao Zixuan has been monitoring Chen Can. The current situation is more complicated. Qin Ting helped to greet Dinghua. Professor Zou was very cooperative, and the two decided to catch everything in one go.

The Skyeye system could not continue to track Chen Can, Jingjing and Du Meng were a little discouraged, but the Dinghua Group seminar attracted their attention. Quiet applied to the Song Bureau for action, but the Song Bureau said that they were wasting their operational funds and Quiet offered to talk to him alone. Jing Jing must speak out her thoughts bluntly.

She believes that Song Ju must have done this for a reason, but he doesn’t care about losing his target. Quietly hoped that the Song Bureau could approve the operation and put the case back on track, so the Song Bureau had to agree and ordered her to covertly investigate not to be exposed. Quiet knows that Chen Can cannot stay for too long. His purpose is to provide valuable business information in the near future.

At the Dinghua Group seminar, Chen Can pretended to be a member of the venue and prepared to do it. Ma Shang and Hao Zixuan have been closely monitoring. Professor Zou from Dinghua Group took the stage to give a speech, Chen Can succeeded, Hao Zixuan and Ma Shang immediately began to follow up. Quiet appeared suddenly, and Ma Shang hurriedly called Qin Ting. Quietly asked Du Meng to go to the back door to find a place to stare. When he received a call from Song Bureau, Chen Can passed her by.

Quietly reacted and quickly reported that she might have been exposed, and there would be no point in continuing to follow, only to be arrested. Jing Jing and Du Meng took Chen Can away one after another. Ma Shang understood that she was the best choice to carry out the arrest, but Chen Can had already sent out the data and they could only watch the changes.

When Quiet arrived at the bureau, Song Bureau called him to the office and scolded him. Quiet was a little aggrieved. Did she disturb someone’s actions? The Song Bureau could only tell her that someone from the provincial department was staring at Chen Can, and wanted to draw him out of the line, saying that she shouldn’t have made a low-level mistake and be discovered.

Quiet tried to cover Du Meng, but was seen through by Song Ju and asked him to go back and write a review. Ma Shang was reporting progress with Qin Ting, Ma Mu’s phone came in, Ma Shang hung up the phone hurriedly. Chen Can’s launch, Liu Baoqiang, is just a small person, and may not know the inside story. Ma Shang applied for access to the municipal monitoring system.

Chen Can refused to admit it after being interrogated, and just said that he didn’t know. Jing Jing and Du Meng produced all the evidence. Ma Shang and others monitored Liu Baoqiang and found that he had never been moving, which was very abnormal. Chen Can was still carrying it to death in the face of interrogation. Ma Shang thought that someone might threaten him. After all, it was just taking people and money. It was more important to spend two years in jail less than anything.

Ma Shang observed Liu Baoqiang and Chen Can’s every move and inferred that they may have agreed on a trading time, and the transaction will automatically terminate when the time is up. At that time, Chen Can can also apply to contact the online to apply for a commutation. Song Ju told Jingan about this conjecture, and quietly walked into the interrogation room again, and said Liu Baoqiang’s name. Once he was arrested, Chen Can would not have any chance for mercy.

Ma Shang stayed up until midnight before remembering to call his parents back. His parents didn’t know that he was working in Guoan. He spent most of his work acting as someone else. His nerves had been tense, but he never regretted it. Quiet noticed that Chen Can had been checking the time by himself, so he asked his subordinates to change posts and let them show their watches inadvertently. After waiting all night Chen Can finally let go.

Chen Can thought it was six ten ten, but in fact it was only five thirty. Chen Can offered to contact the delivery person and ask them to fight for a commutation. After learning the other party’s mailbox, Quiet and Du Meng got up and left immediately, telling Chen Can that they had acted on the table. Misleading the case was a felony, and he could only wait for multiple crimes and punished .

Quietly arranged the task, Song Ju said that his superiors would not hide information from them for no reason. After completing the task, they understood everything.

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