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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 1 Recap

On a certain flight, the passengers were unable to take off due to the delay of the plane. Ma Shang sat in his seat and waited quietly. Chen Can thought he hadn’t bought first class before taking the economy class. After all, he was very handsome in a suit and leather shoes. It’s an economy class person. Ma Shang claimed to be a human resource, Chen Can shook hands with him quickly and introduced that he was an IT professional and had been abroad for ten years.

Such scenes are being staged all the time, but you don’t know that maybe the ordinary people around you carry huge secrets. Many people are obsessed with comfort and have a habit of forgetting. In fact, this era continues all the time without gunpowder smoke. Of war. When you think the wind and the waves are calm, chances are you are standing in the middle of the storm.

The Chief of the Reconnaissance Section of the National Security Bureau is quietly organizing this operation, and this follow-up and surveillance cannot reveal his whereabouts in any way. When the enclave landed in Shuangqing City, the target Chen Can appeared, and Guoan personnel immediately monitored it closely. Ma Shang and Chen Can got off the plane and returned home, because they didn’t tell their parents in advance, they were very happy. Ma Shang took out the gifts he bought to his parents. When he was about to go to dinner together, Ma Shang received a work email and quickly entered the work mode.

It was late at night, and Chen Can changed cars after getting off the taxi. Du Meng followed closely and reported. Ma Shang accompanied the horse mother after shopping for food and strolled home, and said that she was going to buy wine, the horse mother went home alone. After Ma Shang and Ma Mu separated, he met his classmate Jia Shi. Jia Shi told him that the head teacher of the high school had passed away due to lung cancer, and he would be buried tomorrow, so he would send him the last trip. Du Meng followed Chen Can and was tempted suddenly and commanded quietly and calmly. Quiet doesn’t think the target is just a pure business spy, and Song Ju does not say much.

Each group arrived at the designated location and laid out quietly and tightly. Zhou Lian and Chen Can entered the elevator together, and Chen Can was very vigilant. The subway personnel are complicated. Chen Can entered the subway. Du Meng closely followed, but did not want to save a pregnant woman who almost fell. Chen Can had already got off the subway, and Du Meng gritted his teeth to watch him pass in front of him. The action failed, and quiet took the responsibility, but raised a few doubts with the Song Bureau.

The provincial government clearly knew the target flight and identity information but did not inform the city bureau. The most important thing is quiet that the target is likely to be in the double Qing City committed a crime. The Song Bureau couldn’t listen, and asked Jingjing to go back and write the action report first, but Jingjing insisted on finishing. Song Ju listened quietly and ignored it.

Chen Can checked in at the hotel and remained vigilant about the surrounding environment. Quietly returned home and found that An’s mother had come. Her mother made a table of dishes for her and said quietly that she had failed her first mission and was a little frustrated. An’s mother is worried about quiet and safety, and hopes that she will be transferred to the technical department. An Mu said that Teacher Wang from her high school had left. The next day, quietly went to the memorial service of Teacher Wang and saw Ma Shang saying a lot in front of Teacher Wang’s tomb, watching quietly behind the tree.

Jing Jing and Ma Shang went for coffee together. The two had a brief chat. Jing worked in the Shuangqing Public Security Unit. Ma Shang said that he went to Beijing after graduation. At the beginning, Quiet left without saying goodbye, Ma Shang had been looking for her for a long time but there was no news. He really wanted to know why Quiet left without saying goodbye. Quiet didn’t want to talk about this, Ma Shang was not easy to ask.

After the two met, they left separately, and Ma Shang and Hao Zixuan went to see the Song Bureau together. In fact, the two have been tracking Chen Can, and Ma Shang knew that Chen Can is not easy, so he thought of a way to make a fool of himself and make him think that he had left the police to continue committing the crime, so that they could have a chance. Ma Shang installed a tracker for Chen Can on the plane before he was ready.

Song Ju was also very happy after hearing the explanations of several people, and his appreciation for Ma Shang was beyond words. The Song Bureau showed Ma Shang the information of the backbone of the Reconnaissance Division of the Public Security Bureau of Shuangqing City. Seeing the quiet information, Ma Shang was not calm.

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