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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 24 Recap

The next day was the All-Star Game. After get off work, Ai Qing came to the K&K base to see Wu Bai. Wu Bai asked her if she wanted him to win or Wang Hao would like to win. Ai Qing was about to answer. Wu Bai immediately said that they were okay but not talking about work. Yes, Ai Qing sat next to him and said that now the SP team leader is off work, and now his girlfriend is sitting next to him. She hopes he can win. Wu Bai can’t help but feel very happy.

Before the All-Star game the next day, Shen Zhe was both excited and nervous, and kept going to the toilet. Wu Bai said he had gone seven times, and Shen Zhe said he would wash his hands again. Wu Bai did not expect that Wang Hao would challenge him. Wang Hao told Wu Bai that he wanted to give himself a chance, a chance to compete fairly with Wu Bai.

After the game started, Wu Bai’s unknown person quickly rushed towards Wang Hao’s blade. At this time, Shen Zhe’s trash can also rushed out. Wang Hao did not give him a chance, and Shen Zhe’s trash can was biting the blade. 97 I was confused by Shen Zhe’s play style. It was obviously that the two armies confronted each other because he made the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. On Monday, I wondered how Shen Zhe would hit the captain. He guessed that Shen Zhe wanted to be one-on-one with Wang Hao. The SP players ridiculed that Shen Zhe’s brainless play is waiting to be abused.

The trash cans have been chasing and blocking the cutting edge all the time, causing trouble and distress to the unknown person who needs time and looking for an angle to attack. Suddenly the garbage can hit the office and bounced against the unknown person. The unknown person was blown away. Wang Hao got stuck, caught Shen Zhe’s misplacement, and slammed the trash can against the unknown person again. The trash bin hurt the unknown person so badly that the ejection board could not be recovered directly. The host said Wang excitedly. Hao’s attack was really a hit with one stone and two birds with one stone. He played so beautifully. The trash can was knocked out, and Shen Zhe was very frustrated.

Only the unnamed and the blade are left on the court. Because the unnamed has just been accidentally injured by the trash can, its ejection board cannot be recovered. The unnamed person who has lost its ejection function is like a fighter who has lost his weapon, but Wu Bai is not ready for battle. Chaos, using the field organ to reset the weapon. At this time, the blade weapon suddenly stopped spinning. It rushed to another organ on the field. Seeing the boss’ suicide style play, the SP players couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for him. Ai Love knows that he wants to use inertia to restore the weapon.

Subsequently, Wang Hao successfully used the mechanism to restore the rotation of the weapon. The unknown person slowed down the blade’s weapon by impact, and took advantage of the blade’s weapon to become paralyzed again. The unknown person seized the opportunity to rush towards the blade. The host could not help but exclaim Are they going to die together? After the collision, both mechas suffered heavy losses and remained motionless. In the end, Wang Hao narrowly defeated Wu Bai by one point.

Ai Qing ran to the arena to find Wu Bai. Wu Bai hugged her and asked if she would leave him. Ai Qing assured him that she would not leave him no matter what happened. This scene happened to be followed by Wang Hao. Seeing that, he couldn’t help feeling very disappointed. Knowing his bravery had been late, he turned and left.

Shen Zhe played too impatiently in this game, and also disrupted Wu Bai’s rhythm. He felt even more uncomfortable when he saw the comments scolding him on the Internet. Ai Jing found him and comforted him that he was the best in her heart. Let him not care about those comments.

When Wu Bai came to Ai Qing’s house, Han Shangyan called him to let him pay attention to Shen Zhe. Ai Qing comforted him although he lost this game, but it was also an accumulation of experience. It is also a good thing for Shen Zhe to realize his shortcomings through this game. Wu Bai said that he knew that Ai Qing realized that he had figured it out a long time ago. She was still comforting him, and couldn’t help pretending to be annoyed and tickle him. Wu Bai dodged too hard and got a little dizzy. Ai Qing hurriedly asked Did his eyes feel uncomfortable again? He said no, maybe the blood pressure was low and didn’t stand firm, and then the two embraced sweetly.

Tao Qitao rushed back the next day. He watched the All-Star Game and analyzed it. Shen Zhe asked him to leave behind and talk about the solution. Tao Qitao told Shen Zhe that he would change his sea breeze into a sub-machine, and the main machine would attack the sub-machine interference. Being able to hit his opponent by surprise, Shen Zhe didn’t want to be his deputy, but Tao Qitao was willing to serve him as his deputy. At this time, 97 saw Wu Bai speak for Shen Zhe on the Internet, saying that he was only implementing the strategy he had formulated before the game, and that there was no conspiracy theory for all reasons. He couldn’t help sighing that the captain was too domineering.

Wu Bai told Shen Zhe that Tao Qitao looked at the recruitment information not for himself, but for the brothers of the Taotao team to find a home. He suggested that they go to SP. Shen Zhe was anxious as soon as he heard that, he finally admitted that Tao Qitao is strong and Wu Bai also wanted to keep Tao Qitao, but K&K is currently not suitable to accept Tao Qitao’s entire team. If Tao Qitao goes to the SP, Shen Zhe will meet him in the future. Shen Zhe confidently said that he would beat Tao Qitao into a small crying bag. Wu Bai told him to remember that he could not lose. Shen Zhe laughed and said if he loses, he will be called. Brother-in-law Wu Bai.

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