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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 23 Recap

Ai Jing heard that K&K had airborne an operator, so she called Shen Zhe and asked him if he was in a good mood. Shen Zhe pretended to say that he was defeated easily and didn’t care too much. When I hung up the phone and saw Ai Qing walking over with the fruit, Ai Jing couldn’t help teasing her and Wu Bai. At the same time, she aimed at someone to dig a wall. Ai Qing said that they were public or private.

After the phone call with Ai Jing, Shen Zhe operated the trash can and continued to practice. 97 think Tao Qitao is not easy, even the captain is facing him. Although Shen Zhe didn’t know what Wu Bai’s intention was, he knew that Wu Bai had not made unwise decisions regarding the team. Seeing Shen Zhe working so hard, 97 and Monday also became busy. Tao Qitao saw this scene and felt that the players’ potential was maximized and everyone was getting stronger.

In the evening, Wang Hao was still working overtime at the company. Xiao Ai called to ask him to go home early. Wang Hao couldn’t help his nose sore at the thought that she was leaving herself to go abroad. Su Cheng left the K&K base early the next morning. Wu Bai said she finally got what she wanted, but Su Cheng felt sorry for Wang Hao and Ai Qing. She hoped that after she left, Wang Hao and Ai Qing could reconcile as before. Wu Bai listened to her heart. Some unhappy. After Su Cheng left, Wu Bai heard 97 saying that it was now 9:30 and ran out. 97 asked him why he was going. He shouted to deliver the food. 97 was surprised.

Wu Bai got into the car, the smart machine Zebra helped him order a cup of hot coffee for Ai Qing, and also navigated him to Ai Qing’s route. Wu Bai asked him to find a delicious restaurant along the way and he wanted to buy something, then he drove over Go downstairs to Ai Qing’s house and tell her the takeaway is here. Ai Qing smiled downstairs and invited him upstairs to have a meal. Wu Bai said that he had appointed a new team leader. Ai Qing curiously asked who it was. He smiled and said to keep it secret. Ai Qing asked him to go to work first and told him to remember to eat. She turned and was about to go upstairs but was gently hugged by Wu Bai from behind. He told her that he wanted to be her exclusive delivery person forever.

Then Wu Bai met with Xiaomi and asked him what he plans to do after retirement. Xiaomi smiled and said that he was going home to open a small shop. Wu Bai hoped that he could stay in this circle. Xiaomi thought that the Korean business language asked Wu Bai to come, but Wu Bai said it was for Ai Qing And K&K. Xiaomi was a little surprised to hear that Wu Bai is a star player, and Wu Bai said he would protect her. He invited Xiaomi to join K&K as the team leader, and they brought back a championship together. Xiaomi was a little excited and hesitant.

Voted for the All-Star Game, with Han Shangyan first, Wu Bai second, Wang Hao third and Shen Zhe fourth. Only three players are selected for the competition. The top three players voted by fans must be unconditionally supported by active players. Retired players can freely choose whether to challenge. Hanshangyan refused to challenge, but Wang Hao declared to challenge. The members of SP and K&K were surprised when they heard the news. Wu Bai, Wang Hao, and Shen Zhe were going to fight each other. Everyone found it very exciting.

Ai Qing went to Wang Hao and asked him if he was coming back. Wang Hao said no. Ai Qing said he wanted to eliminate the negative public opinion brought by Xiaomi’s retirement. Wang Hao said this is a good way. After Ai Qing asked and turned to leave, Wang Hao stopped her and said let’s go eat Hunan food together after the game, Ai Qing agreed.

After returning home, Ai Jing asked Ai Qing why Wang Hao had to fight this time. Ai Qing said he might want to inspire people. Ai Jing asked her who would win. Ai Qing said that Shen Zhe would not win anyway. Ai Jing was not happy when she heard that she felt that Shen Zhe might win if she worked so hard. She asked her younger sister Wang Hao and Wu Bai who would win. Ai Qing felt it was not easy to say. Ai Jing asked who she wanted to win. Ai Qing admitted that Yu Si wanted Wu Bai to win, and Yu Gong SP needed a victory at this stage.

Shen Zhe accidentally saw in Tao Qitao’s computer that he was scanning other teams’ recruitment information, and immediately told Wu Bai. At this time Tao Qitao came back and heard what Shen Zhe said. Wu Bai was busy in a meeting with the team members and ignored the matter temporarily. Wang Hao returned to the SP with his mecha. Ou Qiang couldn’t help being excited to see Blade again ten years later. Wang Hao asked him to help upgrade the blade, and Ou Qiang immediately agreed.

After the meeting, Wu Bai asked Tao Qitao if he was used to K&K, and said that Shen Zhe was hard on his lips and soft on his heart so that he should not care about him. Tao Qitao admitted that he was indeed looking at the recruitment information of other teams. He was watching it for Taotao’s former teammates. The Taotao team was disbanded. Everyone had no intentions except him. He thought that there were rare teams recruiting people, so he thought Help them go with them, Wu Bai is very supportive of him to go. Subsequently, Wu Bai received a notice from the board of directors that they did not agree to accept the Taotao team. Wu Bai decided to find a way after the game. Then Wu Bai’s grandfather brought snacks to the K&K base, and learned that Wu Bai was playing against Ai Qing’s ex-boyfriend Wang Hao, and told Wu Bai to win.

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