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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 15 Recap

Wang Xiaomeng bought something online, and the people at the Taobao service station helped deliver it home. However, Xie Guangkun was still thinking about the previous things and refused to sign for it. He even said that they can’t even compare with their neighbors. In other words Said that if it is not an enemy, it becomes an enemy, making the courier brother confused.

After repeated persuasion by the younger brother, Xie Guangkun could only sign for the receipt, but he requested that the video must be recorded as evidence. When he returned home, Wang Xiaomeng asked Xie Guangkun to get the courier. But when he learned that the oven he bought online was to make egg tarts for children, he gave another lesson to the elders and believed that Chinese people should eat Chinese food.

Wang Xiaomeng endured her temper to explain, claiming that the children like to eat, so she had no reason to refuse, and she didn’t want Xie Guangkun to care about it. Zhao Jinfeng took the child home and looked at the partition of the wall, unable to help but feel worried. The two granddaughters went home one after another. Xie Tengfei saw Zhao Jinfeng’s face showing up, so he insisted to accompany her and Xie Guangkun.

At this time Xie Guangkun was making a hole in the partition so that he could visit his grandchildren at any time in the future. Wang Xiaomeng made egg tart steak for the children and asked them to send a portion to his grandparents. As a result, Xie Tengfei, who was yelling not to be hungry, immediately beamed his eyes after seeing the steak, which made Xie Guangkun extremely depressed.

Song Xiaofeng didn’t know what method to use, but got first-hand news, so he broadcasted Zhao Si’s hiccups in front of the camera. Zhao Si couldn’t draw a conclusion from the analysis, and the investigation had no clue, so now he was like a frightened bird. He always felt that someone was checking himself at all times and even came up with a way to separate with Zhao Meifeng.

In order to find the person who informed Song Xiaofeng, Zhao Si simply followed Song Xiaofeng in secret until he came to the hot spring bathroom. The front desk prevented Zhao Si from breaking in and asked him to buy a ticket immediately. Zhao Siyi spent his money in anger. Unexpectedly, Song Xiaofeng would take the initiative to show up and tease that he now has consumer awareness.

Considering that the bathroom ticket cost a lot of money, Zhao Si couldn’t ask the result from Song Xiaofeng’s mouth, so he simply went to the bath to enjoy it, and waited for him to come out before making plans. Little did he know that Song Xiaofeng took the opportunity to slip away, leaving Zhao Si in the dark.

Liu’s big head was open to class in the kindergarten because his speech was so complicated that the children couldn’t understand it. Even Li Xiaoguo was outspoken. Li Yinping believes that Liu’s big head is not suitable for young children. Xie big head admits that he has made mistakes and has to return the class to Li Yinping.

On behalf of the village committee, Du Xiaoshuang and Liu Yishui went to find Shunzi to implement the test field, but they didn’t expect Shunzi’s wife to come forward and quarrel with Shunzi in front of them. Du Xiaoshuang hoped that Shunzi’s daughter-in-law would agree to let the reserved land be used as a test field for the enzyme pile, and that the whole year’s harvest would go to Shunzi’s family. As a result, Shunzi’s daughter-in-law was not confused at all. Not only did she not agree to cooperate, she even threatened that Shunzi had the idea of ​​separating the family.

Because the negotiation failed, Old Xu gave Du Xiaoshuang a plan, planning to find someone to act with them. It happened that Shunzi and his daughter-in-law went to the Taobao service station to sell woven baskets. The fifth child suddenly came to ask for a return. He said that his field was handed over to the village committee as a test field and praised the experts invited by the village committee.

Shunzi’s daughter-in-law understood an account based on her fifth wife. If she gave up the farmland, she would not only be able to enjoy the harvest, but she could also use this time to go out to work, which would increase her income. Thinking of this, Shunzi’s wife Limara rushed to the village committee with Shunzi. After the two left, Dong Yang and others ridiculed the youngest fifth for being talented in acting, and their performances were considered to be half of the success.

Wang Bing was invited by Wang Xiaomeng and Xie Yongqiang, so he took a gift to Xie’s home as a guest. However, Xie Guangkun had no good face to him and made it clear that he did not welcome him. Although Xie Guangkun was full of momentum, Wang Bing didn’t take him seriously, and went straight into the house to find Xie Yongqiang. In the end, Zhao Jinfeng took Xie Guangkun away.

Seeing his daughter’s gloom, Song Fugui knew she was because of Song Xiaofeng, so he couldn’t help asking about the situation between Song Xiaofeng and Erya. Song Qinglian denied that Song Xiaofeng had derailed and spoke out, but Song Fugui didn’t believe it at all, so she planned to find a chance to chat with Song Xiaofeng.

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