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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 2 Recap

At a glance, Wen Kexing could see that Zhou Zishu was using the Liuyun Jiugong Step of Four Seasons Villa. He gave Gu Xiang a severe lesson and took her away.

Zhang Chengling saw that Zhou Zishu had a good martial arts, but he was hiding it deeply, so he took the initiative to greet Zhou Zishu and gave him a famous post so that he had something to go to Jinghu Villa. Zhang Chengling was anxious to buy snacks for his mother and left first. . Zhou Zishu heard the children singing the song of the Five Lakes League vying for the leader of the martial arts and Liulijia, and he couldn’t help feeling that the situation in the world is changing.

Zhou Zishu wakes up the ferryman on the shore. He wants to take a boat to Jinghu Villa. The ferryman takes the opportunity to open his mouth. Zhou Zishu does not bargain. The ferryman looks at him sickly and cannot bear to blackmail him. Wen Kexing brought Gu Xiang to come in time, and offered to send Zhou Zishu to Jinghu Villa. The ferry boatman refused to let him go, so Zhou Zishu got on the boat and left.

Zhou Zishu discovered from a distance that Jinghu Villa was like a paradise on earth. He couldn’t wait to rush over. He forgot to pay when he disembarked, and was scolded by the ferryman. Zhou Zishu simply took the Overlord Ship once. Zhou Zishu performed his light work and quickly entered the peach forest of Jinghu Villa. He was intoxicated by the fragrance of flowers. Wen Kexing suddenly attacked from behind. Zhou Zishu could only fight against him. The two played against Zhou Zishu for a few rounds. Sheng admires him and asks him to drink, but Zhou Zishu flatly refuses.

When Zhou Zishu came to Jinghu Villa, he learned from the steward that Zhang Yusen, the head of the Jinghu School, had not heard of Jianghu for a long time. He had three sons, Zhang Chengfeng, Zhang Chengluan and Zhang Chengling. Zhou Zishu settled down to the chaifang. At Zishi, Sanqiu nails began to attack again on time. Zhou Zishu felt pain all over his body and he could only use all his skills to heal his injuries. Suddenly, he heard loud voices outside.

Zhou Zishu opened the door and found that Jinghu Villa had become a sea of ​​fire. He flew over the roof to observe and found that people wearing ghost masks were burning, looting and looting at Jinghu Villa. Suspected that it was the work of the people of Ghost Valley, he immediately went to save people Zhang Yusen, Zhang Chengluan, Zhang Chengfeng and Zhang Chengfeng were arrested.

Almost all the people in Jinghu Villa were killed and their bodies were everywhere. The ferry boatman protected Zhang Chengling and wanted to escape. He was chased by the people of Guigu. Zhou Zishu rescued him and covered them to leave by boat. He saw Wen Kexing sitting in Huating and watching the excitement from a distance.

Zhou Zishu took the ferryman and Zhang Chengling to a ruined temple. The ferryman explained that Zhang Yusen had saved his life. He ferryed in front of Jinghu Villa for three years. He wanted to wait for one day to repay his favor. The ferryman asked Zhang Chengling to find him in Taihu Lake. Three white heroes, Zhang Chengling refused to leave.

A group of people wearing ghost masks rushed in. A man who claimed to be a hanged ghost clamored in to catch Zhang Chengling. Zhou Zishu had to rest for half an hour because of exhaustion. The ferry boatman was fighting with the hanged ghost. He gradually She was overthrown to the ground due to lack of physical strength. The hanged ghost wanted to kill Zhou Zishu. Zhang Chengling desperately protected him. Gu Xiang came in time. She fought with the black and white impermanence. The hanged ghost wanted to kill Zhang Chengling, but the ferryman fought hard to protect him. Seriously injured.

Gu Xiang was surrounded by evil spirits. Zhou Zishu struggled to jump up to relieve Gu Xiang and beat all the evil spirits away. He almost fainted due to lack of physical strength. Wen Kexing came to hug Zhou Zishu. The ferry boatman was dying due to excessive blood loss. Wen Kexing used internal force to help him maintain. The boatman asked Zhou Zishu to hand Zhang Chengling to Zhao Jing of the Five Lakes League. He also asked Zhang Chengling to kneel down to Zhou Zishu on the spot. Zhou Zishu fully agreed and ferryed the boatman. After saying these words, he died.

Zhou Zishu helped Zhang Chengling to bury the ferry boatman. Zhang Chengling was exhausted. Zhou Zishu planned to rest overnight before going on the road. Wen Kexing let Gu Xiang light a fire and roasted the dry food for Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling. Zhou Zishu excused not to be hungry and not want to eat.

Gu Xiang ridiculed him, Zhang Chengling did not eat Gu Xiang’s dry food, and was reprimanded by Gu Xiang, condemning him for not knowing how to repay him, Zhang Chengling repeatedly apologized to her. Wen Kexing discovered that Zhang Chengling was seriously injured and offered to help him be treated. Zhou Zishu firmly disagreed, and the two fought violently if they disagree.

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